Wilson A500 Baseball Glove(The Best Youth Gloves You Can Choose)

Wilson A500 Baseball Glove

Wilson A500 baseball gloves are one of the best youth baseball gloves available in the market. The players must have good equipment to improve their game.

A baseball glove is crucial in determining the player’s on-field performance. Wilson A500 is an excellent choice for any youth player as they are easy to fit and provide all-around protection to the player.

To know how to choose the best-fit glove and which Wilson baseball glove is best suitable for you, keep reading the article until the end.

Wilson Sporting Goods

Wilson Sporting Goods is a sports manufacturing company based in America. It is a child company of the Finnish company Amer Sports, from 1989. Since 2019 the company has been under Anta Sports.

Wilson Sporting Goods

Wilson manufactures a huge range of products for a variety of sports-

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • American Football
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Badminton, and many more

Wilson Baseball Gloves

There are a huge variety of baseball gloves available in the market; hence it can be quite confusing as to how to find the best suitable one for you. Wilson provides a wide variety of baseball gloves you can choose from according to your needs.

Wilson Baseball Gloves

They have gloves of all sizes and for all age groups. They are one of the leading baseball glove manufacturers. Wilson offers different series of baseball gloves a player can choose from:

  • A200 series – tee ball players
  • A360 series – players having their first on-field experience
  • A450 series – youth (7 and up)
  • A500 series – youth (7 and up)
  • A700 series
  • A900 series
  • A1000 series
  • A2K or A2000 series

Wilson A500 Baseball Gloves

In this article, we will focus mainly on youth baseball gloves. Wilson offers two ranges for youth baseball gloves- A450 and A500. Here, we will discuss the A500 series of Wilson Youth Baseball Gloves.

1. A500 11″

A500 11"

It is a full leather glove, best suitable for youth who play all over the field- pitcher, and infielder. It is highly durable and very lightweight. It has a Quick Fit wrist system that allows the glove to easily fit on the player’s hands and a dual welting. It costs around $75.

2. A500 11.5″

A500 11.5"

This glove is quite similar to the A500 11″ baseball glove in specifications. Some key differences in this glove are its size is 11.5″ and it is suitable for all the players on the field. The rest of the specs are the same as the A500 11″. It costs around $75.

3. A500 12″

A500 12"

It is ideal for the youth players who play both on the infield and outfield. It has a dual post web that helps to catch the ball easily. It is an all-leather glove, which is quite sturdy and light in weight. It also has a Quick Fit wrist system. It costs around $75.

4. A500 12.5″

A500 12.5"

Best suitable for the players on the outfield. It has an open single-post web and is very long to help the players reach balls easily. It is an all-leather glove with dual welting and has a Quick Fit Wrist system. It is quite durable and lightweight. It costs around $75.

5. A500 32″

A500 32"

This glove is ideal for a catcher, as it is best suitable fo catching and receiving balls and blocking them. It has a Closed One Piece Web and a small hand opening. It also has a velcro strap that allows the glove to fit comfortably on a player’s wrist. It is an all-leather glove, very light and sturdy. It costs around $80.

6. A500 10.5″

A500 10.5"

It is the smallest glove available in the A500 series. It has a durable X2 web and a smaller hand opening. This glove is best suitable for infield players. Due to its small size, it is more comfortable for the players and allows more control of the ball. It has dual welting and is lightweight. It is a relatively newer edition in the series. It costs around $60.

What Is A Baseball Glove

Baseball gloves are safety gear worn by fielding team players to help them ease fielding and catching. Baseball gloves protect the player’s hands from any injuries that might be caused during the match.

What Is A Baseball Glove

Baseball gloves are the basic need for baseball players irrespective of their age. The players must make sure to wear comfortable gloves. If the glove is too small or too large for the player, it will affect their performance.

Construction Of A Baseball Glove

Before looking for a baseball glove, it is important for the players to have a basic knowledge of the construction of a baseball glove.

  1. WEB: A web connects the fingers and the thumb of the glove. It resembles the shape of a web and hence is called one.
  2. PALM: Plam helps protect the hand on strong impact. It provides a padding layer beneath the leather.
  3. HEEL: The lower portion of the front side of the glove is called the heel. It provides protection and is important in determining the glove’s break.
  4. HINGE: Hinge allows the player to freely move his hand inside the glove. It makes the opening and closing of hands easier.
  5. LACING: A lacing provides shape and structure to the glove.

Top Youth Baseball Gloves

The Top 5 youth baseball gloves in the market are:

  1. Rawlings – Kris Bryant Select Pro Lite
  2. Wilson – A500 series
  3. Rawlings – R9 Youth
  4. Wilson – A700 series
  5. Wilson – A1000 series


Is the Wilson A500 a good glove?

The Wilson A500 series are good gloves as they are quite affordable and have great specifications for the prices asked. They are highly durable and are made of high-quality leather.

What size is a Wilson A500 glove?

The Wilson A500 series gloves come in 6 different sizes- 10″, 11″, 11.5″, 12″, 12.5″, and 32″.

Do MLB players use Wilson gloves?

Wilson and Rawlings are the two leading baseball equipment manufacturing companies. They offer great quality gear and equipment, so the MLB players prefer either of the two to play with according to their preferences.

Wilson A500 baseball glove black.

Wilson baseball gloves come in different variants and various colors. The 3 glove ranges in A500 that come in black color are:
11.5″ Utility Youth Baseball Glove
12.5″ Utility Youth Baseball Glove
32″ Youth Baseball Catcher’s Mitt

What is the best alternative for a Wilson glove?

The best alternative available for a Wilson glove is a Rawlings baseball glove. These are the top 2 companies that make baseball gear and equipment. They are widely used all over the world and highly trusted by MLB players.

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