Hard Hat Baseball Cap(14 Caps You Should Know About)

Hard Hat Baseball Cap

A hard hat baseball cap is an important part of a baseball uniform. When watching a baseball match broadcasted on television, you might have wondered what the terms are for the players’ clothes and gear.

A hard hat baseball cap is made up of hard material that acts as safety gear for the players. The hard hat protects the player’s head from any injuries that might be caused during the game.

There are various benefits of wearing a baseball cap and a proper baseball uniform, which we will discuss further in this article.

What Is A Hard Hat Baseball Cap?

Hard hat caps are usually worn by construction workers to protect their heads from huge impacts and falling objects. A hard hat cap is made up of a hard shell in baseball. A hard hat cap protects the player’s head from impact and prevents injuries.

Hard hats protect players’ and workers’ heads from bumps, concussions, cuts, and falling objects.

What Is A Hard Hat Baseball Cap?

Hard hat caps are mostly worn by construction workers as they are more likely to face such huge impacts. Baseball players do not really need this level of protection, so they usually prefer to wear bump caps.

What Are Bump Caps?

Bump caps are made up of thinner and lighter shells than hard hats. They are less harder and do not protrude like hard hats.

Bump caps are more suitable for baseball players as they are more breathable and comfortable than hard hats. They are almost half the weight of hard hats.

What Are Bump Caps?

Bump caps are used to protect the player’s head from injuries in confined spaces due to the players colliding or getting hit by objects.

Difference Between Hard Hats & Bump Caps

They are less comfortable as compared to bump caps as they protrude outwards.Bump caps do not protrude outwards like hard hats and hence are more comfortable.
Made up of very hard material, i.e., has a hard shell.Made up of much lighter material, i.e., it has a light shell.
They are used for “Object-generated impactsThey are used for “Worker-generated impacts
Ideal in open construction sites.Ideal in tight and confined spaces.
They should be able to absorb hard shock easily.They should be able to provide impact resistance.
Average cost: $3-$20 per unitAverage cost: $6-$10 per unit
Hard Hats vs. Bump Caps

Types Of Baseball Hats

Baseball caps are a crucial part of the uniform and a very important safety gear for the players. Let us take a look at the types of baseball caps:

1. Fitted Cap

Fitted Cap

As the name suggests, these types of caps are completely fitted on the player’s head. They come in only one size and cannot be adjusted. To buy the perfect fitted cap you must purchase the ideal fit according to your head size.

2. Snapback Cap

Snapback Cap

Snapback caps are adjustable because of a plastic strap at the back of the hat. The players can adjust the hat size to fit their heads by adjusting the strap. This type of cap is more common among women as it has an opening at the back, which allows them to wear the cap comfortably when they have a ponytail.

3. Strapback Caps

Strapback Caps

Like the snapback caps, the strap back caps also have an adjustable strap. Instead of the plastic strap, the strap is made up of fabric. The straps either have a buckle or velcro to adjust to your size.

4. Flexible Fit Caps

Flexible Fit Caps

These caps come in 3 standard sizes– small, medium & large, and are not adjustable. They have an elastic band at the back, which allows a bit of stretching to fit perfectly on the player’s head.

5. Five-Panel Caps

Five-Panel Caps

In these types of caps, the crown comprises five panels sewn together. It is also known as a camp cap. It consists of 4 equal panels forming the back of the crown and 1 large panel at the front.

6. Six-Panel Caps

Six-Panel Caps

The crown comprises 6 triangular fabric pieces sewn together in these caps. The fabrics are connected to each other at the top.

7. Seven Panel Caps

Seven Panel Caps

A seven-panel cap design can be called a mix of 5 panels and 6 panels. It comprises 7 panels- 6 triangular pieces joined together to form 6 panels, and 1 large panel at the front resembles the design of a 5 panel.

8. Structured Caps

Structured Caps

It is very evident from the name that these types of caps are made of structured materials like buckram. The buckram is placed between 2 front panels, which helps the cap retain its shape. The buckram keeps the cap in proper shape even if it is crumpled.

9. Unstructured Caps

Unstructured Caps

Unlike structured caps, unstructured caps are made of soft fabrics that fail to retain shape after the cap is taken off. When set on the table, these caps flop flat as they are not supported by any material.

10. Flat Brim Caps

Flat Brim Caps

These types of caps have flat brims instead of curved brims.

11. Curved Brim Caps

Curved Brim Caps

In these types of caps, the brims are curved on the edges. These brims help the sun stay out of the player’s vision.

12. Sandwich-Bill Caps

Sandwich-Bill Caps

These types of caps have a 6-panel design. They have a thicker brim. The 3 fabrics on the brim are sewn in such a way that they resemble a sandwich structure.

13. Trucker Hat

Trucker Hat

They have a plastic mesh or netting at the back, which fits loosely around the head. It is also known as a netback cap. The net allows more airflow and hence keeps you cool.

14. Dad Hat

Dad Hat

They are unstructured caps that are lightweight. They have slightly curved brims and a metal buckle at the back for adjusting the size.


What do you wear under a hard hat?

According to ANSI rules, there should be at least a 1 to 11/4 inches gap between the suspension and hard hat.
So it is advised not to place any object in between the two. You can put a thin cloth under your hat.

What is the top of a hat called?

The top of a hard hat is known as the crown.

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