National Volleyball Day: Dedicated 1 Day, Showing Love For Volleyball

National Volleyball Day

National Volleyball day is special for many people around the globe. However, in the USA, it’s on another level. You all know that there is something special each day of the year. People celebrate a lot at various festivals, events, and holidays. People are into many different sports, but their love for volleyball in the USA is quite evident on National Volleyball Day and is undefeated.

National Volleyball Day
Happy National Volleyball Day from

You might be curious about when national Volleyball Day is celebrated; here is the answer. National Volleyball Day Is celebrated on 23rd September. It is celebrated every year on the same date. On this day, the love of people towards volleyball is at its—everyone, irrespective of their playing volleyball. The working class of the population goes out on beaches with their friends taking time out from their busy schedules.

There’s always something interesting going on in the world of volleyball, from the refreshing feeling of spiking and blocking to the tremendous team spirit in every match. This sport is a fun-loving game; you should celebrate this day with all the love you have for this game.

Who celebrates National Volleyball day?

There is no restriction on who can play the game the same way anyone can celebrate the day. Anyone of any age is welcome to attend or play volleyball games and to learn it.

Everyone from national-level winners to local people celebrates this game with complete joy. People pursuing the game of volleyball as a professional career participate in national competitions and events held on that day.

People who love this game go on to attend volleyball competitions and get free t-shirts and play passes.

Local people celebrate it by playing it in their gardens, gyms, beaches, and other open or closed areas. Also, people are excited and wait for this day to play mud volleyball.

The high school organizes volleyball competitions for both girls and boys. Yes, this is the sport where girls might be even better than boys, sometimes even in the amount of participation.

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Why play Mud Volleyball on National Volleyball day?

After seeing the word mud, your skin might have crawled, but it is a fun way to play volleyball. When you lie down in the mud, it’s like floating on the water without the risk of getting drowned. People are crazy about mud volleyball.

Watching is fun if you want to get into the mud. You can see people slipping, lying down after a spike, or getting submerged in a dive. It becomes hilarious when people accidentally run into each other while targeting the ball.

You might not like going into the mud, but it’s relaxing. Playing in the mud is full of joy and has many additional benefits. Your immune system might get strengthened.

It will also improve your emotional health and reduce your stress. Once fully submerged in it, the touch of mud will give a feeling of comfort.

5 reasons to celebrate National Volleyball Day

The 5 reasons to celebrate National Volleyball Day are listed below:

To continue the spirit of the game:

Indeed everyone in the USA is fond of volleyball or has played it in their high school or on beaches. Everyone loves this sport as it is fun playing as it involves you and keeps you engaged.

To show your love for the game:

Most of the working men and women are involved in their respective work. Some meet the deadlines on time, feeling the pressure, and some are stressed.

This job and different work can be exhausting when done for a more extended period. While Playing volleyball is the solution to keep your stress away and give you a sense of joy.

Playing it at least once a year will give you immense joy and might jumpstart your work.

To continue the spirit of the game:

As this game was invented, remember that everyone should be able to play the game. People don’t need to have the excellent physical strength or to be marathon champions to play this game.
Moreover, this game was invented to inspire millions and give them joy.

To keep the stress away:

Indeed everyone in the USA is fond of volleyball or has played it in their high school or on beaches. Everyone loves this sport as it is fun playing as it involves you and keeps you engaged.

To improve your social skills:

On this particular day, you can play it with all your loved ones; also with your

  • old college friends, you forgot about after you left the collage
  • or with your colleagues at work
  • with your neighbors
  • or with your family on the beach partying, playing, and enjoying the game.
  • And if you are lucky, you might get familiar with new people you never even met before.

Engaging with the people around you will help you live a better life as you eventually get along while playing the game.

To encourage a healthy life:

Sports are the best way to stay fit and improve your mental health. Engaging in sports like volleyball makes you healthy. Playing volleyball burns a decent amount of carries and can help you be in shape by giving you a toned body.

USA Volleyball wishes you a Happy National Volleyball Day

FAQs on National Volleyball Day

What day is national volleyball day 2022?

It is Friday, 23rd September 2022.

When is national volleyball day?

It is celebrated every year on the 23 rd of September.

What is mud volleyball?

Mud volleyball is a volleyball game in which the court is made of mud with your legs half submerged, and you have to play in it.


You can now understand how fun and lively the game of volleyball is. It is played globally in many countries. This game is loved throughout the world. So celebrate it, lets yourself relax, and take a day off.

You should celebrate it with all your love. It is indeed a sport for everyone.

This National Volleyball Day, you should try mud volleyball. If you don’t want to try it out, then at least watch others playing it; you will enjoy it a lot.

Once again, Happy National Volleyball Day; enjoy your day.

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