Most Expensive Baseball Glove $14,000 or More? Know It All

Most Expensive Baseball Glove

A frequent topic among baseball players is “Most Expensive Baseball Glove.” One might think that why this is a topic of discussion. This is because having the proper equipment in the game is equally important and beneficial for the players as it is to learn the appropriate game techniques.

The players wear baseball gloves to help them catch and field the balls. For all amateur to pro players, having a properly fitted glove is a crucial part of the game.

Most Expensive Baseball Glove

The price of the glove does not affect or change a player’s game, but the quality and the fit play an important role. If the material is of good quality, the gloves’ price naturally rises. The higher the brand value of a glove is, the higher its price is.

Choosing the best-fit glove is one of the essential parts for any player, and to do so, one needs to keep certain things in mind. Here we will look at the most expensive baseball gloves one can find and why they cost so much.

Parts Of A Baseball Glove

Before buying a baseball glove, one should know its main components and the material it is made of.

  1. Web – The webbing connects the fingers with the thumb. It helps to catch the balls and helps to have better ball control. It keeps the ball secure.
  2. Palm – The palm or pocket provides padding beneath the leather to protect the hand from impact. It also helps in keeping the ball secure when caught.
  3. Heel – The heel is the lower part of the front side of the glove. It provides protection and structure to the glove.
  4. Lacing – It provides the shape of the glove. The preferred material used for lacing is leather.
  5. Hinge – It helps in the smooth opening and closing of the glove. It also improves ball handling.

Most Expensive Baseball Glove

The cost of the gloves depends on the materials used to make them, the brand they are produced by, and their historical values. Buying an expensive glove does not guarantee success. Your skills, dedication, and hard work pay off; a good-quality glove just acts as a helping hand to ensure better performance.

But still, the curiosity to know the most expensive glove wins over other factors. Here you will get the answer you have been waiting for:

Hermes Homerun Baseball Glove

Hermes Homerun Baseball Glove

The most expensive glove you’ll find is the Hermes Hoemrun mitt. Hermes is a French brand that produces luxury goods. The company was started in 1837.

Hermes, in the year 2014, announced the launch of the most expensive glove. After 2 months after the announcement, the glove was ready.

most expensive baseball glove

They explain that the glove is expensive because it is made of gold swift calfskin. The glove is hand-stitched; it took 25 hours to make one golf. The glove costs $14,100 (excluding taxes or shipping). It has a “Hermes, Paris, Made In France” metallic silver stamp.

A multi-millionaire businessman from New Jersey bought the glove. The buyer chose to be anonymous in front of people, so their identity has been kept a secret till now. It was a one-piece glove made for only one person.

Most Expensive Regular Baseball Glove

We have already seen that the Hermes glove was the most expensive; here, we will look at the most expensive glove bought and used by regular players.

Rawlings Primo Baseball Glove

Rawlings is one of the most renowned brands known for making baseball gloves. The company was founded in 1887 in Missouri, USA.

This is the most expensive glove used by athletes. It is made of the finest Italian leather. It has 2 layers of leather, providing excellent durability and a lighter ball impact. It has hardened full-grain leather. It also has a very comfortable feel and allows hand movements freely.

Rawlings Primo Baseball Glove

Unlike the Hermes glove, this is not a one-piece glove; it can be purchased from anywhere and is the most expensive regular glove. A Rawlings Primo glove costs around $450.

Most Expensive Baseball Glove Ever Sold

Lou Gehrig’s Baseball Glove

Lou Gehrig's Baseball Glove

Until recently, the most expensive glove ever sold in history was Lou Gehrig – the baseball legend’s glove. The glove was from his final game on April 30, 1939. It was auctioned at $389,500 on September 29, 1999, at Sotheby’s, New York.

Lou Gehrig was known as “The Iron Horse” because of his fantastic durability. He had a great MLB career and played 17 seasons fo the New York Yankees from 1923 – 1939. He was on 6 World Series Champions Teams, won the Triple Crown, and won American League Most Valuable Player twice.

Babe Ruth’s Baseball Glove

On November 12, 2022, at the 19th annual Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory auction, Babe Ruth’s baseball glove was auctioned at $1,527,500. It is the highest price ever paid for a glove.

Babe Ruth's Baseball Glove

The glove was made by Spalding and was used by Babe Ruth in the 1920s when he played for the Yankees. The glove was given to Jimmy Austin by Babe Ruth. The glove has light wear and a splatter of tobacco juice on it.

Babe Ruth was known as “The Sultan of Swat” and “The Bambino.” He is considered one of the greatest sports players in American culture. He had a fantastic career in MLB and played 22 seasons from 1914 – 1935.


Which is the most expensive baseball glove brand?

The most expensive baseball glove brand is Rawlings. The company specializes in making baseball gloves. They create high-quality and highly durable gloves. They make gloves fit for all players, from beginners to the pro layers.
It is among the most trusted and preferred brands of many MLB players.

How much does a baseball glove cost?

The price of a baseball glove depends on the material they are made up of.
Synthetic Leather gloves: $20-$35
Full-grain Leather gloves: $30-$60
Steer Hide Leather gloves: $75-$300
Kipskin gloves: $300 or above

A good baseball glove costs around $120-$300. According to the stats, average professional league players use gloves ranging from $200 to $400.

What are the top baseball glove brands?

The top baseball glove brands that make gloves for a wide range of players at all prices, from affordable to expensive, are:

Which is the most expensive youth baseball glove?

The Wilson A500 glove series is one of the best youth baseball gloves one can find. It provides comfort with good flexibility. They cost around $70-$120.

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