Can a Table Tennis Table Fit in a Car? We Found the 2 Ways for You

Can a Table Tennis table fit in a car

Table tennis is a top-rated Indoor Game that requires very little equipment. You can popularly find Table Tennis tables in the community hall of apartments, game zones of hotels, and course, different clubs. But apart from the game, has this question ever struck your mind how anyone can move a table tennis table when they move to another place? People who live in Big houses have ample space for everything, and it is common for them to have a swimming pool or a table tennis table in their Game Room. But if they ever decide to shift, can a table tennis table fit in a car?

The answer to the question asked above cannot be given straight away. To find out. “can a table tennis table fit in a car?” Numerous things need to be taken into consideration. Apart from those, it would be best if you also did some mathematical calculations to find the solution to the problem.

How to find, “Can a table tennis table fit in a car?”

How to find, "Can a table tennis table fit in a car?"
Can a Table Tennis table fit in a car

Even if you don’t know the exact size of a table tennis table, at least have an approximate Idea since more or less we all have seen it. From the approximation, we can say this, even if a Table Tennis table does not fit in a small car, there are other options in which we can fit it. So let us see how to find out, “Can a Table Tennis table fit in a car?”

The dimension of a table tennis table

The standard dimension of a table tennis table are as follows:

  • Length: 274 cms
  • Breadth: 152.5 cms
  • Height: 76 cms

After looking into the dimensions, it might seem impossible to find a car that can fit a table tennis table. So does this make the answer to the question can a table tennis table fit in a car negative?

Well, Here is why you can fit a table tennis table in a car. The entire table can be dismantled and compressed at a much lesser volume. Accordingly, it occupies a smaller space and can be fit in a sufficient spacious vehicle. 

The two types of car

After getting an idea about the dimensions of the table, it’s now time to think about which type of car would be able to fit it. So let us look into the two possible options in which Table Tennis tables can fit.

The Standard Car

The Standard Car
Can a Table Tennis table fit in a car

Also known as City cars, these are the regular cars owned by the people staying in a city or town. The only storage space available in the case of the City cars is in the trunk. But not all City cars have the same storage space. You can find some options where the size of the trunk is slightly bigger than the others. There are even options, in this case, to lower the back seat to increase the space of the trunk and accommodate larger objects like a table tennis table.

Although the table tennis table can be dismantled and folded into two pieces, followed by removing the legs, you might find it challenging to fit it into the car. So if you own a city car and there are no other options for transporting a table tennis table, then the best way is to attach it to the roof and carry it to the destination.


Can a Table Tennis table fit in a car

This is another popular car owned by the people who stay in a city. Although the size of an SUV is a lot bigger than a minivan, most of it comprises the sitting area, which you cannot utilize for keeping the cargo. So when you are considering an SUV, the answer to “can a table tennis table fit in a car?” lies in the probability. Because in this case, Again, it is dependent on how many rows of seats can be lowered.

If your SUV has the provision of lowering at least two rows of seats, you can probably fit The table tennis table in your car. The best way to understand if you can fit a Table Tennis table in your car without actually putting it is by measuring the available cargo space. It would help if you always kept in mind that the table’s size should be somewhat smaller than the cargo space and not equal. It would be best to take care that the table tennis table does not fit very tightly within your car because it might damage the vehicle while unloading it.

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How to transport the table tennis table safely?

How to transport the table tennis table safely?
Can a Table Tennis table fit in a car

The table tennis table is pretty heavy and oversized. So when you want to translocate the table tennis table, you should take a few measures to prevent damaging it.


This is the first and the most crucial step for transporting the table tennis table. The different ways other table tennis tables are dismantled, so you should know the proper procedure before doing it. Once you have dismantled and removed the legs, it’s time to proceed with the second step.

Put it in or on top of the car.

After dismantling the table tennis table, if you can fit it in your car, attach it tightly with strong ropes or straps to prevent it from toppling over while you are driving. If you have to attach it to the car’s roof, you need to be extra careful. It’s best to cover it with a sufficiently large plastic or cover to prevent the dust from collecting over it during the journey.

FAQs on Can a Table Tennis Table Fit in a Car?

What is the weight of a table tennis table?

The average weight of a regular table tennis table is approximately 200 lbs. But the weight may vary depending on the size and the manufacturer.

Are there mini table tennis tables?

Table tennis tables are available even in smaller sizes to easily fit your living room or garage.

What is the average cost of a standard Table Tennis table?

The average price range for a regular table tennis table varies. It’s between $150 – $400 for indoor , $400 – $700 for outdoor and $200 – $300 for conversion tops.

Are all table tennis tables the same size?

No the table tennis tables vary in size. The dimensions of a full-sized table tennis table are 107.87″ x 60″ x 29.92″. The midsized ones have the dimensions of 39.3″(L) x 39.2″(W) x 4″(H).

The bottom line

If you find the table tennis table too large for your car even after dismantling it, it’s best to hire some Packers and Movers company for translocating. It is advised to always first check-in with the space’s dimensions to understand can a Table Tennis table fits in a car perfectly.

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