Shannon Gibbs Tennis(Serves at a great speed of 100mph)

Shannon Gibbs Tennis

After the release of Jackass 4.5, the hot topic of discussion among the audience has been Shannon Gibbs, tennis player.

Shannon Gibbs Tennis

Shannon starred in the Netflix movie Jackass 4.5 as a tennis player and gained the attention of a lot of viewers with her tremendous play in the film. The scene in which she appears on screen is considered one of the film’s best scenes.

Here, we will discuss all you should know about Shannon, the film Jackass 4.5, and all the other details.

Jackass 4.5 – Movie

Jackass 4.5 - Movie

Jackass 4.5 was released on May 20, 2022, on Netflix. It is a spinoff of Jackass Forever, released on Paramount+. The Jackass 4.5 features the behind-the-scenes, some new stunts, never seen footage, and interviews with the cast from the sets of Jackass Forever.

The film contains all the stunts that couldn’t make it to the final cut of the film Jackass Forever. It shows the cast members getting hurt on screen, which sometimes proves to be a great laugh for the audience.

Who Is Shannon Gibbs?

Shannon Gibbs is an award-winning actor, filmmaker, and stylist from Los Angeles, California. She introduces herself as “they/she.” She has also been a tennis player lifelong. She has an incredible serve speed of 100 miles per hour.

She has also played for her college tennis team. She also won ITA ALL-Academic Award in 2015.

Who Is Shannon Gibbs?

Apart from Jackass 4.5, she has starred in various other projects:

  • Short film – My Own
  • TV series – Reaperland
  • Web sketch comedy series – Real Adult Humans

She has starred in the above movies and series and is their writer and producer.

She also has directed 2 films/series – Bottled Up and Real Adult Humans.

Her film Bottled Up won the LA Film Award for Best Drama.

As a stylist, she has designed various costumes with American Film Institute and Something Wilde Productions. She has also worked with the brand Strawberry Leopard and styled 3 Mayday Parade music videos.

Shannon Gibbs Tennis Player In Jackass 4.5

Shannon Gibbs was a new introduction, along with the other star cast, in the film Jackass 4.5, released on Netflix. Shannon plays a role of a tennis player in the film.

Though they appeared in only one stunt in the film, they became the talk of the town because of their great tennis skills. In the scene, they are seen tormenting the Jackass cast members. Let us look at the scene-

Shannon Gibbs Tennis Player In Jackass 4.5

The stunt named “Down The Clown” shows several members of the Jackass cast dressed up as a clown like that of the carnival game Down the Clown. They are stood up on a platform with their hands behind their backs.

Now Shannon comes and hits each of the members with tennis balls, and each one hit by the ball goes down. Some of the guys are hit multiple times; the last one standing on the platform is Steve-O.

While Shannon is seen serving, on other hand, Chris Pontius tells her where to hit the balls. With great accuracy, Shannon hits the tennis balls from a great distance between their legs.

Shannon Gibbs’ Movies

As we have already seen the movies and the series Shannon was a part of, let us look at each in detail.

1. My Own

It is a short drama released in 2021. The storyline revolves around a non-binary ballet dancer, Bianca. They have to choose to be either a female or a male dancer, which they do not agree with. So Bianca, with her friend, solves this problem by creating a new dance form with no gender bias.

Shannon’s short film My Own won the Jury Award at OutSouth Queer Film Festival for Best Short and was premiered at Oxford Film Festival. It will also be played at St. Louis International Film Festival.

2. Reaperland


It is a TV series based on a mock documentary of Grip Reapers’ adventures that help people pass over the world.

Stunts in Jackass 4.5

Apart from “Down the Clown,” the film features several other stunts. The film contains a total of 23 stunts that were not a part of Jackass Forever. Let us look at some of the stunts from the movie.

Blindfold Race

Blindfold Race

As the name suggests, the cast members are blindfolded in this stunt. After this, the other cast members put different obstacles in their paths, like walls, marbles, etc. It is quite a fun scene to watch, as it involves a lot of chaos.



In this stunt, the 2 largest cast members, wearing shiny silver suits, are suspended in the air. The smallest cast member wearing a similar suit covered with balloons is suspended between the two. Both the outer men are then let go, and they crash into the member in between.

Long Jump

Long Jump

A long jump for a stunt sounds pretty lame, doesn’t it? Like all other stunts in the movie, it also has a catch. Generally, in the game, the players land in a sand pit, but here, the players land on the bodies of the rest of the crew members lying on the ground.

Dark Shark’s Skydiving

Dark Shark's Skydiving

It is possibly the greatest prank ever done. Dark Shark, terrified of heights, is pranked up in the air. He is made to believe that the plane is malfunctioning as the plane smokes up and the pilot abandons the plane. Dark seeing this believes there is no chance of him coming out of this alive. So, when he and his skydiving partner landed safely on the ground, Dark emerged as a new man.

Shannon Gibbs Biography

NAMEShannon Gibbs
HEIGHT5 feet 8 inches
CITYLos Angeles
PRONOUNSthey/them, she/her


What are Shannon Gibbs’s stats?

Shannon Gibbs serves at a speed of 100 miles per hour.
She identifies as nonbinary and uses the pronouns she/her and they/them.

When does Shannon appear in Jackass 4.5?

After over an hour, Shannon is introduced in the film. She is seen hitting tennis balls at the cast members.

Why was Shannon chosen to perform the stunt?

Shannon has been a tennis player lifelong. She has an incredible serve speed of 100mph and a very accurate hit, making her a perfect fit for the “Down the Clown” stunt.
Shannon uses her incredible talent to torment the cast members.

Shannon Gibbs’s Instagram?

Shannon is active on her social media accounts and frequently shares posts; her Instagram id is: “shannongibbsy.”

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