Easiest Baseball Position(2 More Easy Positions You Must Know About)

Easiest Baseball Position

The “easiest baseball position” is a common question in the audience and often leads to a fan discussion. All 9 players in a baseball game are assigned a specific position according to their strengths. Still, some of the parts are considered to be very hard, others not so much.

To compare the positions as to which one is the most accessible baseball position, one must be aware of all the players on the baseball field and their work, respectively.

According to the statistics, the right field is considered the most accessible baseball position compared to other positions. This is because the right fielder has the least number of balls to field.

Which Is The Easiest Baseball Position And Why

The Right Field position is the most accessible baseball position because about 75% of the player’s bat is right-handed. Due to this, the maximum number of hits will be toward the left or center field position.

As only about 25% of the player’s bat is left-handed, a right fielder has to catch fewer hits and is therefore involved in a small percentage of the game. This means that for every 4 balls, a right fielder will only be fielding 1.

easiest baseball position
Baseball Right Fielder

This is mainly why the right field is considered the easiest baseball of all the 9 positions.

Even though the right fielder is involved for a short time in the game, he must be equally skilled as any other player. He should catch and field as efficiently as the left and center fielder.

Baseball Positions Difficulty Level

As we now know which is considered the easiest baseball position, we must understand the difficulty level of each position, which we will learn in this section.

Baseball Positions Difficulty Level

First Base In Baseball

The first baseman is required to field the balls thrown by the other infield players and catch fly balls and ground balls. A player does not need to have excellent arm strength in this position.

First Base In Baseball
First Base

Left-handed players are usually preferred for the first base position. First basemen should have good fielding skills to read bad throws. According to many players and experts, first base is the second easiest baseball position after right field.

Second Base In Baseball

The second base is located on the right side of the infield. A second baseman does not field as many balls as a third baseman.

Second Base In Baseball
Second Base

The second baseman is involved in double plays, getting on the base, and the spaces on the outfield. He has the shortest throw to make to any position. The second base is relatively easy, and the third easiest baseball position.

Left Field In Baseball

As most of the player’s bat is right-handed, left field is one of the most active positions. Left fielders don’t need excellent arm strength because their throws are not as long as the other positions.

Left Field In Baseball
Left Field

Left fielders must catch the fly balls and prevent runners from gaining more hits. There are not many ground balls at this position, which means the player can take time to catch the balls. Although it is quite an active position, it is relatively easier.

Third Base In Baseball

Popularly known as “the hot corner,” it is one of the easier baseball positions. Even though the balls at third base come at very high velocity, comparatively less running is involved.

Third Base In Baseball
Third Base

Third basemen must have swift reflexes, great accuracy, and muscular arm strength. The third base is one of the easter positions because the area covered by a third baseman is not a lot, so not much action is involved in the game.

Center Field In Baseball

Like the shortstop, the center field covers most of the outfield, making it one of the more challenging positions in the game. Centre fielders have to help both the right and left fielders.

Center Field In Baseball
Center Field

Centre fielders are required to have the excellent arm strength and good speed to be able to cover more ground quickly.

Shortstop In Baseball

Shortstop is one of the most challenging positions to play on a baseball field, as it requires covering most of the infield. The position requires you to sometimes field towards the left, right, and outfield.

Shortstop In Baseball

The shortstop needs to have the great arm strength to be able to throw balls in all directions. This position is one of the most challenging and demanding positions on the field.

Catcher In Baseball

The second hardest position after the Pitcher is the catcher. As a catcher, you are involved in every pitch. A significant amount of preparation is applied to play catcher.

He calls the pitches and catches them to get a strike. A catcher must have the excellent arm strength to see the angles efficiently and run out the runners.

Catcher In Baseball

He works with the Pitcher to ensure the hitters get out. A catcher’s position is the toughest one and is one of the most demanding roles.

Pitcher In Baseball

A pitcher’s position is one of the most important ones. It is the most challenging position in baseball. He is responsible for preventing the batters from scoring.

He has a lot of pressure being on the mound. A pitcher needs to be a great thrower and a good fielder. He needs excellent arm strength to pitch for a more extended period in the game.

Pitcher In Baseball

He should be careful not to throw foul balls, as they may result in the team’s loss. A pitcher must have excellent techniques and know how to pitch according to the hitter. A pitcher can make a massive difference in the winning or losing of a team.

Easiest Baseball Position vs. Hardest Baseball position

The Right Fielder is the easiest position in baseball.The Pitcher is the hardest position in baseball.
Most of the right-handed players usually hit toward left; hence, a right fielder is involved for a short time in the game.The Pitcher is responsible for throwing the pitches; he needs to be wholly involved in the game to prevent the batters from scoring.
A right fielder should be able to catch perfectly, which means he should have a strong arm and an accurate throw.He needs to have a very good arm strength to pitch for longer and know different pitching styles for different batters.
Easiest Position vs. Hardest Position

Baseball Positions Ranked By Difficulty

Baseball positions ranked from hardest to easiest:

4thCenter Field
5thThird Base
6thLeft Field
7thSecond Base
8thFirst Base
9thRight Field
Baseball Positions Ranked from Hardest to Easiest


Which baseball position is the hardest?

A pitcher is the most challenging baseball out of all the 9 positions.

Which position is easier first base or right fielder?

The right field is considered the easiest baseball position, followed by first base.

Why is shortstop so hard?

Shortstop is one of the more demanding positions in baseball, as it covers most of the ground and requires a significant number of skills.

What is the most accessible defensive position in baseball?

In the defensive spectrum of baseball, first base is the most accessible position, followed by the outfielders.

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