Baseball Puns: The Greatest List For the Witty Baseball Fans

Baseball puns

Well, puns are something that can always lighten up your mood. And if you are a baseball fan, there can be no better way to decompress the stressful situations during a match than using these entertaining Baseball puns.

Baseball has always been one of the most popular sports in the USA. And thus, the baseball puns had always been very “on demand.” Stating a fact of Baseball, while wittingly exploiting the words differently, are referred to as Baseball puns.

List of some light-hearted Baseball Puns

Funny BASEBALL PUNS sportsalizer
Funny BASEBALL PUNS sportsalizer

So while you are hanging out with your friends to see a baseball match, the best way to lighten up the mood is to share some of these fun Baseball puns given in this list below.

Baseball Puns to share with the entire Family

Baseball Puns given in the list below are for those family matches. Funny, light-hearted yet intelligent, and humorous. A collection to make everyone in your family roll with laughter.

Adam could have played Baseball, soccer, and tennis. As he was the “Jock” of all trades!!

The Baseball players in Charlotte are made to wear armors whenever they play “knight games.”

Can you guess the perfect animal for the Baseball game? Come on; It’s the “Bat”!!

Can you guess what to call the forty millionaires sitting around and viewing the “World Series?” Yeah, you guessed it right, The “American baseball team, the New York Yankees!!”

You know, last day, while I was playing a Baseball match, I was wondering why the Baseball kept on increasing in size?? the it “HIT” me!!

Can you think of a possible reason why match sticks do not play Baseball? It is because just “one strike and you are OUT!”

Why were there cops in the Baseball match last night? Because they figured out that the Baseball players were “stealing the bases.”

It is essential for Baseball players to stay in line; otherwise, there is going to be “afoul” of the rules.

Are you smart enough to guess which Baseball Player holds water? Undoubtedly, the “Pitcher”

Ever wondered why can’t you play a Baseball match in the”Savannah?” Yeah, as there are too many “Cheetahs!”

What do you think, which actually takes longer to run? From the first base to the second, or from the second base to the third? Obviously, running from the second base to the third takes the longest time. It has a got a “Shortstop” in the middle.

Hey, did you hear the Dodgers are looking for a Ghost to hire in their team? They are hoping that it would improve the “team spirit!”

You know what could have been the most popular Book that was never written down? “The Quickest Baseball Match”, by the author “Earl E. Wynn.”

Do you know why the “Frogs” would make for an excellent Baseball catcher? As their accuracy in “catching a flying ball” is beyond perfection.

Baseball Puns that are meant for the Adults

Not every Baseball Puns are meant for the kids or Family. But we do watch matches with our friends, right? So why not have a collection of Baseball puns that can be shared over a bottle of chilled beer and pizza while enjoying the baseball game of your favorite team!! These puns are not just funny, but cheesy and dirty! A perfect collection of Baseball Puns which the adult fans cannot Miss!!

Why do you guys think the Baseball players are bad in bed? It is because they come up “Short,” and “finish early.”

The best opening line for your Baseball fan crush? Hey, you know I’m a robber and I am here to steal your “heart,” in the same way like Rickey Henderson stole those bases in MLB!!

Don’t you think it is very unwise of a Baseball player to wear “red” in “Bullpen?”

Wanna offend the “Cubs” fan? Tell this to him; Two guys were walking down in “Hell” when it started snowing. One of them remarked, FINALLY!! “The Cubs won the World Series.”

There is a reason the orphans do not play Baseball. Do you know why? As they have absolutely no knowledge about “Home Run!”

You know why my friends always call me the “Arizona D’ Backs.” It is because I always play the “ball games” late into the night!

Did you guys ever realize that Baseball is actually illegal? Yeah!! As hit and run is a crime, dude!

A joke for pulling the leg of a Royals fan? Ask them to tell the difference between them and a crying kid. The reply? The kid stops whining after a while!

Baseball Puns for Couples

You know, the luckiest ones are those who end up with partners who are also Baseball fans. So here is a list of Baseball puns that you can share with your partner.

Darling, I hope you are a good “Catcher.” Since, I’m already starting to “fall” for you!

Do you want me to show you my “spitball?”

Being a professional baseball player, I am pretty aware about my way around those “bases!”

I think, I already g-love you!!

After the morning spring training workout is over, you want to be my “Afternoon delight?”

FAQs on Baseball Puns

How many times did the Cubs lose before winning the World Series in 2016?

The Cubs appeared for the World Series in the year 2016, for the eleventh time. Before that, they were able to win only in the year 1907 and 1908. After that, they had qualified for the World Series eight times but could only win until 2016.

What is the meaning of the term “Jock?”

A Jock is someone very keen to learn about Sports and various Sports cultures. There are often people who love to learn about various sports that are played worldwide. They don’t need to follow a particular type of sport.


So we hope, after going through our list of Baseball puns, you have already chosen your favorite ones to share over the next baseball game. These puns help relieve the tension that develops while viewing a sensational match. It does not matter whether you are a Royals fan or a Clubs’; Baseball is a game that brings every fan closer worldwide, irrespective of the team they support. There might be occasional debates, but let’s face it, there is no fun without fighting for your team, even though it takes place in your drawing room and not in the field.

At the end of the day, the game is all about having that sporting spirit and enjoying the game, no matter whether your favorite team wins or loses.

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