How Often to Change Your Table Tennis Rubber? Know the Right Time for Changing!!

change your table tennis rubber

Most of you must have played table tennis at least once. If not professionally, you must have created it as a part of recreation. You may have noticed the construction of a table tennis bat is different from a lawn tennis racket. In lawn tennis, the bat or racket that a player uses consists mainly of Nylon string mesh with which the ball is hit. The scene is a bit different for table tennis. The table tennis bat used by the players is wood covered with rubber on the two sides. So now you might have this question: how often to change your table tennis rubber?

Before answering the question mentioned above, it is necessary to understand the requirement for changing the rubber. The material is not very durable, no matter how premium quality you use. Rubber tends to get worn out easily and hence the requirement. If we have to give a number for how often to change your table tennis rubber? Then it is not possible. Let us discuss in detail the reason behind it.

Why is there no direct answer as to how often to change your table tennis rubber?

Why is there no direct answer as to how often to change your table tennis rubber?
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There is no correct answer to how often to change your table tennis rubber because it’s not just a single rubber that all the players are using. Non-identical players of different levels of expertise use unalike rubbers for their paddles.

Now let us look into the various reasons on which the condition of a Rubber depends.

The model of the rubber the player is using

As already mentioned, there are various models available that different players like to use. One of them is DHS Hurricane 3. This is said to be one of the longest-lasting rubbers for table tennis paddles. There are examples where the players using the DHS Hurricane 3 in their paddle did not need to change the rubber for two years.

There is another type of rubber known as Tibhar Evolution MX-P. From the experiences of the table tennis players, it has been found that this rubber does not last more than two months. Suppose you are using it regularly. So from the above-given example, you can clearly understand how the brand or the rubber model affects how often to change your table tennis rubber.

The stress your table tennis paddle has to go through

Many people play table tennis just for recreational purposes. When a person plays a sport not professionally, they might play it hardly for an hour or two Tu that also for a few days in a week. On the other hand, a professional player, especially those in the advanced levels of Table Tennis, spends quite some hours every day and almost 5 to 6 days a week.

So from the stark difference in the usage of the table tennis bat, you can realize how the stress on the table tennis paddle varies among different players. Since the rubber has to go through less stress for the recreational players, they don’t wear away quickly. On the other hand, professional players must change their rubber pretty often.

Your dominant hand

Table tennis is a sport that needs to be played both With forehand and backhand. But a player would be comfortable and more robust in only one of the formats. Since the table tennis paddle is covered with rubber on both sides, if the player uses the forehand stroke more than the backhand, then there is a high chance that one side of the table tennis paddle will be worn out faster.

How to understand when to change your table tennis rubber?

How to understand when to change your table tennis rubber?

After going through the causes of worn-out rubber, it might be difficult for you to figure out when is the right time to change your table tennis rubber. So, we have given some simple steps to check the right time to change your table tennis rubber.

Even though you are a newbie to the game, you will be able to understand that the rubber has gone bad by just looking at it. The first signs may not be very significant, but you can see when the rubber starts losing its color. If you remember correctly, you will be able to differentiate the feel of the strokes you used to get when you got the new rubbers on your paddle.

The second and the most apparent sign that comes to notice is ball slippage. By the term ball slippage, we mean when you try to hit the ball at comparatively more closed angles with the racket, there is a high chance the paddle won’t be able to catch the ball as it should.

The one hack that you can use

The one hack that you can use to changes table tennis rubber

If you cannot understand the right time to change your table tennis rubber, the best hack is using a ball and rubbing it across the rubber. If you feel the ball is sleeping more in the middle of the paddle than its sides, then for sure, it’s time to change your table tennis rubber.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What can you do to increase the life of a table tennis rubber?

If you want to use table tennis rubber for a more extended period, then there are a few things that you need to follow. The first is pretty obvious: to use a good quality rubber to laminate your paddle. for the second step, you should remember not to use too much water on the rubbers while cleaning it. Excess moisture can result in wearing them out.

Which table tennis rubber gives the highest spin?

According to experts, the Yasaka Rising Dragon rubber gives the highest spin due to its sponge hardness of 6.4.

What is the maximum thickness of rubber used in the table tennis bats?

In professional games, the maximum thickness used for the table tennis paddles is 4 mm.

What is the best rubber for beginner table tennis?

Some of the best rubber for beginner table tennis players are Yasaka Mark V, Xiom Vega Intro, and Butterfly Sriver.

What is inverted rubber table tennis?

In the inverted rubber, the outside surface is smooth, and the pips are towards the inner surface, touching the foam. The inverted rubber systems offer a variety of speeds and spin to the players.

Which is the lightest table tennis rubber?

The Stiga Innova Ultra Light SynergyTech is one of the lightest table tennis rubber presently.

How to change the table tennis rubber by yourself?

The procedure to change your table tennis rubber is not very difficult. Just peel off the worn-out rubber with a blade to ensure the surface is even. Add sufficient glue to the wooden paddle, and then carefully place the new rubber sheet. Remember to put enough glue while you change your table tennis rubber, but not “too much” to prevent dripping from the sides.

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