How to Deflate a Volleyball? 6 Simple Steps

How to Deflate a Volleyball

Deflating a volleyball can be pretty helpful. It will ease the management of your volleyball if you are traveling or not playing volleyball for a long time. The size of the inflated ball becomes inconvenient while carrying it around for a long journey. Deflating it makes the transporting process of your volleyball easier.

How to deflate a volleyball? So the simplest and the easiest method is using a needle from the air pump. The air pump is used to inflate the volleyball.

If you only want to reduce the volleyball to a specific size or remove some extra air during summer, then permanently remove the air slowly. Also, check by stopping in between the process if the ball has reached its required size.

How To Deflate A Volleyball With A Pump? 5 simple steps to deflate a volleyball

Follow the below steps to deflate the volleyball without damaging the ball. Also, read further to know some tips that we have for you.

Step1: Needle from an air pump

The first step is to remove the needle from the air pump. The needle is used as an extension in the air pump to inflate the volleyball. Don’t use a needle that is too sharp.

Step2: Stabilizing the ball

The second step is to place the ball on a flat surface. Doing this will stabilize the ball and make it easier to handle during deflation.

Ensure to keep any sensitive material away from the surrounding material

Step3: Inertion of needle

The third step is to insert the needle into the inflation hole on the volleyball. Always remember to place the hand at a perpendicular angle with the ball that is at 90 degrees.
If you insert the needle at other angles, you might damage the ball when proceeding further.

Step4: Pushing the needle

After the above step and insertion of the needle into the inflation hole of the ball, start pushing the needle.
Always push the needle slowly and use limited force other than damaging the ball; you may break the needle itself.

Step5: Deflating the ball

After inserting the needle into the inflation hole of the ball, slowly push the needle until you get your desired size; otherwise, move the needle until the whole ball is empty.

Step6: Removing the needle and closing the valve

After the volleyball is deflated completely, remove the needle from the ball’s hole. And then close the valve.

The right way to deflate a volleyball

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Things to keep in mind while deflating volleyball

We are covering this because we want you to deflate the ball without damaging the ball.

Tips on deflating volleyball

  • You can always use the simplest method of using the needle from the pump.
  • If you have a bicycle pump, you can use it too.
  • If you have a vacuum cleaner at your home, you can use it too. Just use the hose to suck the air out of the ball.
  • Don’t keep the vacuum pressure clear too high because you don’t want the ball to be sucked in.
  • You can also use a stiff straw. If a needle and pump are unavailable, you can use the straw you drink to blow the air out of the ball.

Suggestions on deflating volleyball

  • Always use the needle from the inflation pump to deflate the volleyball. It is the method used mainly by the players when at home.
  • If you want to remove the excess air out of the ball, then deflate the ball slowly.
  • While deflating the volleyball slowly, you can always check if you got your desired size and stop the process.
  • If you always want to inflate the volleyball again, use the quality pump.

Warnings while deflating volleyball

  • Look out for the sharp objects you might use to deflate the ball, as they might damage it.
  • Do not insert knives or pins into the inflation hole, as your volleyball might get damaged.
  • While using the needle from the pump to deflate the ball, insert it at right angles i.e., 90 degrees. Otherwise, your ball might get punctured.
  • After inserting it perpendicularly, push the needle slowly to deflate the ball.

Affordable pumps to buy to deflate a volleyball

Cosco Hand Pump, Black

Cosco Hand Pump Black

This is the most affordable pump out of all. It comes from the brand Cosco, black in color. It weighs around 50 grams. It is very portable, and a needle is included with the ball, which you can use to deflate.

GRS P101 AIR Pump

GRS P101 AIR Pump

GRS P101 air pump is a multipurpose pump. It comes in various multicolor fo you to choose from. It comes with two pins for  Cycle, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, and Handball.

Stainless Steel Inflating Pump Needle Pin Nozzle

Stainless Steel Inflating Pump Needle Pin Nozzle

If you already have a pump and lost the needle, you can buy a set of needles that will be compatible with your existing pump.

How do you deflate a ball without a pump?

If you don’t have a pump or the pump but lost the needle, you can use the paperclip method as an alternative. It is also simple and easy and does not need other instruments or extra knowledge.

Step1: Unravel the paperclip until the clip is fully extended. The needle length should be enough to insert it into the inflation hole.

Step2: Now lubricate the needle to make the process smoother and avoid damaging the ball.

Step3: If the needle is too thin to hold, use gloves or a piece of cloth to get a grip on the paperclip.

Step4: Now insert the paperclip into the inflation hole. And gently apply pressure until you hear a whistling sound.

Step5: Squeeze the ball until the ball is fully deflated.

Step6: Now remove the paperclip and close the valve.

How Long Does it Take to Deflate a Volleyball?

Since it takes a considerable amount of air to fill the ball, it is no surprise that deflating the ball can take a significant time.

It takes about 30 minutes usually to deflate the volleyball completely. So it is advisable to use a pump to ramp up the process.

There are other methods, like pressing the ball simultaneously as pushing the needle but using the pump is the best method.

Why does my volleyball keep deflating automatically?

When you keep your ball for the night after playing, you might get irritated in the morning when you sometimes find out that the ball is out of shape.

The reason your volleyball might get deflated is easier to understand when you notice the number of times the ball gets punched or thrown.

Another reason is that volleyball naturally deflated over time, like any other ball filled with air.

FAQs on How to Deflate a Volleyball

Can you take the air out of a volleyball?

Yes, it is easy to take the air out of the volleyball; just use a needle from the pump.

How do you release air from a ball?

Start using
the needle from an inflation pump,
and insert the needle into the inflation hole at a right angle.
Then gently apply pressure until you hear a whistling sound.
Now the air is started to get released.

How to deflate a volleyball without a pump?

You can use the paperclip method:
Just unfold the paperclip
Lubricate the paperclip
Please insert it into the inflation hole
Gently apply pressure
Stop when you get desired size

Can we use the football pump to deflate a volleyball?

Yes, you can use a football pump to deflate a volleyball. The needle that is used to inflate air in the ball can be used.

How to deflate a play ball?

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