Knee Brace for Volleyball: 3 Critical Reasons to Use

Knee brace for volleyball

Knee brace for volleyball, along with other equipment like ankle braces, arm sleeves, elbow pads, finger tape, and Knee braces, volleyball is one, but it should be when directed by a doctor. Many kinds of knee braces are available in the market, depending on the situation. Some of them can be used all the time while others are used only while playing sports or doing exercise or physical activity.

A knee brace for volleyball is the support used in volleyball while your knee is injured or you have pain. They are also used during the game to prevent injuries.

A knee brace help reduces the pain by shifting the weight of the most damaged portion of your knee. The knee brace can improve your regular movements while reducing your pain and giving you relief.

Why do you need a knee brace?

Note: The placement of the knee brace should be checked while involved in activities because a brace that is poorly positioned can do more harm than good.

It is required to heal your injuries faster, better, and properly or correctly. Sometimes it is needed for the protection of the knee from getting injured. Also, it gives comfort and relieves pain.


Players often use it to protect their knees from getting injured. And if a player is already injured, it might help to prevent further injuries.

Support knee in the healing process

Knee braces are best for healing your past injuries when a doctor recommends them. It gives the support you need for the movements and the repair to get faster.

Pain relief

Knee braces like unloader knee brace help in reducing the pain. They work by shifting the pain of the knee onto a more substantial area.

How to choose a knee brace for volleyball?

A Knee brace, along with its pros, also has cons. Some people stop using knee braces due to the following reason:

  • Skin irritation due to continues wearing of the knee brace
  • Due to poor fitting of the knee brace
  • Due to the reason that they consistently wear them, they become irritated and need relief.
  • Some of them feel discomfort while wearing it.

Always find different ways to accomplish the mission. Then run a counter-analysis and list the advantages and disadvantages. When you have done that, you are ready to make a decision.

Colin Powell

The above quote is not just for missions but also for every decision you make in life, whether big or small. Read below to avoid some of the disadvantages of wearing knee braces:

Selection of right knee brace

Always look for a doctor’s advice and try multiple braces to choose the right one that comforts you. A good fit will ensure the required benefits needed for the knee. Always remember that the knee brace should be as comfortable as possible.

Your doctor or health care advisor will guide you to choose the best knee brace for you that is comfortable and has a good fit. Always inform your physical therapist if you are feeling any discomfort or pain, even the tiny detail matters.

Understanding the knee brace you are using.

As you have already heard that incomplete knowledge is dangerous, you should always look for complete knowledge when using something or making a decision. Let me state the quote again.

When you know the proper purpose of the knee braces you are using, you will be able to use the knee brace correctly and effectively. There are different knee braces with distinct purposes, but they all might look similar to you. So choose wisely with your doctor’s advice.

We have you covered if you want to know about different knee braces. Read further in the article to learn about them.

Know the right time to wear a knee brace

You should wear the knee brace when you need it, most likely, and not when you think you need it. Two primary scenarios can happen to you, either you will wear it too much or not enough. In both these cases wearing a knee brace is not fruit-full.

Always ask your doctor whether you should wear your knee brace while

  • Sitting
  • Driving
  • Walking
  • Stretching

Wearing it too much can cause skin abrasion because your activity gets limited your joints might become stiff. And on the other hand, taking a knee brace off before your knee is ready might affect your healing.

How to choose a knee brace for volleyball?

What are the types of knee braces?

Knee braces are of various kinds used for different reasons. Some of them are discussed below:

Functional knee braces

There are functional braces responsible for delivering support for the knees injured heretofore. They are used by athletes after their significant injury has healed. They work by stabilizing the knee joint.

If you have weak ligaments or your knee tends to dislocate, the doctor may recommend a functional knee brace.

Rehabilitative knee braces

The second type of brace is rehabilitative braces. They were used to keep the knee stable and allow limited movement in the healing process.

They are used right after the injury for weeks or so. These days rehabilitative braces are not recommended by doctors.

Prophylactic knee braces

The prophylactic Knee brace is another type used to prevent and reduce the severity of ligamentous injuries. The player of the contact sport mainly uses this type of brace.

The prophylactic knee brace has padding, especially on the patellar bone, that protects your knee from direct impact. These braces are used even if you don’t have the injury but want to protect your knee.

Unloader or offloaded knee braces

The direct objective of unloader knee braces is to reduce or relieve pain. These are generally used for people who have arthritis.

They work by shifting the weight of the knee or, as the name suggests, unloading the weight of the knee from the damaged area to a more vital area.

These are essentially used for comfort and do not protect from direct impact.

Note: Alway consult your doctor before using any of the above knee braces.

5 Best knee braces available

Here is the list of knee braces you can choose from. Do remember to confer with your doctor before choosing them.

Jumper Knee Strap

Jumper Knee Strap

It is lightweight, only 79.4 grams. It is durable and is available in black color.

Equate Knee Support

Equate Knee Support

It is a knee sleeve. It is light weighted and very comfortable to wear. Their elastic band is optimal right for optimal fit.

Compression Knee support

Compression Knee support

It is a compression knee sleeve. They are comfortable to wear; they compress the portion for better support while playing.

Equate Knee Brace

Equate Knee Brace

These are wrap-around braces. It is made with cotton, which makes it best for summer. As it is a wrap-around brace, this makes it fit better.

Mueller Self Adjusting Knee Brace

Mueller Self Adjusting Knee Brace

This is the type of hinged brace. This is best for ultimate support of the knee. Metal hinges help in preventing hyperextension of the knee.

FAQs on a Knee brace for volleyball

Can you wear a knee brace while playing volleyball?

Yes, but if the knee brace has exposed metal hinges, you may be required to cover it. It is allowed until it is for your comfort and not to harm anyone else.

What do volleyball players wear on their knees?

Generally, players wear knee pads as they are lightly weighted compared to knee braces.

Why do volleyball players wear knee guards?

The player uses knee pads to prevent their knee from direct impact. Also, they protect your knee from injuries.

How do you protect your knees in volleyball?

To protect your knees, you can use knee guards or kneepads. At the same time, knee pads are lightweight and are more accessible to equip than regular knee braces.

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