90 mph Formula: Know the Rules to Boost Your Performance

90 mph Formula

You know, how we always take a test drive to learn about the performance of the car that we are purchasing? So is the utilization of the 90 mph formula by the baseball players. So what is this formula that we are talking about?

The 90 mph formula is a “performance test” taken by baseball players. A few metrics need to be followed and met to throw a baseball at a speed of 90 mph.

A detailed Description of the 90 mph Formula

The 90 mph formula is a mathematical calculation to judge the performance of baseball players. So how is it calculated?

The metrics are given in detail by Dr. Josh Heenan. It is as follows:

  • Momentum Potential: Height in inches* 2.6= Minimum ideal Bodyweight
  • Force Production: Deadlift 400 lbs for 1 rep
  • Stable Power position: Barbell reverse lunge= Ideal body weight on the bar for ten reps or side
  • Force transfer: Chin-up= 250lb for 1 rep( Body’s own weight along with added weight)
  • Arm Power: Throw 300 with Long Feet toss
  • The Optimal Authentic Mechanics

According to the expert, if a player can achieve all of these metrics, he can easily throw the ball at 90 mph.

Risks of getting an injury from the 90 mph formula

We are all advised by elders, “Never overdo anything!!” This is very true, especially when it involves physical activities. Whenever athletes or players tend to over-exhaust their bodies, it often results in an injury. The injury may not always need to be a broken bone or a fracture, but in these cases, it is usually a severe sprain or a torn ligament that even results in a partial suspension from playing.

According to the experts at Alternative therapy Permanence, commonly known as ATP, there are a few cases where an injury may or may not be prevented while applying the 90 mph formula. The possibilities are as follows:

  • The first case is pronounced; if a player can hit the metrics mentioned above, he can easily throw at 90 mph or even harder without injuring themselves.
  • Some players cannot hit the metrics mentioned above but can throw a ball at 90 mph. In this case, it has often been observed that there is an increased chance of getting an elbow or shoulder injury.
  • In the third scenario, a group of athletes and players have been observed to make a reverse lunge that is 1.5 times the body weight on the bar. In this, we are referring to the “Stable Power Position” metrics’. In this group of people, it has been found the need for getting an Ulnar Collateral Ligament reconstruction surgery, or what is popularly known as UCL Surgery to decrease by 98.3% significantly.
  • The last scenario takes into account those people who are capable of fulfilling the three metrics out of the list given above, that is; Force production, Stable power position, and Force Transfer. These athletes have been found to evade the chances of UCL surgery by as high as 480%.
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Myths busted around the 90 mph Formula

Myths busted around the 90 mph Formula

It is all in the “genes”

Some people believe or instead want to hear from the experts that throwing a 90 mph baseball needs to be in the “genes.” It varies from one individual to another. Not every player has the same capability; while some can throw a baseball using the 90 mph formula easily, some may take years of training to meet all the metrics of the 90 mph formula and still may not be able to throw that fast. So saying very specifically that it is in the “genes” can be a bit misleading.

“I’m capable of throwing 90 mph, “ALWAYS.”

Well, this is definitely not true. We will tell you why!! If the players from an average Division-1 team are considered, then approximately four to eight players in the team can reach the 90 mph limit. And out of that small proportion hardly, there are one or a maximum of two players who can make that 90 mph an average by following the 90 mph formula metrics.

The reason behind this disparity is that most often, 90 mph is the peak speed that is reached. If one is talking about their average of 90 mph, they mean the “sit speed,” which is always less than the peak speed by almost three mph. So for that case, their peak speed needs to be a minimum of 93 mph, which is nearly impossible to achieve regularly.

Touching 100 mph has become the new trend for 90 mph.

No, it has not! Touching 90 mph using all the metrics of the “90 mph formula” itself is very difficult. There are very few pitchers who can reach 100 mph. Having the ability to throw at 100 mph is like a “once in a blue moon incidence.” It is that rare.

Some pitchers believe that making a crow hop and throwing at 100 mph and making an 88 to 89 mph throw from the mound gives them an extra edge. It does not. The 90 mph, which is considered using the 90 mph formula, is for a mound throw, so if that is not reached, it will not be enough even if one throws 100 mph with a hop.

FAQs on 90 mph Formula

What percentage of high school students can throw at 90 mph using the 90 mph formula?

As already stated, reaching 90 mph is a tough job. So, if a high school student can reach that level of excellence, they are undoubtedly in the top 5% amongst all the high school baseball players.

Is it tough to throw at 90 mph?

Reaching 90 mph is very difficult. The amount of training and hard work required to have all the 90 mph formula metrics ticked requires high motivation. But regular practice of the drills and training under a professional can help a player reach his target in a short time.

Does the 90 mph Formula work?

There is no direct answer to this question. This 90 mph formula varies from person to person. Few players believe this formula applies to beginners or intermediates who have not had a severe program before. But some believe this formula turns out to be beneficial for well-built. So it is a debatable question, whether this is going to work for you can only be answered after you have tried it.


We know we have already discussed the conditions needed to be met to throw at 90 mph, which might have sounded like a difficult task. But let us be honest, nothing comes easy when one dreams of being a professional baseball player. It is challenging to throw a baseball at 90 mph, but not IMPOSSIBLE. Human bodies are a fantastic creation of nature. If trained in the right way, it can do anything. So, to get a 90 mph, make sure to get coached by a professional trainer who knows how to build the 90 mph formula metrics. Shear dedication and persistence are the basis for developing any skill in sports.

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