2 Iron Golf Club: Are You a Suitable Player to Use This?

2 Iron Golf Club

Many of us love to watch golf on television. But how many are aware of the various equipment used in the game? If you are newly introduced to the sport, you will be shocked to know that the build of the golf clubs is not the same. Hybrids, wooden, 1 iron, and even 2 iron golf clubs are available. And do not even think that golfers use them on their ability to afford these. All golf clubs perform differently when used to hit the golf ball.

So what is a 2 iron golf club? It is an iron golf club used by golfers from afar on the fairway. It is utilized especially by golfers who are willing to improve their “long game” by adding something different.

Who should use a 2 iron golf club?

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When you buy a golf club set, the 2 iron golf club is also present. But if you are a beginner, you might get the advice not to use the 2 iron Golf club most of the time. So should you throw the 2 iron golf club away? Of course not! Instead, it would be wise and intelligent to use it when you are a newbie in the sport, especially if you struggle to hit “consistently” with the fairway wood or the other clubs available in the set.

Now you might wonder whether the professional players use the 2 iron golf clubs or not! If you look closely at the PGA tours, you will find that most experienced players do not use the 2 iron golf club due to their reasons. However, the Golf legend Tiger Woods has used the 2 iron golf club his entire life from the beginning of his career. The best-suited ones for using the 2 iron Golf club are the players who have extremely high “swing speed” and can easily make contact with the ball.

Why is the 2 iron golf club considered a driving iron?

Why is the 2 iron golf club considered a driving iron

There are various opinions on this subject since many people consider otherwise. The 2 iron has been designed to ensure the balls cover the maximum possible distance after being hit and the tee is under control.

The thick and bulkier back of the 2 iron golf clubs is why it is considered driving iron by most golfers and manufacturers. The heavy back of the golf club makes it pretty bulky, and thus if hit correctly, the balls can cover long distances compared to a regular “utility club.” Many golfers like to use utility golf clubs due to their lightweight.

But if you are willing to improve the distance and the accuracy for the “tee-offs,” there is no better choice than the 2 iron golf club. The extra weight helps keep your direction and precision of the swing in control. This club is also a trendy choice among the “handicapped” golfers since they can achieve maximum distance with it.

2 iron vs. the 3 iron golf Club

2 iron Golf Club3 Hybrid Golf Club
They have higher loft angles compared to 3 Hybrid Golf clubs.They have lesser loft angles.
It is easier to cover greater distances with these clubs.Due to the low loft angle, it is often covers lesser distances comparatively.
Provides more rollout, so not advised when you are willing to have a softer landing on the grass.They provide lesser rollouts and thus make the perfect choice when aiming for a soft landing of the golf balls.
If you want to cover greater distances with a lower height of the trajectory, the 2 iron is an unbeatable choice.Covering a reasonable distance with a low height is not really a strong suit of the 3 hybrid golf clubs.
Hitting balls with these golf clubs makes a low trajectory, so not very beneficial when you are willing to cross over a tree.Although the 3 hybrids are unable to cover large distances, the height of the trajectory is much higher and can easily go over the top of trees.

3 woods golf club vs. the 2 iron clubs

3 woods golf club2 iron golf clubs
If you are aiming for a curved shot, this is your best choice.If you want to make straighter shots
The loft angle of the 3 woods is even lower than that of the 2 iron. Thus, it helps to cover a larger distance.It is able to cover a good distance but is not as large as the 3 woods since they have a higher loft angle comparatively.
For beginners handling a lower loft angle might be pretty difficult, so it is more suited for players of the intermediate level.The 2 iron golf clubs do not have a very low loft angle and thus can be used easily by the newbies.

Which golf club can be a suitable replacement for the 2 iron clubs?

When a player thinks of replacing his 2 iron clubs, they choose the 5 woods most of the time. There are obvious reasons behind such a choice. The first reason for swapping it with the 5 woods is that they have the same loft angle. So one does not need to adapt much due to the change.

Secondly, the sweet spot of the 5 kinds of wood is more elaborate. This makes it easier to hit the ball correctly at the sweet spot than the 2 iron, which has a pretty small sweet spot. If you are unfamiliar with “sweet spot,” let us explain it straightforwardly. Grooves mark the area in the “clubface,” If the ball is hit at this region, one is expected to get the “optimum” results.

The more prominent sweet spot enables the players to be more consistent with their shots and thus helps improve the game further.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a player replace the 2 iron with a 3 hybrid?

Yes, a 3 hybrid can also be an excellent choice to replace the 2 iron. The only thing that the player needs to keep in mind is that there would be a decrease in the distance covered when hit with the 3 hybrids.

Is 2 iron an elementary club to handle?

No, it is instead the opposite. You might find it a bit difficult to hit with a 2 iron initially, but with proper practice, you will surely be impressed with the performance of this golf club.

How far can the 2 iron golf club hit?

The 2 iron golf club can hit as far as 190 yards.

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