Why Does a Golfer Wear Two Pants? The Riddle Has Been Answered Now!!

why does a golfer wear two pants

The worldwide lockdown took a toll on the lives of people. Everyone was trying t find ways to keep themselves busy and entertained. That was when different recipes and riddles got very popular among the masses. And during this time, the riddle “why does a golfer wear two pants?” took the internet by storm.

The answer to “Why does a golfer wear two pants?” is quite simple. But to get the correct answer, you cannot use any traditional approach. To outsmart the masses, you need to take an out-of-the-box approach. So here in this article, we have provided you with the answer and the explanation for the riddle. Read along to find the solution everyone is looking for.

Why does a golfer wear two pants? The Approach to the Answer

Why does a golfer wear two pants? The Approach to the Answer
Why Does a Golfer Wear Two Pants

Let us begin this with a question. When someone gives you a riddle, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? The person asking the question has something pretty easy on their mind, but they have devised a way to trick you into believing it is rather tricky.

If we have to go by definition, then according to it, the purpose of the riddle is to make the person use their critical thinking capabilities to solve the question they have been asked. But hey!! When we mention “critical thinking,” we do not mean that you need to be an FBI Agent and dig up the underlying secrets to solve the problem. Riddles are often humorous and meant to create an air of fun among the people it is shared with.

Now, coming to the riddle we have in hand for solving. Why does a golfer wear two pants? The answer for this type of riddle often relates to the sport referred to. So let us shake our brain cells and try to find some probable solution to the question.

The Probable Answers to the Riddle

Let us list the things that are often used to describe how a player is playing in a given match.


They were often used to refer to the score expected from a professional player to make from a given hole. This is according to the definition given by USGA. Now consider the question, ” Why does a golfer wear two pants ?” The answer “Par makes no sense, so obviously, this will not be the answer to the riddle.


You might have the term to describe a player’s situation when he makes a hole in “one” stroke less than that declared to make it a “par.” So if we think of the word birdie as a probable solution, maybe we need to think again. So the term “birdie” would not be the solution for the riddle, and we need to think of something even better.


The term “bogey” is pretty standard, and even the new fans of the sport had heard of it. “Bogey” is used to describe a situation in which the golfer requires “one stroke” more than the declared number of strokes to make a “par.” Birdie and Bogie are quite the opposite term concerning the definition, so people often get confused between the two. The riddle that we are supposed to solve asks, “Why does a golfer wear two pants?” The answer Bogey does not sound right as that makes no sense. So we should move on to our next option.


Many of you may not have heard this term as this is not used regularly. A “barkie” is a situation when you hit the ball, and instead of going into the hole directly, it goes and hits a tree bark and then gets inside the hole. Let us now think if this word correctly answers the riddle we are trying to solve. Nope, it does, not then what should we do? Move on and dig up some more words that describe a golfing situation.


The word is used to describe when a ball gets a backspin that makes it almost stop rolling. Now, this is a term that sounds to be a probable answer. “Why does a golfer wear two pants?” To prevent getting bitten by dogs!! But hey, there are no animals in the greens due to obvious reasons. So we are back to square one since bite is not the answer to the riddle.


Yes, a term in golf called “Fat” is used to outline a situation in which a player accidentally hits the ground first instead of the ball, which reduces the intended distance the ball was supposed to travel. But the answer to the riddle “Why does a golfer wear two pants ?” Fat may not be very appropriate because every player wants to look fit and fine when they try their best to build up their physique, even if they are hobbyists. In that case, wearing two pants to look fat represents quite an ironic situation. So again, “fat” is not the correct answer.

Hole in one

The hole in one is quite a rare scenario as it is challenging to get the ball in the hole in a single stroke. According to experts, the chances of making a hole in one by a player is just once for every 12,500 shots, which makes only 0.008%. Given the data, we hope you can easily understand how rare a situation it is to get a hole in one. But hey, we are here to solve the riddle.

Let us get back to the question once. Why does a golfer wear two pants? The answer is because there might be a hole in one. Voila!! That is the correct answer to the riddle. Since one cannot wear a pant with a hole in them, the golfer always wears two pants.

FAQs on Why Does a Golfer Wear Two Pants

When did the riddle “Why does a golfer wear two pants ?” come out?

The riddle went viral during the Covid times when everyone was locked in their houses and trying to figure out ways to entertain themselves.

Why are riddles considered to be good for the brain?

Riddles are said to be good for the brain because it helps increase dopamine levels when you use your mind extensively to solve something.

Do solving riddles help in increasing the IQ?

The IQ can be increased when you solve riddles as it increases the ability for critical thinking.

How are two golf pants supposed to fit?

A golfer can wear two pants one above the other, but it will not be very comfortable. Also, since this is a riddle, there is actually no requirement for a golfer to wear two pants.


After reading till here and getting the answer to the riddle, Why does a golfer wear two pants? You might now agree that the answer was pretty simple. All you have to do is to know the correct approach. So for every riddle that you solve next, figure out the path before you jump into solving the problem.

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