Can You Play Volleyball With Acrylic Nails? Women Will love it

Can you play volleyball with acrylic nails?

Can you play volleyball with acrylic nails? I will answer that in a sec, as you already know that women’s volleyball is more popular than men’s. And women love to beautify themselves. One of the ways they adorn themselves is by using acrylic nails. And this is why you might wonder; Is it possible or allowed in volleyball? We will answer your questions. Just follow the article step by step.

Yes, you can play volleyball with acrylic nails. The size of the nails doesn’t matter. But it is not recommended. Wonder why then follow the article to know more.

All sports, including volleyball, are a game of endurance and come with the risk of getting injured if precaution is not taken. The threat could increase if you have long acrylic nails.

You might be able to play with shorter acrylic nails, but longer ones can be painful when you use them to play volleyball. Your nails might break off; the more potent the adhesive force, the more pain you will feel.

It is also possible that your natural nail might also get off while your acrylic nail breaks which is painful and will take a long time to repair.

Being a woman, you would love to use acrylic nails, but we don’t want you to suffer from pain because we care for you. You still want to use it, so remember to keep the length short, okay?

What Are Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails are popular among women. This increases the length of your pin and gives you the desired shape. They are developed similarly to bridges and crowns made in the dental field.

Acrylic nails are made by mixing powder and liquid monomers. This is then converted into a dow, shaped on your nails, and dried. So it is ideal for people looking for longer nails and wanting to change their nails’ shape.

However, while playing, these long nails and your desired shape might produce undesired results in volleyball games. These might lead to injuries leaving scars on your finger. So it is highly recommended not to wear these nails while playing volleyball.

And if you are not convinced, read further to know how you can keep nails and avoid injury simultaneously.

How to play volleyball with acrylic nails?

You can use an acrylic nail to play volleyball. While playing with these nails, you should know that they might not last long. Two things to make sure about your acrylic nails

  • First, nails should be filed correctly, and also,
  • they should be of the proper shape

to avoid hindrance of your nails with the net or clothes of your teammates. Also, a layer of polish on your nail will protect them from scratches.

Also, since using your hands too much to block the volleyball might damage the nail or cause an injury, try to avoid using your hands.

If there is any damage to the nail, it would be better to remove them before playing in the next game.

The risks of playing volleyball with acrylic nails

If you have read it all, you know a bit about the risks of playing volleyball with acrylic nails

  • It is risky because, firstly, if you get hit with the ball in your hand, there is a high chance that your nail could break.
  • Secondly, there is also a chance of getting your natural nail torn out due to the adhesive used and a string hit by your opponent.
  • Lastly, holding the volleyball and making a grip becomes challenging, so it is likely to fall.

It would be difficult for you to be a defensive specialist, mainly because while defending the ball in the front zone, there is a high chance of getting hit by the ball on the nail. To know more about defensive specialists, you can check out the article DS In Volleyball Leads To Ultimate Defense: 7 Questions Answered.

What should not be worn while playing volleyball?

You would like to avoid unnecessary accessories that will not be helpful while playing volleyball or might even hurt you.


Wearing jewelry while playing volleyball is not allowed; if you try to wear it, you and your team will suffer losses. Wearing jewelry also involves the risk of getting injured. Your teammates are also at risk of getting hurt.

The game requires you to jump, block, and dive; these movements will hamper your performance and might injure you.


It is not recommended to wear a wristwatch while playing a volleyball game. Volleyball is a game that is all about hand movements, and if you are wearing a hand accessory, there are higher chances of it getting disturbed or it might get broken due to momentum.

Also, there are a lot of lateral movements along with hand movements. So it would not be viable to wear a wristwatch while playing volleyball.


Don’t even think of wearing slippers for playing volleyball. Try it once, and you might not be able to play volleyball again. Wearing at least a running shoe is recommended.

Shoes provide traction, balance, cushioning, and all the support you need while playing volleyball. If you want to perform at your best, you need to wear volleyball shoes.

You would also like to avoid any injury that might happen to you while playing volleyball with slippers.

Here you can check if basketball shoes can be used for volleyball. It will be helpful to you even if you want to buy a new shoe for volleyball.

Slippers for volleyball

FAQs on playing volleyball with acrylic nails

Can you play sports with acrylic nails?

Yes, you can play volleyball with acrylic nails, but it is not recommended as it will hamper your performance and you might get injured.

Can I play basketball with acrylics?

Yes, you can, as unique acrylic nails are made for playing basketball.

Can you play volleyball with glasses?

Yes, you must be careful not to get spiked on your face.

What nail shape is most popular?

Round-Shaped Nails are one of the most popular these days.

Can you play volleyball with fake nails?

Yes, you can play though it is not recommended.

Can you play volleyball with acrylic nails?

Yes, but it is not recommended.

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