Kelley Baseball Gloves: Give those Tough Hands the Comfort they Deserve

kelley baseball gloves

It is said, “even the toughest hands deserve the softest touch.” And why not? If one has to perform correctly in every game, it is essential to be comfortable in your skin. Kelley Baseball gloves make sure all these requirements are fulfilled.

The makers of the Kelley Baseball gloves have been producing them since 1995. But what makes them so unique? Well, Kelley baseball gloves are made of pristine quality leather, which is thicker. The manufacturers had made sure that the craftsmanship of these gloves was much better than all other commercially available baseball gloves.

About the Kelley Baseball Gloves

A baseball glove is commonly referred to as a “mitt.” The very first baseball glove or mitt was used as early as 1870. It was Doug Allison who played as a professional “catcher” back then. The highly fast-paced balls of the baseball matches made his hands crack open a few times, after which he decided to protect his hands. That was the first time someone used a “baseball glove.”

Kelley Baseball Gloves were first manufactured in the year 1995 and commercially sold. What made them more popular was their excellent craftsmanship on their products. A glove should fit like a second skin on your hand. If the fitting of the glove is not comfortable or the material used for making it does not give an enjoyable “feel,” then it becomes challenging to concentrate on the game.

There are over 300 models of Kelley Baseball gloves that are sold worldwide. Their extra comfortable design and affordable price range had contributed to the immense success and growth of the company in such a short period.

Range Of Products By Kelley Baseball Gloves

There is a wide range of products by Kelley Baseball Gloves. The prices of the items also vary accordingly. So without much delay let us look into the various range of products offered by the company, first.

The Fifteen Series Model

This range of Baseball gloves’ is one of the costliest. It costs somewhere around $300. What makes these gloves unique is that it has got an “Italian Rip Shell” and an extra special fit lining to improve the fit of the gloves. The durability of this Kelley Baseball glove has been ensured by using Steerhide leather that has been used on the lacing part. This particular hide has been chosen as “Steerhide” has an excellent consistency in the weight and the grain throughout. Also, the natural oils and resins used during the tanning process give it a glossy finish, making the Kelly Baseball Glove look even better.

The Elevation Series

This series from the Kelley Baseball Gloves range is a bit cheaper when compared to the one mentioned above. This costs approximately $190. The glove’s shell is made up of Steerhide, which weighs around 5 oz. The high-quality hide gives a soft feeling to the calf as well. The linings of the gloves use pigskin, which provides good durability to the product. An essential characteristic of pigskin leather is that it does not get complicated if it gets wet by any chance, unlike other types of leather. For extra safekeeping, padding made up of Steerhide has been used.

The best part about these gloves is that you can get their color customized according to your wish. Not every company gives this privilege of customizing their products.

The Pro-Line Series

Kelley Pro-Line Series

This is one of the most popular Kelley Baseball gloves range products. This series has been made using the premium, most quality cowhide leather. Being the most popular leather choice, cowhide leather is also one of the most expensive ones. The top-grain cowhide leather is used to make these gloves, making these products last for many years. The long durability of the product is one of the many reasons behind its popularity of this product. The price of the gloves from the Pro-Line Series is $170.

The Century Series

This series from the Kelley Baseball gloves range has a shell that weighs around 5 oz, the perfect weight to maintain the grip and stability of the hands of a pitcher. The interior of the gloves is made of cowhide leather to ensure softness in the hands. The leather is also highly durable, making these products last for a very long time. The stitching of these gloves is made of Nylon, and it costs around $120.

The Rout Glove

This is the costliest glove by the Kelley Baseball gloves company. This glove is custom-made according to the requirements of the customer. The leather used for the product is a genuine premium quality Italian Leather. It is the most durable leather compared to the other ones’.The extra time taken for tanning this leather makes it the most expensive type of leather. This glove costs around $510 for a pair.

The Ecko Glove

Kelley The Ecko Glove

This is also another custom-made glove manufactured by the company. the leather used for this product is “Kip Leather.” This leather is extracted from the younger cattle, making it highly durable and “taut.” This leather also has the extra benefit of being a bit easier to break in when compared to other leather gloves. The weight of the gloves is around 5 oz and costs around $320.

The Galaxy Glove

This glove is specifically designed for young baseball players. Made of cowhide leather, the shell weighs not more than 3.50 oz. This glove from the Kelly Baseball gloves’ range requires a little break-in, making it suitable for youngsters. These Galaxy Gloves are available at an affordable price range, costing only $95.

The Web 2 Glove

As the name suggests, this glove provides an exceptional web design. This particular design creates a broader catching surface making it easier for new baseball players. Professional players are not recommended to use these gloves. This product is available for as low as $60.

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The G-Pro Series

This glove has been designed specifically as a “fast-pitch glove.” It is unique because it has “smaller finger stalls” and comes with an adjustable Velcro on the backside.

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Kelley Baseball Gloves vs Wilson A2000

People who have used both the gloves believe that Wilson A2000 is better than Kelley Baseball Gloves. The primary reason behind this liking could be since Kelley Baseball gloves may be a bit difficult to break in. Given that these gloves come with extra padding, some players may find that a bit of a hassle. However, it ultimately depends on the glove you choose from the Kelley Baseball range, and the “break-in” hassle obviously evades as you increase the budget for your gloves.

Where are Kelley Baseball Gloves manufactured?

As per our research, it is a bit unclear where these Baseball Gloves are manufactured. Although, there is a high probability that these are manufactured in the USA.

If you know the location of the manufacturers of Kelley Baseball gloves, let us know in the comment section, and we shall update our article.

Choose the Right Kelly Baseball Glove

One needs to find the perfect glove to be able to play with full potential.

  • Make sure to buy a glove that fits perfectly to your hands. A glove that is too big or too loose will hinder your performance in the match.
  • A glove needs to be stiff. It provides strength to the hands of the player. But it also needs to be flexible to have complete control over the movements and reflexes during the game.
  • With the wide range of customizable Kelley Baseball gloves, you can choose your color and style to match your personality.

FAQs Related to Kelly Baseball Glove

How much should one spend on a Baseball glove?

The expenditure on gloves is absolutely a personable choice. The Kelley Baseball gloves range from $50 to $500+. If you are a professional player, you can, of course, buy a customizable one. But if you are a beginner, it is advisable to start with a glove that costs lower than $100 and increase your budget as one starts getting better in the game gradually.

What is the most expensive brand of Baseball gloves?

This has to be undoubted “Rawlings.” Most MLB players use gloves manufactured by this company.

Are any Baseball gloves made in the USA?

There are only three companies that manufacture baseball gloves in the USA. The companies are Rawlings, Wilson, and Nokona. Most baseball glove manufacturers have shifted to Asia, leaving only these three companies.

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