Twister Golf Ball Cleaner: An Extraordinary Shark-Tank Innovation

twister golf ball cleaner

Do you remember Alfonzo Dowe Sr. from the first season of Shark Tank? Yes, you guessed it right!! The avid golf player who found a way to clean the golf balls for better performance. Although, sadly enough, he could not get any “shark” on board, he undoubtedly won the viewers’ hearts with his products.

Twister Golf Ball Cleaner is a product designed by Alfonzo Dowe Sr. that cleans the golf balls vividly. We know how mud ball affects the performance of the players. This twister golf ball cleaner is convenient to prevent dirt from accumulating on the golf balls.

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A Brief Background of the Twister Golf Ball Cleaner

You might want to know how did the twister golf ball cleaner originate! So let us begin from the beginning.

Alfonzo Dowe Sr. is a retired police officer who loved to play golf. But he realized how dirt affects the trajectory of the golf ball. So he made a device called the Twister Golf Ball Cleaner where you can insert the golf ball, and its clever design helps clean almost a hundred percent of the dirt with precision.

But Alfonzo Dowe Sr. was not from a business background and did not have much business acumen. So he needed someone who would help him embark on his entrepreneurial journey. He decided to participate in the newly launched show “Shark Tank America.”

Sadly enough, his incapability to market the project further was why the Sharks did not wish to be a part of the company. According to Alfonzo Dowe Sr., the Twister Golf Ball Cleaner idea was a particular match that he lost due to a “mudball.” A closer inspection revealed that some dirt affected the trajectory of his ball and hence the loss.

He finally decided to make a device that was portable lightweight but at the same time gave desired results in cleaning the golf balls. And, hence the Twister Golf Ball Cleaner was launched in the market.

How does the Twister Golf Ball Cleaner work?

How does the Twister Golf Ball Cleaner work?

The Twister Golf Ball Cleaner is a pretty handy device. It is shaped like cups facing each other and attaching at the brim. Some bristles help clean every possible dirt pocket that might have settled on the dimples inside the twister.

The Twister Golf Ball Cleaner is a handheld device that can clean golf balls quickly and efficiently in every possible dimple. Not only this, the device comes with a small bag that can be easily attached to the golf bags and carried around on the greens.

The inventor of the Twister Golf Ball Cleaner understood the problem of the golfers cleaning the golf balls since he was a player himself. He often saw the players carrying a damp towel to get rid of the dirt and hence the innovation. The company claims that when the golf balls are cleaned regularly, they even last longer.

The significant advantage of the Twister Golf Ball Cleaner over the stationary golf ball station is that it is easily portable. Just attach it to the side of your golf bag, and you are good to go!!

What’s inside the Golf Ball Cleaner?

You can open the twister golf ball Cleaner by unscrewing the top. It is a “watertight chamber” with a cleaning solution loaded onto it. The golf ball is placed between the cleaning bristles attached to the internal surface of the body.

All you have to do is close the twister with the golf ball inside it and shake it a little. This helps the cleaning solution spread all across the ball’s surface. Then twist the lid back and forth to cleanse the ball perfectly and remove the mud from every dimple.

After the last step, unscrew the twister and, Voila!! You have almost a brand new golf ball.

Where can you find the Twister Golf Ball Cleaner?

Unable to secure a deal from the Sharks, Alfonzo Dowe Sr. decided to sell the product independently. Just after the episode aired, the sales grew massively due to the season’s popularity. The hype kept the sales growth for months, even after the episode had aired.

Alfonzo Dowe Sr. started selling his product through his official website and two other E-commerce websites- Amazon and eBay.

Twister 4 Golf Ball washer vs. Twister 1 Golf Ball Washer

Twister 4 Golf Ball washer vs. Twister 1 Golf Ball Washer
Twister 4 Golf Ball Washer Twister 1 Golf Ball Washer
It has a combination of golf ball washers with an elevator.It does not have any elevator attached to it.
This has been designed specifically for the “high volume” golf course or even the driving range that has a “golf ball dispenser.”This golf ball washer is designed for an “average” sized golf course or a stand-alone driving range.

Alternative methods to clean the Golf Ball

There are many methods available online for cleaning the golf ball. But we believe using soap and hot water is the easiest method to get rid of the mud from the golf balls.

  • It would help if you began by filling a bucket with hot water and adding some dish cleaning soap to it. You can choose any detergent of your choice, but dish cleaning soaps are the best choice for golf balls.
  • Soak the golf balls in the soap water solution and keep them soaked for about half an hour. This step helps to remove the stains and loosen up the dirt.
  • After thirty minutes, use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the surface of the golf balls. The bristles help to cleanse even the dimples of the balls with precision.
  • After scrubbing, do not us eth dirty water to rinse the balls. Use a fresh bucket of water or hold the golf ball under some running water and rinse it properly.
  • For the final step, you will require a bucket with hot water and half a cup of bleach. after rinsing the balls with cold water, soak them in this solution. Bleach helps to clean the surface of the golf balls by sterilizing them. The bleach removes the algae or fungi (if any) from them. It also helps to eliminate any kind of discoloration caused by these microorganisms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I use if I want to remove ink from the golf ball?

The best solution for removing ink is to use a nail polish remover. They are not very harsh on the surface but serve the purpose.

Is it possible to clean golf balls using bleach only?

Yes, many golfers prefer to use only bleach for cleaning their golf balls.

Can I use vinegar to clean the golf balls?

Yes, vinegar is also a perfect option for cleaning. Since it is readily available in almost everyone’s home, this is a pretty handy choice.

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