How to throw a baseball harder (+2 Baseball Throwing Drills Easy Peezy)

How to throw a baseball harder

When you are a baseball player, how to throw a baseball harder is an obvious concern. Since better baseball throws could greatly help a team perform better. Faster throws can lead to an increase in overall effectiveness. Also, how to throw a baseball is a basic skill required for every player as they will be involved in the game.

Throwing baseball harder is not necessary but is essential for a pitcher. Pitching is the term used to describe throwing the ball in baseball. Pitching is the science of doing it well; it’s more complicated than just releasing the ball from the hands.

So it is evident that a pitcher has mastered this skill. For a catcher throwing the baseball harder is required to stop the runner from stealing the base.

In similar ways, every player of a baseball team requires this skill; it will not only help the team save runs or win the game but also on the other side it will also help players to avoid injuries due to improper technique.

2 Drills to Throw Baseball Harder – Baseball Throwing Drills

If you are a right-hand thrower, then follow the below steps

  • Backside Leg Hops
  • Explosive Weight Transfer

Make sure to have an athletic posture and maintain the agility of the body.

Backside Leg Hops Drill to Throw Baseball Harder

Tips on how to throw a baseball harder

Whether you are an outfielder or pitcher, leading with your knees would not be appropriate, so you might think about what would be reasonable steps, follow along

So this drill is straightforward; keep 2 things in mind

  • First, you need to hop for 2 steps
  • then on the third hop, explode forward.

Explosive Weight Transfer Drill to Throw Baseball Harder

All the drills are made in such a way that it increases the efficiency and power of your throw. Similar to the Backside Leg Hops, the Explosive Weight Transfer Drill also has two things to keep in mind.

  • You need to Rock Forward or lean forward
  • And then Rock Back or lean Back

Remember that your front foot should come up in the air when you rock back. This helps in building the momentum for a good throw.

After the foot is in the air, proceed and explode forward. Also, maintain an athletic posture and keep your hands in the middle.

You can also follow the video tutorial above to understand better.

Tips On How To Throw a Baseball Harder

1. Warm Up For Baseball

Before starting any game or practice session, you must warm yourself up. If you use your right or left hand to throw the ball, then focus on warming it up.

Warming up daily will avoid injuries when you throw a ball harder. 10 to 15 minutes of light-throwing practice with your partner will help you avoid injuries.

2. Stop Ignoring The Pain While Playing Baseball

You might have heard the quote,


But following it witlessly is not right. So it is not always true that no pain means no gain; if you feel pain while practicing, you must stop. You should consult a doctor first, which will help you avoid injuries.

3. Mastering The Grip In Baseball

To be able to throw harder and faster, gripping the ball correctly can significantly help. This can be done by following any of the two grips:

(i) 4-Seam Grip

This is the primary grip used by the pitchers. Using the 4 Seam grip makes the ball travel faster and straighter. A pitcher generally uses this when he wants to get ahead in the count.

4-Seam Grip: As the ball is thrown, due to its rotation, you can see all 4 seams of the ball.

4-Seam Grip
How To Grip A 4-Seam In Baseball?

The thumb should be positioned behind the ball, and the seams should form a horseshoe across your index and middle fingers.

(ii) 2-Seam Grip

The 2-Seam grip is slower than the 4-Seam grip but equally effective. The ball in this grip has a grip somewhat like that of a screw.

2-Seam Grip: When the ball is thrown, you can see only 2 seams of the ball cutting through the air.

2-Seam Grip
2-Seam Grip

How To Grip A 2-Seam In Baseball?

The 2-Seam grip is almost similar to the 4-Seam grip. In this grip, the index and middle fingers are placed on the two seams where they are the closest, and the thumb is positioned behind the ball.

4. Hip-Fall

One of the hardest but very effective tricks one can master. To have a proper hip fall, lift your leg the highest you can reach and fall or bend a bit in the direction of the batter.

This helps swing the body in the right direction and enhance the strides. It is a very risky trick that may lead to injury as it puts a lot of pressure on the elbows.

5. Chest Move

Protruding your chest forward while pitching helps throw the baseball harder. It enhances the arm speed and provides the desired motion.

6. Shoulder-Hip Separation

While throwing the ball, your hips and shoulders should be turned in the desired direction. The objective should be in line with your shoulders; bend the shoulders such that the shoulder and hip make a 45-degree angle at least.

This helps in having more hip rotation and provides more power.

7. Use Your Entire Body

A pitcher needs to use his entire body to throw a baseball harder. When pitching, place your left foot forward. Bring the ball behind you, and push off with your back as you begin to throw. Then, let go of the ball as it passes over your head.


What exercises throw harder in baseball?

Some of the exercises that help a pitcher throw a baseball harder are:
Jumping Rope,
Single Leg Dead Lift,
Inferior and Posterior Cuff Stretch, and many more

How do you throw a ball faster and harder?

To throw a baseball harder and faster, the pitchers first need to have a proper grip on the ball, then take a perfect stride, and then follow the motion (do not try to stop it forcefully).

How do I teach my child to throw harder?

To teach your child how to throw harder, you should follow 4 basic steps:
1. First, teach your child to grip the ball properly.
2. Then teach them to point their shoulder toward the target
3. The elbow position should be above the shoulder, and the ball should be at the body’s highest point.
4. The chest should be towards the target.
And above all, the key to throwing harder is practice. The more one practices, the better he becomes at throwing the ball.

Refer to MLB for official updates about baseball.

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