Barrels Are Overrated: Know the 1 Reason Behind It

barrels are overrated

Hey, are you also a Dodgers fan? Even if not, you have seen your favorite team play against the renowned Baseball team, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Then you have seen that sign they make in the air in the direction of the dugout after every base hit. Does that ring a bell? Well, they are saying, “Barrels are overrated” (But of course, not aloud).

After every base hit, the hitter is shaking hands in the air!! That sign has sometimes made you wonder about its meaning. Well, then let us give you a detailed explanation of why they say “Barrels are overrated.”

What are exactly “Barrels” in the phrase, Barrels are overrated?

Let us begin very slowly. By the term “barrels,” the first thing that comes to our mind is those huge wooden containers used for storing liquids like alcohols, oils, etc. But that has got nothing to do with “Barrels in Baseball.” What is the procedure for winning the match in Baseball? All you need to do is score more than your opponent team. This is technically not a rule for Baseball, but every game on earth follows the same procedure to decide the winner. But in Baseball, the hitter needs to hit the ball with the thickest part of the bat to score more.

You may wonder if that is the thing, why make a “big issue” out of it? Let us tell you this, as easy as it may seem, swinging the bat with full potential, and hitting the ball coming at a speed of 90 mph or more, requires immense strength. It becomes even more difficult because if the ball is not hit with the thickest part, known as the “Barrel,” of the bat, then a strong vibration is felt by the hitter in his hands and shoulders.

This unintentional move may sometimes work in favor of the hitter, and it’s a HOME RUNNN!!! But otherwise, sometimes, if not often, this results in a “single,” “double,” or even a “triple.”

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Reasons why Barrels are Overrated

So by now, if the concept of “Barrels ” In Baseball is clear, let us give you the reasons why they are considered to be “overrated.”

If you are a die-hard baseball fan, you probably know this, the most important thing for a hitter in the game is to get the base. Yes, we agree a Homerun is the most exciting thing, But getting the base is the game-changer. That is why the Dodgers make the sign-in air to show that “barrels are overrated.”

The game’s ultimate goal is to score more than your opponent, which is possible by getting more bases. Most experts in Baseball believe that getting the base by single, double, or even triple is way more significant. Like, come on, let us be realistic; no one can hit a Home Run every single time. That is why it is considered that “Barrels are overrated.”

It is not essential to hit the ball with the Barrel every single time, and practice that is not possible also. No one is so perfect that every time they hit the ball, it gets struck by the Barrel. The main motive is to score high, which can be achieved even without hitting the ball with the Barrel. These things sum up why Dodgers are swinging their hands most of the time after getting “that” base.

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“Barrels are overrated” merchandise

Barrels are overrated merchandise

Although the Dodgers do not say it aloud, the message is loud and clear. T-shirts in the blue color of the Dodgers have been launched with the caption “Barrels are overrated.” T-shirts and hoodies available in red, black, and white print have been launched that are officially licensed under the “Major League Baseball Players’ Association” or MLB. These t-shirts are available all across the USA. These T-shirts cost somewhere between $24 to $29.

“Barrels are overrated” GIF

Albert Pujols barrels are overrated

Various gifs are available on the internet, saying, “Barrels are overrated.” You can find them on Giphy, primogif, and other websites. Fans and followers use these gifs to show their support for this “saying.”

Who was the first to coin the term “Barrels are Overrated”?

In an interview, the first person to say it publicly was Chris Taylor in the year 2017. When asked how the term originated, he narrates an incident where he had to play against the White Sox. He recalled that he consecutively had four hits in that match, and none of those had hit the “barrel.” So he just shook his hands at Justin Turner, who was standing at the dugout position as a sign language to ask if he could “pick them up for him?” So, it was not an intentional move but somehow got into the “hype.”

How to hit with the “Barrel” most of the time?

Even though “barrels are overrated,” that does not mean one entirely skips the part of trying to hit the ball with the Barrel. It is essential to keep your score high. So there are two drills that a player might follow to perfect their shot.

Choose a Shorter bat

This is one of the most popular approaches. Using a shorter bat increases the probability of hitting the ball with the Barrel. This drill helps players to get the shot perfect and improves their accuracy.

Use the Knob to turn the Barrel

The Barrel always follows the direction of the Knob. Suppose the Knob goes upwards, the Barrel goes upward, and ultimately hits the ball in the same order. In this drill, the player needs to it down on their knees to “isolate” the upper body. Set your knees depending on your dominant hand of yours. Then pull your body backward, then turn the Knob in the upward direction, which ultimately results in hitting the ball with the Barrel in the upward direction.

FAQs on Barrels Are Overrated

What is the fastest exit velocity in Baseball?

In 2021, the New York Yankees player Giancarlo Stanton made the record in Baseball for the fastest exit velocity. The velocity that he was able to achieve was an incredible 122.2 mph.

Where can you buy “Barrels are overrated” t-shirts?

The “barrels are overrated” t-shirts are now available commercially on several websites. Breaking sells the officially licensed t-shirts. However, you can also buy them on amazon, ubuy, among many others.


Although it is considered that “Barrels are overrated,” yet players try their best to get the ball struck with the Barrel itself. According to the official MLB website, the barrels can be defined as” a well-struck ball, where the combination of exit velocity and launch angle leads to a minimum.” Various drills can be practiced to hit the ball with the Barrel. Although the “barrel is overrated ” air sign was an utterly unintentional move by Chris Taylor, somehow it got picked up by all the Dodgers’ hitters, and now it’s a “thing.”

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