Baseball Gloves Lace: Know the 8 Steps to Re-lace Your Favorite Mitt

Baseball Gloves Lace

The Baseball gloves are the ones that get worn out once you start using them extensively. But most of the time, we do not want to replace them with newer ones as we get comfortable with the ones we already possess. So what is the solution when they tear off and becomes unusable? Use Baseball gloves lace to repair. This process is also known as re-lacing.

Your gloves bear a tremendous amount of force while being used during a match. So it is obvious they require repair now and then. Baseball gloves laces are used to repair them within a few hours without buying another fresh pair.

How to use the Baseball gloves lace?

To repair your gloves, all you need is to re-lace them. But it is easier said than done. You require a few tools if you with to re-lace those worn-out baseball gloves apart from just the Baseball gloves lace. So let us dive deep into the details as we proceed further in this article.

Tools you need

Here is a list of tools you would need when you want to re-lace your baseball gloves.

  • Baseball gloves laces: you shall require 72 inches of the lace for each glove
  • Needle: A special needle often referred to as a “straight-laced grooved needle” is used for sewing those laces.
  • Brush: This is required to ensure that the gloves are cleaned properly before you can re-lace them.
  • Cutters: you will need specialized lace cutters to cut the ends after finishing the process.
  • Conditioner: these are used for softening the glove to make the re-lacing process easier.

Procedure for Re-lacing a baseball glove

Procedure for Re-lacing a baseball glove

Follow these steps given below to re-lace your gloves with perfection.

  1. Clean it off: Many people may not suggest this step, but we feel that this step is crucial. While playing in afield, dirt often gets stuck in the holes of the mitt through which the Baseball gloves laces pass. So it is important to clean the mud and dirt first before re-lacing it with the new ones.
  2. One at a time: Do not remove all the laces at once, especially if you are doing this for the first time. This is a major mistake that most of us make, and we create a big mess. The “catch” is to remove and re-lace one at a time. This way, you would remember where the laces went through, and you won’t forget the path when you re-lace with the new Baseball gloves lace.
  3. Take a pic: this is suggested for those doing this for the first time. Take a photograph with your phone’s camera of every glove angle to remember how the lace passes through it.
  4. Use the tools: Remember every tool listed above has a purpose of serving. Do not remove the old laces from the gloves by pulling. Use the cutters mentioned above to make pieces of the old laces and remove them easily. In this way, the glove will not be damaged while re-lacing.
  5. Always begin at the end: It is important to start re-lacing the gloves with the new Baseball gloves laces from the “bottom corner. of the pocket.” Then, as you proceed, go upward towards the top of the glove.
  6. Go soft: Yes, the gloves bear a lot of pressure and force during a baseball game. But, that does not mean you can pull those laces roughly as you re-lacing. Be very careful while you sew using the Baseball gloves laces as a strong or rough pull can end up damaging the seams, which eventually would end up in a damaged mitt.
  7. Tie or not-to-tie: When you finish sewing your glove, it is advised by some Baseball experts to tie those Baseball gloves laces “two inches from the end.” This is to prevent those extra inches from dangling. However, some players love to keep it hanging like that. So, this step is optional, depending on everyone’s personal choices.
  8. “Condition” to maintain the condition: it is essential to condition the gloves with the conditioners that are available commercially. This helps in maintaining the durability of the gloves. Use a soft cloth while doing this step.
Baseball gloves lace sportsalizer

How to take care of the Baseball Gloves?

How to take care of the Baseball Gloves?

Re-lacing the mitt with the new baseball gloves lace is not the end. You need to take care of the gloves regularly.

  1. Keep the insides clean: We all know how dirty and sweaty our hands become while playing baseball. All those dirt and sweat attract many microorganisms, which end up creating colonies inside the gloves. This often results in bad smells coming from those insides. The solution to this problem is to wear a thin glove before wearing the Baseball mitt. This helps prevent the sweat from staying inside the gloves and drying up and thus helps it keep clean.
  2. Store it right: Most of the gloves are made of leather. So it becomes extremely important to store them in a cool and dry place. Avoid storing it in a place where it is too warm or humid. This makes the gloves wet, and it deteriorates the condition of the leather. If it gets wet by any chance, make sure to dry it properly and use a conditioner after drying to prevent the gloves from stiffening up.
  3. Clean all the way: You can use leather cleaners available commercially to clean your favorite mitt. But if you are on a budget and do not want to spend so much, you can also use “shaving cream” to clean those. There is an advantage in using shaving cream over leather cleaners, and that is, it does not add extra weight overtime on your mitt.
  4. Conditioning at the end: After the cleansing process is over, do not forget to condition the Baseball gloves. This helps in keeping the gloves soft and durable for a long period.

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Know more about the Baseball gloves lace

If you are very keen to learn more about the Baseball gloves lace, here are a few more additional exciting facts.

Rawhide Lace for Baseball Gloves

Rawhide is not premium quality leather. It is obtained from the inner layer of the animals like cows or horses. These are trendy Baseball gloves lace as they have high strength and are incredibly durable. They are also available in several colors that you can choose according to your needs.

The lifespan of the Baseball Gloves lace

The material that these laces are made of is highly durable. But the lifespan of the baseball gloves laces depends a lot on how good care is taken of it. For professional players, these laces last for as long as four seasons. But if you do not take care of the gloves and follow the necessary instructions, you might need to re-lace them much sooner than expected.

Baseball gloves Threading Needle

You will need a special threading needle to re-lace your gloves as mentioned in the above sections. These needles are available on all online stores like Amazon, eBay, and others. All you need to do is cut the end of the Baseball gloves lace, then thread the “Needle.” You will find a detailed description of “how to thread the needle” on its box itself.

FAQs on Baseball Gloves Lace

How many times a month should one needs to oil the Baseball gloves?

It is advisable to oil your gloves once a week for the best results. But, often, that is not possible, so in that situation, make sure to at least oil those gloves at least once a month to maintain them.

What are other readily available options available to use for breaking the glove?

The most popular option that is commercially available is using Vaseline. The various additives present in Vaseline helps in softening the leather gloves and thus easier to break in. This can, however, be used as a conditioner as well to maintain the “health” of the leather gloves.

Are there Lace kits for Baseball gloves available commercially?

Yes, you can buy lace kits from a number of online stores. This kit comes with two laces (often) made of rawhide or cowhide. Also, a lacing needle is available in the kit.


Our baseball gloves are one of the essential accessories. So maintaining them is a must. Using the Baseball gloves lace to re-lace can be challenging if done first. But once you get the “hang” of it, it is going to be a “cake-walk” for you.

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