Continental Golf Cart Batteries: 3 Types You Need to Know

continental golf cart batteries

On average, the size of a golf course is somewhere around is 150 acres. So one requires a mode of communication to move from one place to another after the ball has been hit. It is, of course, not advisable to drive in regular cars, as that would damage the well-maintained turf grass, which covers almost 60 percent of the field. So what is the solution to this problem? Golf Carts. But have you wondered where the Golf Carts draw the power from?

Incline Equity Partners is a company that manufactures the Continental Golf Cart Batteries. The continental Golf cart batteries are available at 90+ company-owned distribution centers along with 25,000+ retail sellers and installers all across the country.

Types of Continental Golf Cart Batteries

Continental Golf Cart Batteries are of Three types depending on the voltage they supply.

Type 1

The first category is the model that supplies 6 volts. Under this, there are two models available. They are:

  • 2GC-110
  • CB-GC2

The features of 2GC-110

This is one of the Continental Golf cart batteries models that supplies 6 volts of power. The characteristics of this battery are:

  • 210 amp-hours
  • Deep cycle certified
  • Flooded design
  • 65 lbs.
  • Sold in packs of four units

Golfers running their golf carts with a traditional flooded battery will love this newly designed battery with a flooded design. Those who utilize their golf carts for the profession have become increasingly interested in them.

For example, if users drive a golf cart to work because they live in a golf cart community or a prefabricated housing complex, this is a perfect high-drain, heavy-duty option for them. Even if people drive at what may be considered a more incredible speed for a golf cart, it should withstand a significant amount of use.

Type 2

The second category from the continental golf cart batteries range is the one with a supply of 8 volts. There is only one model available in this particular range. It is:

  • 2GC-8V

The Features of 2GC-8V

This is the Continental Golf cart batteries’ model that supplies 8 volts of power. The characteristics of this battery are:

Because many carts appear to be either 6 or 12 volts wired, finding 8-volt batteries can be problematic. As a result, the 2GC-8V is a sought-after piece of hardware for anyone attempting to restore a cart built to handle this type of input.

Type 3

The third and the last category from the continental golf cart batteries range are the ones that supply power of 12 volts. There are again two models under this range. They are :

  • 2GC-1275
  • 26UT

The Features of 2GC-1275

This is one of the models from the Continental Golf cart batteries range that supplies 12 volts of power. The characteristics of this battery are:

  • 140 amp-hours
  • Deep cycle certified
  • Flooded design
  • 65 lbs.
  • Sold in packs of four units

While the technology isn’t identical to the 2GC110, this model can be considered a 12 volt variant of that other battery pack. Despite the discrepancy in amp-hour statistics, it’s unquestionably just as powerful.

This is partly since it was built to work with carts that required double the amount of voltage. Even if you don’t utilize your golf cart regularly, you should realize that you still get a lot of use out of it.

Sportsalizer Continental Golf Cart Batteries

Difference Between Trojan and Continental Golf Cart Batteries

The two companies have both advantages and disadvantages in the golf batteries. Let us look into that first before contrasting the features.

The advantages of Trojan Golf Cart Batteries

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  • The “time travel” between the recharges has been increased significantly
  • Extremely durable
  • More power for more prolonged usage of the golf cart is provided
  • A warranty of two years
  • Trojan Golf Cart Batteries have been found to have one of the “longest life cycles” amongst its peers.

The disadvantages of Trojan Golf Cart Batteries

  • Due to the increased life cycle, the batteries are costly
  • The model that supplies 12 volts is not compatible with all the golf carts but a few,
  • Gas is released by the battery, making it unsuitable for indoor usage.
  • It is a high maintenance battery and requires to be checked at least once a month.

The advantages of Continental Golf Cart Batteries

  • Although these batteries are also not very cheap, they are more affordable than Trojan batteries.
  • The discharge capability of these batteries is excellent.
  • It is able to supply a higher amount of power.
  • It is designed in a way to resist corrosion.
  • The downtime has been reduced significantly
  • The installation process is pretty straightforward.

The disadvantages of Continental Golf Cart Batteries

  • The batteries are manufactured by a different company
  • Maintenance is required on a regular basis.

Trojan vs Continental Golf Batteries

ParameterTrojan BatteriesContinental Batteries
Amp HoursTrojan batteries can handle a wide range of loads for up to 25 hours. They are starting with a 10.5 amp load and increasing to 21.75 amp. The Trojan batteries provide a more comprehensive range of options, so you’ll have a higher chance of choosing the right one for your cart.Continental Golf Cart batteries offer a load of 14.4 amps for 25 hours, so they’re not lightweight in terms of ampere-hours.
PriceThe identical voltage option from Trojan, on the other hand, costs nearly twice as much like the Continental.Continental Golf Cart batteries are a little less expensive per unit than Trojan batteries.
Life SpanTrojan batteries can last 7 to 9 years before being replaced. Corporations favor the Trojan with large fleets of golf carts because of this.If properly maintained, Continental batteries can last up to 7 or 8 years.

Things to remember

There are a few things that you should consider while shopping for a Golf Cart battery.

  • You should remember that Golf carts require multiple batteries unlike cars as there are various voltage available while purchasing; remember to maintain the combination and use the same voltage.
  • Do not consider up-gradation of your cart in terms of battery. This can have a severe consequence, so following the manufacturer’s recommendations is better.
  • Every golf cart requires a battery of particular voltage and amperage, make sure to purchase the one like the one already in use and not change it according to one’s choices.
  • Do not forget to match the brand standard to the replacement battery pack standard. The improper battery can result in a waste of money, a dangerous situation, or any combination of the two.

FAQs on Continental Golf Cart Batteries

How to determine the type of battery in the golf cart?

6V, 8V, or 12V batteries are required for your motorized cart. It will have a 36V or 48V volt electrical drive system. Examine the battery compartment to see which type your cart uses. Three, four, or six holes will be available.

How expensive is it to replace batteries?

The cost of a new battery is generally estimated to be between $800 and $1500 on the low end and $1500 on the high end. When dealing with 72 Volt systems and sealed batteries, some packs might cost up to $2000. However, the average lead-acid battery pack costs between $900 and $1500.

What are the continental golf cart battery date codes?

Depending on the kind of batteries, the date code is shown in different places.
A letter is usually followed by a number in this date code.
The letter designates the month in which the battery was manufactured, such as A for January, B for February, and so on until L for December.
Following the letter is a one-digit number that represents the production year.

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