Long nails in Volleyball: Find now how long can they be?

Long nails in Volleyball

Long nails are something that women love. But have this question ever crossed your mind, if it is permitted to have long nails in Volleyball? We all know Volleyball is not a slow-paced game and involves physical contact. So, in that case, it may seem a bit impractical to have long nails in Volleyball.

So is there any rule that says that the players can’t have long nails in Volleyball? According to the rule book, no official statement prevents the players from having long nails in Volleyball. But the players themselves do not keep long nails for their benefit. Let us have a detailed view on this topic.

What are the issues with having long nails in Volleyball?

You cannot deny that sports like Volleyball, soccer, etc., are hazardous to play with long nails. If you have a strict coach, then there is a high chance that they might not even allow you to play with long nails in Volleyball. But what is the reason behind it?

Let us take a typical scenario where you are playing Volleyball. Now your opponents hit the ball, approaching you with extremely high velocity. You have to hit back the back with your palms to continue the game. But by mistake, if you have long nails in Volleyball, there is a chance that you might hit the ball with them accidentally. This can have severe consequences as it might break the nails, which is very painful.

Should one get shorter nails for the sport?

Should one get shorter nails for the sport?

As already mentioned, there is no official rule that specifies the nail length of the players. It is purely a choice on their part. However, most of them try to keep their nails short to prevent any injury that might result during the game. However, you may argue that the Volleyball is hit with the palms of the hand and not the fingers specifically. It is accurate, and consciously no one uses their fingers to hit the Volleyball.

But during the heat of the game, we often tend to forget about these things and focus more on the approaching ball. In that case, when we ignore our nails, we could use our fingers instead of our palms and break them. The reason behind this action is that when Volleyball approaches you, the coordination of the muscles may not be accurate at all times.

Wrong hand positioning will make the ball land on your fingers first rather than your palms. And when you have long nails in Volleyball, the “nails” will bend immediately as soon as the ball touches them, as it travels with incredible velocity. You may not even understand when it happens, as it happens at “lightning speed.”

What to do if you have naturally long nails in Volleyball?

What to do if you have naturally long nails in Volleyball?

Many of you might have long nails naturally. But let us clarify what we mean by the term “long nails in volleyball.” We “mean” that portion of the nail that remains extended beyond the skin. But even though some of you might have long nails, we can suggest a few tricks that you might use to keep them protected.

Do not try to catch the ball. Instead, make a fist with both hands and wrap your thumb around the fingers. Join the fists together and use them to hit the ball when it approaches.

You may also lay your thumb flat over the fist and use the back of your thumb to hit the Volleyball.

These “hacks” prevent direct contact between the nails and the Volleyball. Using these tricks, you can protect your extended nails and still play Volleyball with them safely.

Is it possible to play Volleyball with “fake nails?”

Is it possible to play Volleyball with "fake nails?"

Before we address this question, we must understand that fake or acrylic nails are a mere attachment on the top of your natural nails with adhesive. Although the nails seem to be pretty tough and durable, they may not be strong enough to resist the force of an approaching volleyball.

As for the question, the fake nails, if broken by any chance, often take apart the natural nail along with it. This can be extremely painful and even may force the player to quit the game for a while. The adhesive that the manicure experts use binds the nails firmly with the natural nails, and hence this might be a significant problem when playing Volleyball wearing those.

However, if you are keen on wearing acrylic nails, it is advisable to wear shorter ones. As these nails are available in long and short lengths, you can easily choose the shorter ones. Detachable nails are also available, and you can remove and reuse them after the gaming session. This is also an excellent option for those bent-on wearing fake nails.

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How is the game gets affected by wearing acrylic nails?

It is not just about the injury you may suffer because of the fake nails. Even the game gets affected, especially if you are a regular player and not a hobbyist. The various ways by which it can affect are:

Serving the ball: This involves hitting the ball with the palm of your hand with your fingers stretched. If you are not careful enough, your nails may get in contact with the ball and can break instantly, making it a lousy serve as well as causing pain.

The Block: During this, the player needs to jump high up and hit the ball with the palm and fingers stretched to prevent the ball from passing. Now, with long nails in Volleyball, you might feel it to be a benefit because it provides a few more centimeters of area coverage. But that is not the case. Again in this scenario, if you hit the ball with the fingers, and especially the nails get in touch with the ball, it will break them, and the block will also be ineffective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do long nails have a harmful impact on Volleyball?

More than the game, the player with the long nails is more at risk of getting hurt. So it might not be a wise choice to have long nails in Volleyball.

Is there any rule that refrains players from wearing fake nails?

No, no official rule prevents the players from wearing fake or acrylic nails.

Are you penalized in a game for having long nails?

Since the length of the nails is not mentioned in any rule book, no one has the authority to penalize a player for having long nails. Although the players themselves do not wear long nails as they might end up hurting themselves by breaking them.

In A Nutshell

Having long or short nails is entirely a person’s choice, as long as they are not playing regularly. However, if you are playing Volleyball professionally or regularly in some organization, it is always advised to keep the nails short in length for your good.

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