Why Do Some Volleyball Players Wear Leggings? 5 Shocking Reasons To Wear Them.

Why do some volleyball players wear leggings?

why do some volleyball players wear leggings? The legging is an integral part of the sport. However, most players in volleyball prefer or wear shorts, but you might have seen some players wearing leggings, so Can you wear leggings for volleyball? We will look into the answer to these questions.

While female volleyball players wear leggings as they find them more comfortable than shorts. Leggings offer them good skin coverage; on the other hand, they do not restrict their movements.

For other players, especially men, you may find it weird, but they wear leggings that support their movement while playing volleyball in an actual game or a practice match.

Leggings also help the player avoid stains and better stimulation of muscles by increasing oxygen levels. This legging is not only limited to volleyball, others players, like basketball players, also use them.

For female players worried about skin coverage and not comfortable in shorts, leggings are the best choice as they are comfortable, easy to wear, and do not restrict movements while playing.

It might not be the best choice available in the market, but comfort is the foremost thing for a player during a game. It allows them to focus more on the game than on a piece of clothing, helping them perform at their best level.

Can You Wear Leggings To Play Volleyball?

Yes, you can wear leggings to play volleyball. It provides comfort and has other benefits to the player. It also allows female volleyball players to be more confident if they are conscious about not showing their skin.

N.C.A.A. rules allow players to wear leggings but under the condition that the leggings used by the player during a match should be standardized. The team player who uses them should match their color with the uniform color.

If the color of the leggings is not the same, then the player might get a red card, and the opposite team gains a point.

Are all colors of leggings allowed in volleyball?

Players will be allowed to wear shorts or leggings, provided all teammates wear the same color.

Teams will also be assessed an administrative red card for uniform violations and teams with uniform violations will start a match trailing 1-0 in the first set


You can visit nsga.org to know more.

All color leggings are not allowed in volleyball. Only specific color that goes with the jersey of the team is allowed. The standard black leggings go with every color, so you can buy them if you don’t want to buy multiple leggings. Also, all teammates should wear the same color.

If the color of the leggings is not the same, then the player might get a red card, and the opposite team gains a point.

Why do volleyball players wear leggings instead of spandex?

Spandex is used in many sports and gyms for regular morning walks. In volleyball, spandex is sometimes only used because

Why do volleyball players wear leggings instead of spandex?
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  • they do not restrict the movements of the legs;
  • they tightly fit the legs will, resulting in better movement.

But now you might wonder, “why do volleyball players wear leggings instead of spandex?” The reasons are very simple and listed below.

  • They do not help in the recovery of muscles, unlike leggings.
  • They do not help blood circulation in the area where spandex is used.
  • They do not keep the muscles in place, unlike leggings.

Why do college volleyball players wear leggings?

College volleyball players wear leggings because it provides comfort and has other benefits to the player. It also allows female volleyball players to be more confident if they are conscious about not showing their skin.

It helps students because leggings help faster muscle recovery so they can attend college fully. As college students do a lot of multitasking, and playing volleyball can be tiring.

Using leggings allows proper blood circulation in the leg area due to compression; it helps faster recovery and muscle growth and relieves fatigue.

Also, leggings keep the muscles in place while playing, preventing them from injury due to any lateral movement throughout the game.

Since volleyball involves many lateral movements, jumps, and other movements, wearing leggings keeps the muscles in place, prevents injuries, improves blood circulation due to compression, and helps faster recovery.

5 Reasons some volleyball players wear leggings

Leggings indeed provide comfort and support. Along with this, here are 5 reasons some volleyball players wear leggings

Muscle recovery

It is one of the five reasons some volleyball players wear leggings. There are types of clothes that hold muscles in place through compression. Leggings are just like these types. They have compression abilities allowing them to keep muscles in place firmly.

It is advantageous when muscles are held correctly, and the recovery becomes faster in a game. The recovery time decreases in a game helping players to recover quicker and perform their best.

Prevention from strains

Strains are also called pulled muscles. A strain happens when a muscle is stretched so much that it tears down. You don’t want this to happen.

Prevention is always better than cure

Desiderius Erasmus

Prevention is always better than cure, so while you can prevent strains, you should—leggings by giving enough support and compression, allowing strains to be stopped.

Strains may not be prevented entirely, but it helps reduce the risk of it and also in the recovery if it happens. Athletes who are prone to injuries often wear leggings for comfort and support.

Soreness risk reduced

This can be called soreness when your muscles get damaged due to an intense match. It typically occurs when you do a new or familiar exercise too hard. It may peak for one to two days after the training or game.

After an intense amount of practice or a hard match, athletes may suffer soreness; leggings reduce the discomfort and might sometimes be completely soreness is stopped.

Oxygen supply

A proper supply of oxygen relieves shortness of breath, fatigue, and dizziness and gives more energy. It may even help to better your mood and stay motivated. It also helps to stay alert and sleep better.

By increasing the pressure in the muscles, Leggins helps increase the oxygen levels.

When oxygen is supplied more to the muscles, it helps them recover faster, benefiting players on the court, and later it can help in muscle growth. After the game, as muscles are relaxed, recovery might become even faster.

Deep vein thrombosis

A blood clot (thrombus) forms in one or more deep veins in the body, generally in the legs, and causes deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Leg pain or edema may be brought on by deep vein thrombosis. In some cases, there are no apparent signs. If you have some medical issues that impact how the blood clots, such as DVT, you may develop them.


This issue can be prevented by better blood circulation and flow; leggings help muscles in this way. Dvt causes discomfort, and the area affected is of higher temperature. Leggings thus help in the blood flow of your leg and help prevent DVT.

How Should You Dress When Playing Volleyball?

Here is what to wear when playing volleyball

Volleyball shoes

Shoes in volleyball are a must. As volleyball involves various dynamic and lateral movements, it is required to be supported by the proper athletic shoe to prevent injuries. They provide comfort and support for your movements even though they have impact resistance.

Thin and comfortable socks

Thin and comfortable socks for volleyball

A sock is essential when wearing a shoe, as a shoe might sometimes suffocate due to sweat release. Socks absorb the sweat and keep your foot dry. Socks are accessory that helps in preventing blisters from your feet.

It would help if you always chose proper athletic socks and shoes when playing volleyball. You can choose from various brands worldwide, but if you want to buy nice socks, check them out.

Leggings of high quality

Leggings are allowed in volleyball so that you can choose one of high quality. For female players, there are a lot of factors to consider before buying leggings. Choose wisely.

Volleyball shorts

Even though leggings are suitable for volleyball, shorts allows better movements than leggings and are not restrictive.

The below might be specific to female players.

  • Athletic top: It should be breathable and flexible
  • Sports bra: You can go for this one
  • Athletic jacket: Recommended for winters
  • Hair ties: For longer hairs
  • Athletic headband: Helps in keeping the hair away from the eyes
  • Visor: For outdoor volleyball to protect against the sun
  • Fitted sleeves: For winter, to provide coverage and warmth

FAQs on Why do some volleyball players wear leggings?

Can you wear leggings to volleyball tryouts?

Yes, you can wear leggings to volleyball tryouts. Just remember to wear one that matches your uniform or a standard one.

Why do female volleyball players wear spandex?

It is more comfortable and does not restrict the motion of movement.

Why do women’s volleyball teams make women wear such tight, short shorts?

It is claimed due to the freedom of movement it offers a player.

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