How to Wash Volleyball Knee Pads? 3 Easy Methods

How to wash volleyball knee pads

How to wash volleyball knee pads? Yes, you are at the right place. We will be answering that in a minute. You are already aware that the knee pads you wear protect your knee and absorb your body’s sweat. The sweat can lead to a repulsive odor if not cleaned or removed. And that smell can be a warning of bacteria. So here is how you can wash them.

There is no rocket science needed, just simple methods:

  1. A simple handwashing
  2. Using washing machine( Read the instructions)
  3. Using vinegar to wash knee pads

If you can wash your underwear yourself enough, washing knee pads will be easy. Any of the above methods can be used as per your preference.

If the washing machine is not accessible, you have no choice but to wash it manually. You don’t have to worry if you lack time. I have covered another method under Handwashin to save you time.

While using a laundry machine, it is strongly recommended to watch it at the lowest temperature possible and use the gentlest machine mode.

3 Things to keep in mind while washing your volleyball knee pads

These things should be considered when washing volleyball knee pads as they might be sensitive. Keep in mind the following things


Always remember to use a lower temperature. It is so because the fiber used in making the volleyball knee pads by most companies doesn’t work well with high temperatures. They might shrink over time, reducing the overall life span of the pads.

 Speed of Cycle

Always ensure to use the gentle or lowest spin setting possible in your machine possible. It will allow knee pads not to get pushed out of their place. Also, high speed can damage the structure of the knee pads, making them straight, or they even might get ripped apart.

Keeping is gentle and slow, plus add some other sporting gear so that your knee pads will not bump into each other, avoiding the violence inside the machine.


The smell that you are worried about is coming from the bacteria in the pad fiber. The water alone might be incapable of removing the bacteria from the knee pads. Using soap or detergent is necessary. However, you can also use something additional with soap to remove that smell which is discussed further in the article.

How to wash volleyball knee pads?

Washing your knee pads to keep them out of odor is extremely necessary because even if you can tolerate it, people around you might not, and there are also chances of infection.

Simple handwashing of volleyball knee pads

This is just as simple as washing your daily underwear. Here is how you can do it

  • You can soak your knee pads in the water, then take them out of the water and apply some soap to remove dirt.
  • After applying, you can rub your pads gently or a little bit intensively, depending on the dirt level and quality of the material used to make the knee pads.
  • After the soap is applied and rubbed, rinse it in clean water thoroughly.
  • After rinsing, rinse it again in clean water.
  • And that’s all you have to do.

And if you are in a hurry and you have to save some time in washing it, you can do the below steps so that you can take a bath and wash the knee pads at the same time.

  • While taking a shower, take the knee pads with you.
  • You can drop it on the below surface to make them wet with the shower.
  • Now while bathing, step on your knee pads and press them.
  • You will notice the color of the water coming out of the knee pads; keep pressing it until the water coming out becomes clean.
  • You can use soap to kill bacteria.
  • Dry it off, away from direct sunlight contact.

Note: Drying them off in direct sunlight is better, but it will reduce the life of the elastic material if used and make them loose.

Using washing machine

Machine wash will save you some effort after a tiring match. Firstly

  • directly place your knee pads in the washing machine.
  • You can add these with your regular sports items like shocks
  • Now add machine detergent (Use a mild detergent if possible).
  • Use low-temperature water and start the machine with a gentle cycle.
  • Now you can dry them off in the open.

Note: Higher temperatures are not best for the knee pads.

Using vinegar to wash knee pads

Vinegar is used in laundry to enhance, whiten and brighten the clothes. Most importantly, it softens the clothes and reduces odors. Here is how you can use it to keep the stinks away from your knee pads. Follow the below steps.

  • You can directly place your knee pads in the washing machine or use your regular laundry bag.
  • You can add these with your regular sports items like shocks
  • Now add machine detergent (Use a mild detergent if possible).
  • Add a capful of white vinegar to the machine.
  • Use low-temperature water and start the machine with a gentle cycle.
  • Now you can dry them off in the open.

Note: Wasing knee pads and other clothes will help avoid roughness on pads.

Can you wash knee pads of different brands using the same method?

This is a common question as various brands use all kinds of materials to make volleyball kneepads to improve their comfort and support. It is obvious to think that if you can wash all of them with one of the above-mentioned standard methods, different methods for distinct kneepads might be challenging to remember.

You might not be aware that most manufacturers use familiar materials like foam, gel, double gel, and rubber to look for comfort, breathability, and the ability to last long. So the answer is YES, you can wash knee pads of different brands using the same method as long as they use the same material, more or less. Always look for instructions from the brand’s product packing, as some brands have unique washing methods.

How many times can you wash volleyball knee pads?

The ability to be washed several times depends on the quality of the material of different brands. If you buy kneepads of standard quality, they may last longer. Proper washing of the volleyball kneepads is necessary to avoid bacterial infection and stinky smell.

If you are only Washing your knee pads weekly or bi-weekly, your kneepads might last between one to three seasons.

Can You Dry Volleyball Knee Pads in the Dryer?

Yes, you can use the dryer to dry volleyball knee pads in an emergency. Just like you don’t always dry your clothes in the dryer and prefer the sun to dry, the same applies to the volleyball knee pads. Also, it would help if you took care of the temperature as a high temperature is not suitable for the fabric, so try to dry pads in shades that avoid direct sunlight.

Drying it in the tumbler might affect the material construction of the knee pads. So add other clothes that are soft with the pads in the tumbler. This should allow the proper working of the tumbler and will safeguard the pads from destruction.

4 Best volleyball knee pads

How to wash volleyball knee pads

Here are 4 best volleyball knee pads you can buy:

Mizuno LR6 Volleyball Kneepad

Nike Essentials Volleyball Knee Pads

ASICS Ace Low Profile, Black, All

Mizuno T10 Plus Kneepad

FAQs on How to wash volleyball knee pads?

Are Knee Pads Allowed In Volleyball? 

Yes, knee pads are allowed in volleyball, but their color should match the jersey, or black will work with every color.

Can You Wash Volleyball Knee Pads?

Yes, you can wash them with simple handwash or machine methods. Just remember to clean at a lower temperature and gentle cycle.

Can you machine wash volleyball knee pads?

You can machine wash them, but remember to wash them under a lower temperature and gentle cycle.

Can Nike volleyball knee pads be washed?

Yes, Nike volleyball pads can be washed by one of the below methods
A simple handwashing
Using washing machine( Read the instructions)
Using vinegar to wash knee pads

How do you soak volleyball knee pads?

Take a small bucket full of water and put knee pads in the water for a minute or so.

How to remove odor from volleyball knee pads?

Wash knee pads with soap and add white vinegar; the odor will get removed.

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