3/4 Golf Swing: Understand the “Move” of the Professionals Now

3/4 Golf Swing

You must have seen quite a number of times the professional golf players use the three-quarter, also referred to as the 3/4 golf shot in a game. Many of us have wondered to ourselves about it, and its significance but have not found any convincing explanation. So here is our take to try and explain the 3/4 golf swing.

So what is the 3/4 golf swing exactly? It is the shot used, where the golfers swing their golf clubs backward, and it goes up to “3/4th on the way back,” after which the golf club swings “3/4th of the way on their follow-through.”

Significance of the 3/4 golf swing

If you have noticed carefully, you must have seen the professional makes a very “smooth and controlled swing.” The swing we are referring to here is the 3/4 golf swing. During their second or third shots, the higher probability of seeing the golfers use the 3/4 golf swing.

So is there any specific reason behind this? Yes, there is, actually! When they find themselves “between clubs” if they take a full swing, the key reason for the shorter swing is distance management. The critical hack to win the game or excel in this field is to have more control over the shot, which is easier to have with the 3/4 golf swing.

How can you improve your 3/4 golf swing?

3/4 Golf Swing: Understand the "Move" of the professionals now

There are various ways by which t is possible to use this swing and improve it further to enhance your performance in the game.

  • The first tip when you choose to hit the 3/4 golf swing is when you find yourself in a position between the clubs and need yardage. Yardage in this context can be defined as the number of yards that the golfer needs to cover. So what could be the case? If you find that hitting a full swing with a “9 Iron” would not give you the required yardage that you are aiming for, you should try using the 3/4 golf swing and hit the ball with a “lower lofted eight iron.”
  • The second tip that might help you improve your 3/4 golf swing is regarding the ball’s position. How is that? In this, what you need to do is place the ball “closer to the stance.” You might wonder how putting the ball in this position will help with this swing? Let us explain. To have the “optimal strike,” it is necessary to hit the ball with the golf club at the bottom of the swing. This is facilitated when the ball is placed at the “center of the stance,” thus improving the 3/4 golf swing.
  • The significant thing to remember in this swing is to keep in mind the height to which your hand raises. It is necessary to limit the height till the shoulder level. The “hack” is to find the shaft of the golf club pointing vertically to the sky at the top of the swing after the “follow through.” Many amateur golfers believe that what happens in the last stages of their swing is essentially inconsequential once they’ve struck the golf ball. But that is not true rather it plays a very crucial role. The main objective of the follow-through is to “link” the first and the end positions of golf so that the body gets used to it and the process is repeated out of reflex.
  • You know for some, positions of the body are responsible for the “inconsistent shots.” An inconsistent shot may have adverse effects on the game. So in order to prevent that in the 3/4 golf swing, you should position your body in a way that it feels like you are hitting the ball not just with your arms ad wrist but with your body (especially chest) as well. Why is it necessary? When you involve the chest region of your body and the arms, it helps prevent the “flipping motion.” The motion of the wrist causes the flipping motion due to the impact when the golf club hits the ball.
  • Also, make sure your right foot is just hitting the ground with the tip of your toe and not lying on the ball of your foot since this will cause too much weight to be transferred to the right foot. You should be able to maintain this stance for a few seconds, or at the very least, until the ball lands.
  • The last and one of the most important tips is to take care of the follow-through. By this, we mean that keep in mind you stretch through the ball on the follow-through and conclude with your belt buckle facing the target, and the shaft pointed to the skies.
tiger woods 3/4 Golf Swing Vs Full Swing

3/4 Golf Swing Vs Full Swing

3/4 Golf swingFull swing
A player has more control over the ball.It tends to have less control when the ball is hit in a full swing.
Prevents the flipping motion of the wrist due to impact.Does not prevent the flipping motion, hence chances of inconsistent shots are high.
On average, the maximum yardage is 125.On average, the maximum yardage that can be achieved is 140.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it true that a 3/4 golf swing is better?

Since the body was better able to support the hands and arms, the downswing was improved. So, if you want to smash the ball with more force right away, make a relaxed and comfortable backswing.

In golf, what is a compact swing?

A small number of moving elements is a golf swing known as a compact swing. Rather than performing a long arm swing in which each part of your body appears to be moving in a separate direction, a compact swing will have you reducing motion to only what is required to hit superb shots.

The Bottom Line

Every golfer at the top of the game seeks every edge they can get, even if it costs a full swing. The extra few yards gained from a full swing rarely signify much to a golfer, and we’ll explain why. We all understand that the longer the swing, the greater the chance something may go wrong. Several studies have also shown that a three-quarter swing generates 99 percent of the speed of a full-length swing.

When you do a 3/4 swing, the swing really gets a little longer. So, if you want to smash the ball with more force right away, make a relaxed and comfortable backswing. The suggestion to “swing it easy” is pretty widespread. It does, however, work. Comfort could be the key to unlocking a significant mechanical advantage. An advantage that provides you additional strength without putting your body under too much stress.

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