Cadet Golf Gloves: For the perfect Tee Off

Cadet Golf Gloves

Just like the perfect pair of boots are required to get that perfect shot at a Football match, in golf, you require the ideal pair of Cadet Golf Gloves to make the ball make the ideal trajectory. Although we say this, it is not easy to find the perfect pair of gloves. Yes, everyone has the same “human” hands, but that does not mean each of our hands is the same. So, to make sure that each golf player finds their perfect fit, Cadet Golf Gloves have been designed.

What is so special about the Cadet Golf Gloves?

You would be surprised to know that there are people who play golf regularly but have never heard of Cadet Golf Gloves. When one searches for a pair of golf gloves, they encounter a lot of options. These gloves are designed in a way where the fingers are a bit shorter, and the palm is more comprehensive than a regular glove. These designs make the Cadet golf gloves perfectly fit the player’s hand. 

What is it like to have the perfect fitting?

We all know how it feels to wear that perfectly fitted blazer or that black dress. It feels like a “second skin” when any garment fits perfectly. That is precisely how it feels when one wears the Cadet Golf gloves. The slightly tight fit of the gloves around the fingers and the palm gives a highly comfortable yet sturdy feeling while playing wearing it. Not only this, these gloves provide extra room for the fingertips compared to the regular ones. Also, the tight fit at the wrist region provides the players with a proper and robust grip.

Do not forget to pay attention to the hand’s rear closing. It should not entirely cover the Velcro surface so that the glove can be re-tightened if necessary as the leather expands as it is worked in. The glove is all about providing the player with the best possible grip over the golf club. If one is not comfortable enough, it becomes challenging to perform well. And thus, the Cadet Golf gloves become essential for those whose hands are slightly different from the regular crowd.

Measurements of Cadet Golf Gloves Vs Regular Gloves

The Perfect Cadet Golf Gloves

There is no universal chart that can fit all glove sizes. Thus, we provide a probable table for the approximate sizes comparing the regular and Cadet gloves, so you get an idea of the difference between the two.

Type (Medium or Large Size)Finger lengthHand Circumference
Regular Glove7.375″ to 7.50″8.25″ to 8.375″
Cadet Golf Gloves7″ to 7.125″8.375″ to 8.75″

The crease on your wrist closest to your fingers is used to determine finger length. The circumference of the hand is measured at the knuckles. You can learn more about how to measure the hand size here.

How to choose Cadet gloves

Maintenance of the Cadet gloves

Everything requires maintenance from your Car to your accessories. But frankly speaking, things that you use every day or the things that remain in close contact with your body should care for more. So, if you own a pair or pairs of Cadet Golf gloves, you must ensure that it remains clean and dry every time you use them. So here we give you a list of ways by which you can use a pair of gloves for a more extended period.

  • Acquire the Appropriate Fit. By this we mean, if a glove is too big or too tiny, it will undoubtedly rip or tear more easily. The Cadet gloves are helpful in this situation. It is designed to fit your hands perfectly.
  • Straightening the glove to its original shape and putting it back into its package will help it last longer. Pack the inside with newspaper or a dry cloth to keep the form.
  • Keep gloves as dry as possible, or let them air dry after each round. Taking your glove off between shots and drying it out shortly after each round before repackaging it will maintain your gloves in excellent condition.
  • Rotating between 2-3 gloves, especially on warmer days, prevents your gloves from being soaked, which helps them retain their resilience and shape. After drying, the glove will be less stiff.
  • To clean balls or clubs, don’t use a glove. You’re shortening the life of your gloves by making them filthy, which need urgent and frequent cleaning. Obviously, that is something that no one wants. Use water instead, and keep a small towel in your golf bag with a soft-bristle brush.

The top 3 best Cadet Golf Gloves

  • Finger Ten Men’s Golf Glove: The company called Finger Tens designs Cadet gloves with premium quality leather which gives a very soft and comfortable feeling to the players.
  • TaylorMade Tour Preferred Cadet Glove: The high tech construction makes these gloves extremely lightweight and more durable.
  • Callaway Golf Men’s Golf glove: This is an extremely affordable glove brand. The best part about these is tat it is designed with Japanese technology to withstand different weather conditions.

FAQs on Cadet Golf Gloves

How do weather conditions affect the Cadet Golf Gloves?

If you’re playing in a rainy or cold location, you’ll need specific gear. Look for waterproof gloves in damp environments to keep your hands dry. Furthermore, because these fittings are custom-made, they provide extra grip, especially on slick club handles. On the other hand, cold weather necessitates gloves with sufficient insulation.

What are all-weather gloves?

Synthetic gloves are commonly used in all-weather gloves because they breathe better and are wrapped in a thicker material for extra warmth. They are made to withstand moisture for golfers who play in hotter regions. For individuals who reside in colder areas, thermal winter golf gloves are also available. They are made of a thick thermal material that keeps your fingertips toasty. A golf mitt is a different sort of winter golf glove. This mitt is intended to be worn over a golfer’s playing gloves in the winter to keep them warm. It is not meant to be played with, but it does keep hands warm in between holes.

In a nutshell

Cadet Golf Gloves are designed for those whose hand sizes do not perfectly fit the regular ones. As we all know to play a game, the first thing required is to be comfortable in your skin. And to achieve that, one must possess accessories that fit like the perfect “second skin.” Thus using these gloves help the players have complete control over the game.

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