2nd Warning! Yellow Card In Volleyball: Relax, Strong Man

yellow card in volleyball

Volleyball is a game of 2 sides separated by a net having 6 players on each side. It is a game that involves the sport’s six essential skills, i.e., digging, setting, spiking, blocking, serving, and receiving the service, along with teamwork. Like any other sport, playing Volleyball is enjoyable if you follow the rules; otherwise, the referee will hold yellow or Red cards high, leading to consequences.

Understanding different color cards in Volleyball can be confusing, so starting with. Do you know the Yellow card in volleyball definition? Why would a player come across a Yellow color card in Volleyball? You might think that a single card is insufficient to distinguish different levels of misconduct, so What is the number of color cards in Volleyball? And what is the difference between these cards? So what is a Yellow card in volleyball definition? According to FIVB(Fédération Internationale de Volleyball), this card in Volleyball is a 2nd warning sign given by the referee to the player indicating that they acted inappropriately and have violated minor conduct or rules of the game. 

What is the yellow card in volleyball definition? And how can you get a Yellow card in Volleyball?

It is an everyday experience for a team member to run into warnings as sports comprise passion, enthusiasm, or sometimes fire. Sometimes these sentiments can cause trouble if not controlled well, leading to Verbal Warning.

Further, it can lead to a second stage warning shown by a Yellow card in Volleyball. In other words, any team participant would get a Y card if he broke the minor rules of the game.

Firstly they will be given a simple warning, and then later, if they do not improve and continue dereliction, they will receive a second formal warning, i.e., The Yellow Card.

If the player does not stop, there will be a follow-up red card which might not be a good thing for a team. While the yellow one will only affect a team’s performance by building stress among players, the Red one will also affect the team’s points.

How many color cards are in Volleyball?

color cards in volleyball
Colour cards in Volleyball

Sports like football and Volleyball have different cards to indicate distinct misconduct sanctions. However, Volleyball has only two color cards, Yellow and Red. Referees use them in various combinations for distinctive meaning.

The Yellow card in Volleyball is assessed as a second stage warning without losing a team point. On the other hand, a Red card is equivalent to a point loss, so if a team receives a yellow card and then a red card, their team will be sanctioned by one point.

Different stages of warning?

Verbal WarningThe first stage of minor misconduct
Yellow CardThe second stage of misconduct
Red CardThird Sanction of point
ExpulsionFourth, Expelled from the rest of the set
DisqualificationFifth Exclusion for the remaining match

Note: Expulsion for the rest of the set is indicated by red and yellow cards up on the same hand of the referee, while for Disqualification referee will hold up red and yellow cards in different hands.

The referee can directly give any earlier penalties to a player by their depth of action. There are circumstances where the coach might get a yellow card in Volleyball if they interfere or break the rules. They might even get expelled from the volleyball court and the player involved.

What is the meaning of Minor Misconduct in Volleyball?

Minor Misconducts are offenses for which points are not deducted in a game. Though it does not sanction, their warnings are to be taken seriously.

You might think it is a referee’s call to give out cards as he likes, but instead, referees try to avoid any situation leading to sanctioning points. Their priority is to give verbal warnings.

According to FIVB-Volleyball Rules, “Minor misconduct offenses are not subject to sanctions. The referee must prevent the teams from approaching the sanctioning level.”

FIVB-Volleyball Rules

“Participants must behave respectfully and courteously in the spirit of FAIR PLAY, not only towards the referees but also towards other officials, the opponent, team-mates, and spectators.”

Even though, after all, Fairplay rules, it is sometimes a need of the hour to hold out cards up in the air to maintain the laws of the games.

Even though, after all, Fairplay rules, it is sometimes a need of the hour to hold out cards up in the air to maintain the laws of the games.

Significance of the cards in a game

Yellow Card In Volleyball Relax

In general, most players ignore verbal warnings given in a game. It is evident in many matches of different games that opponent players clashes with each other. Sometimes these clashes may be severe, causing physical damage. These conflicts may, as a result, make one or both incompetent to play the game.

To resolve all such conflicts between players system of different stages and cards was introduced. These allow referees to exercise control over a tea member’s immoral activities during a match.

Yellow cards can be very much helpful for a player to understand his situation and control himself beforehand. It will allow a team to avoid conflicts with the opponent because they might lose their game if they will.

FAQs on Yellow Card in Volleyball

How many cards are there in the volleyball game?

There are only two cards in Volleyball. The first is a Yellow card in Volleyball, and the second is a Red card. After a verbal warning, a yellow card is shown, followed by a red card.

How yellow and red cards are jointly used in a volleyball game?

These are two ways of using it. The first one involves both the cards up in the same hands. The second one consists in holding up both cards in different hands.

What are the punishments for misconduct in a volleyball game?

Punishments are given to maintain the rules of the game. It can be a verbal warning or in the form of point deductions or even expulsion and disqualification.

What is the yellow card in volleyball size?

Size 4 of a volleyball penalty card is around:
Length: ‎6.13 Inches
Height: ‎0.5 Inches
Width: ‎5.75 Inches

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