Can you use basketball shoes for volleyball? Answer is interesting

basketball shoes for volleyball

Sports shoes are items to provide comfort as well as support to any sports player. Plenty of shoes are used in games, while people sometimes use a single pair of shoes for all their games and daily activity. When talking mainly about the two sports baskets and volleyball, you might have seen people using a single pair for both.

So you might wonder Can you wear basketball shoes for volleyball? Also, why do many people prefer to wear basketball shoes for volleyball? What is the difference between them? How can you choose the best shoe for your volleyball? Yes, basketball shoes can be used for playing volleyball as they provide many advantages; they are a great pair in terms of traction. As volleyball shoes are designed, keep in mind the number of jumps you might take during a single set; it might be best to use them for intense matches and peak performance.

If the match is not intense, you won’t even feel the need for a separate shoe. But if you are playing the game in basketball shoes and the game is very competitive, you might get the taste of discomfort while coming down a long jump feeling the extra force of gravity.

High school students do that a lot as basketball and volleyball seasons are one after the other. Also, many people believe basketball shoes provide better stability and grip. And sometimes, for a high school student, budget is also a subject of matter, so they use basketball shoes for volleyball.

Shoes are required for any sport to reduce the risk of injuries. They also boost your performance by giving you extra support and protection. So both shoes can provide you safety and comfort, but they are designed differently to fulfill distinct purposes.

What is the difference between a basketball shoe and a volleyball shoe?

Basketball shoes are distinct from volleyball shoes in many terms


According to, traction is “the friction of a body on the surface, as a wheel on a rail, or a tire on the road.” For our use, it means the friction required to move, jump, dive, or for any other lateral movements.

Both shoes provide significant traction on the smooth courts, but basketball shoes offer better traction in the long run.

Traction in basketball shoes

Players often prefer basketball shoes for volleyball as they tend to provide better traction in the long run. They are made using typical rubber, helping basketball shoes achieve speed and forward movements along a big court.

Traction in volleyball shoes

Volleyball courts are small compared to basketball. A volleyball player goes through all kinds of movements to play the ball, like jumping, moving laterally, forward and backward on the court. That’s why gum rubber is used to achieve optimal traction for the player to move in a short distance quickly.


Cushioning provides comfort and allows players to perform better in a long game.

Cushioning in basketball shoes

Nike Zoom is our innovative and explosive cushioning system designed for speed and agility. The technology uses pressurized air and tightly stretched fibers to absorb impact and then snap back for fast movement and reduced stress on muscles, joints, and tendons.


As basketball requires more speed and agility, basketball shoes are designed that way. It focuses more on giving you a higher jump than impact resistance.

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Cushioning in volleyball shoes

Without proper cushioning and jumping, again and again, cause your foot to ache, or it even might blister. Cushioning in volleyball shoes can be of compressive material or gel-based.

It provides better impact resistance for players to jump up and settle back to the ground without hurting their feet.

Ankle Support

The sprained ankle, also known as twisted or rolled Men’s ankle, is the most common injury in ball sports like volleyball and basketball. That is why ankle support is required to prevent it from occurring.

Along with basketball shoes giving a higher jump, they also protect your ankle with better ankle support.

Mid-top and high-top use are primarily used if players require more ankle support. But if you are a beginner and unsure about your position on the court, go with the low-top shoes.

If you buy a high-top shoe for volleyball, it will be slightly on the heavier side.


Eyelets are the holes for your laces to go through, and additional holes are slightly behind the tongue of the shoe, giving better ankle support.

Players can pair up a shoe more comfortably and feel confident about it using these holes. It helps with quick and lateral movements.

Basketball shoes lack volleyball eyelets which in volleyball shoes are present and provide a tighter fit.

5 Best basketball shoes for volleyball

Nike Precision 4

Nike Precision 4
  •  The shoe is overall lightweight and well cushioned
  • The quality of the midsole is excellent.
  • The outside sole has a multidirectional pattern for better traction.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket

ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket
  • It has a compact design
  • It has incredible traction
  • It has a low-top design which provides better arch support

Adidas Harden Stepback

Adidas Harden Stepback
  • Its fiber construction design makes it lightweight.
  • Pocket friendly
  • It is perfect for you if you have a wide foot

Nike Kobe Mamba Rage

Nike Men's Mamba Rage Basketball Shoes
  • Ideal traction for a better grip
  • Flyweave upper material
  • Foamy Midsole for better cushioning

Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4

Under Armour Men's Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe
  • Leather upper with perforations
  • Most budget-friendly shoes
  • Lightweight and comfortable

FAQs on Basketball Shoes for Volleyball

Is converse suitable for volleyball?

NOT, but you can use it if you want ankle injuries, some fall downs, and slipping.

Do volleyball shoes make you jump higher?

Yes, it will make you jump higher than barefoot, but if you compare it with basketball shoes, they are more responsive. Volleyball shoes will provide better impact resistance to withstand your jump.

Can I wear running shoes for volleyball?

Yes, but only If you want to be a beginner else. If you want to progress, professional shoes are recommended. You must not wear sandals and slippers for this, and running shoes is a much better choice than these.

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