3 Best Knee Savers in Baseball: A Way to Protect Your Knees?

Knee Savers in Baseball

If you are a baseball player, you have already heard about how harmful knee savers in Baseball are. But let us think it this way: If the knee savers in Baseball are so destructive and hinder a player’s performance, who would be stupid enough to wear those? This is quite a contradictory thought, right? Given the fact that knee savers in Baseball are pretty much in demand amongst the players.

The primary reason why knee savers were designed was for the older players, especially those in the catchers’ position, as additional support to protect their knees. However, some younger players as well may have undergone knee surgery and need to protect their knees. The knee savers in baseball help reduce the stress on the knees and provide external support.

Are Knee Savers in Baseball a way to promote sluggish behavior?

Before we dive into answering this question, we must first address why most coaches despise the knee savers in Baseball. What is the purpose of the knee savers? To protect the knees from further injuries if one already has sustained some and provide protection. Okay, so if it is like a protective measure, why do some despise its usage? A contradictory situation, right? Especially when it concerns an athlete’s health.

One of the main reasons the baseball coaches do not like the players wearing knee savers in Baseball is that some believe it makes them “sluggish.” But is it possible to change a player’s inner motive or nature by just adding or removing an accessory? No, right! This claim does not make much sense, although many coaches tend to hold on to this.

Knee Savers in Baseball an unhealthy choice?

You must have heard from at least a few players or mentors how harmful knee savers are for you. But is that so? Let us give you a detailed explanation.

The reason behind this notion is the way knee savers are worn. If worn the wrong way, this is something that can severely affect the body. So it is crucial first to know the procedure of wearing the knee savers in Baseball.

Sometimes if not often, it has been found that the players wear knee savers to create a distance between the femur and tibia. To understand this, we need to have a brief idea about the anatomy of the leg.

The legs are primarily made of three bones, excluding the part from the ankles and the patella or the “knee bone.” The femur is the longest bone in our body that extends forms the framework of the thigh. Below the knee, there are two bones that are called the tibia and fibula. The tibia joins the femur in the knee region. If the knee savers in Baseball are worn incorrectly, then a “wedge” is created between the two and hence affects adversely.

So what is the right way to wear the knee savers in Baseball?

Steps to wear the Knee Saver in Baseball correctly

Four simple steps should be followed to wear the knee savers in Baseball ideally.

Step 1 Remove the “X-Straps”

This is the first step while wearing the knee savers. Some companies sell their knee savers that have their straps passing through the “X-Straps.” You need to remove them from that before you wear them. Make sure to remove the lowest strap from each of them.

Step 2 The loops

After removing the straps, the following steps guide them through the “D-loop.” You will find this loop on the same side of the knee saver where the straps are attached. There are two rings on each side of the knee saver, which makes four loops in total. The strap needs to go through the upper left ring first, and then it goes through the lower-left ring and attaches there. The same procedure is followed for the right ring. The strap attaches the upper ring first and then the lower one.

Step 3 Adjustment on the lower leg

The knee saver does not have an even thickness. The thickest part, the wedge part, points towards the heel region. The straps of the leg guard are the ones to hold the knee savers in Baseball in position. Adjust the length of these straps to position the knee saver correctly.

Step 4 Choose the Right Size

Choosing the right size for knee savers in Baseball is extremely important. The size varies from company to company, so make sure to go through the size chart before purchasing one. The only thing that one needs to keep in mind while searching for the correct size in which one fits the lower leg’s back flawlessly.

To wear or not to wear?

Wearing knee savers in Baseball is absolutely a personal choice. But sometimes it becomes necessary to wear one. Like in cases where you had just recovered from any knee or leg injury or maybe had undergone surgery, knee savers in Baseball in that situation become a must. Some may say that is something only suited for older players, but you must consult with your coach and a medical practitioner before you take others’ opinions in this matter.

As for the age, knee savers in Baseball were primarily designed for the players who have been playing for a long time and now require external support. If they do not take care of their knees, Catchers often suffer from chronic pain due to stress on the knees from the games. If not taken care of from the beginning, there are chances of permanent damages, which ultimately affect their “mobility.” Performing some exercises help to reduce the chances of these damages, which again should only be done under professional supervision.

Top 3 Best Knee Savers for Catchers

You might get confused by the numerous options that are available for knee savers, especially for catchers. So here is a list for you to lessen the trouble.

1. EASTON KNEE SAVER Catchers Knee and Leg Support:

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This is one of the most popular catcher’s knee savers presently. The special design in the shape of a box helps to provide support to the calf. The knee saver comes with straps that are of good length to wrap it tightly around the “shin.”

2. Champion Sports Catcher’s Knee Support:

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Multiple size options are available for the convenience of players with different physical structures. It has comfortable elastic sleeves and quickly adjustable straps that make it one of the top choices for knee savers in Baseball.

3. Under Armour Knee Savers:

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The extreme lightweight of the products makes it a perfect choice for catchers. This product comes with an extra level of cushioning, which makes it very comfortable for the players.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do MLB players wear knee savers?

Contrary to popular belief, many MLB players wear knee savers. And most of the time, it is the starting catchers who wear these in the professional leagues like the MLB or the American league.

Why only the catchers wear the knee savers?

The reason behind this is that this particular position results in enormous stress on the knees. This constant stress often results in injuries and severe pain, affecting their mobility. To prevent that, the catchers sometimes wear knee savers in Baseball.

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