Glow V1 Golf Balls, So You Can Play Golf Even At Night

Glow V1 Golf Balls

Have you ever wondered how majestic it would feel to play golf at night? Sounds Exciting, right!? This is the inspiration behind the creation of the glow v1 golf balls.

The glow v1 golf balls are a piece of excellent golf equipment if you are interested in playing golf in the dark. There are various types of glow golf balls available in the global market. The glow v1 golf balls are the pinnacle of night golf performance and technology.

Features of the Glow v1 Golf balls

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The Glow V1 can simulate a daytime ball’s energy transfer and range using a complete compression core and a soft, urethane cover.

Better than the LED

Do you know the problems you face with LED golf balls? They are generally difficult to swing, drive shorter than conventional balls, and frequently cut out when hit too forcefully. The Glow V1 golf balls are designed with advanced technology that allows you to use the correct club, are soft on drives, and can be used repeatedly.


The best feature of using the glow v1 golf balls is that it comes with a 21 LED flashlight. You can recharge your night golf balls multiple times. Three AAA batteries are required for the flashlight, which is not included in the package which is available commercially. You can use it very easily by switching it on and holding it over the balls for even less than a minute.

Super Bright Glow

The glow of the glow v1 golf balls is incomparable. The balls charge entirely in 60 seconds and have an intense glow for up to 15 minutes. The glow v1 golf balls have the longest-lasting light in the market. And the best part about it is that the glow in the ball lasts for as long as six hours once it is fully charged.

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Glow v1 golf ball charger

As these balls are rechargeable, you will need a special charger for that purpose. Glow v1 golf ball chargers are available commercially in various online stores. The Glow Charger provides the Glow V1 golf ball with a powerful, bright charge inside the UV glow chamber. Drop the ball in, drive to the next hole, and the ball will be available to compete.

The Disclaimer for the glow v1 golf balls

If you are a golf hobbyist, then, of course, night golf is your thing. But if you are playing golf professionally, be ready to be disappointed while playing with the glow v1 golf balls. Do you want to know why? The answer is pretty simple.

When designed with two or multiple pieces within a specified dimension, a golf ball has the sole purpose of serving: to provide better control and travel a longer distance. Contrary to this, the glow v1 golf balls are constructed differently for obvious reasons. The significant changes made in the glow v1 golf balls result in changing the yards of the ball’s cover.

If you can hit 200 of the Tee with a regular ball, then be ready to cover only 170 yards when hitting the glow v1 golf balls. However, there is no specific formula or calculation for the exact difference between a standard golf ball and a glowing ball. Generally, it has been found that if you are using the new glow v1 golf balls to travel a better distance when compared to an older one. However, don’t expect your new glow v1 balls to perform like the Titleist golf balls.

Issues that you face with the glow v1 golf balls in night golf

Lesser spin

Remember the spin if you use the glow v1 golf balls during a night golf tournament or just a fun game. The glow balls often disappoint professional players as they do not spin much. The reason behind this is the glow v1 golf balls are very hard.

Do you remember the old Top Flight golf balls?? Yes, we are talking about from twenty years ago. They were pretty hard compared to the golf balls that we use today, like the TaylorMade, which gives us an excellent soft feel. The technology used two decades ago made those golf balls very hard, which caused them to spin less. While playing with glow v1 golf balls, try to avoid a colossal cut or slice, as it won’t happen.

Leave the range finder

The range finder will not be handy while you are playing night golf. If you are playing in an area with excellent facility lights up the flag-stick, then it might turn out to be helpful. Else, we suggest using a golf GPS or a golf watch.

Cut down on your expectations.

This should be one of the most important things that a golfer needs to consider while playing night golf. The performance I in a game that one can deliver during a day match is affected significantly and not to mention negatively during a night match. The sport is already pretty complicated, and this difficulty level increases during a night match.

  • The first reason behind this has to be the distance traveled by the golf balls. Generally, the glow v1 golf balls are used to provide better visibility in a night match. Given that a different technology goes behind developing these balls, the yards covered by it are less than a normal golf ball.
  • The second reason is subjective, and it is the difficulty in finding the ball. If a golfer is playing in a renowned golf course in Dubai, where night matches are hosted regularly, this is not an issue for them. But if someone is hosting a golf match in their backyard or a local golf course, the player may find it challenging to find the ball due to insufficient lighting.
  • The most significant disadvantage in night golf is the difficulty faced while reading the greens. This is one of the most important reasons the experts ask you to cut down on your expectations while playing a game of night golf. Even if you are a regular player and own the right gear, you still would find it difficult to read the greens due to the unavailability of sunlight.

R&L Golf balls vs Glow v1 golf balls

R&L Golf ballsGlow v1 golf balls
Available commercially in a pack of 12Available commercially in a pack of 6
The package comes with any flashlight.The pack comes with a 21 LED flashlight.
These golf balls are a bit hard on the swings, and they drive shorter comparatively.Glow v1 golf balls allow you to use the appropriate club, soft on drives and reused.
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FAQs on Glow V1 Golf Balls

How to charge the glow balls?

The UV glow ball may be charged by subjecting them to a UV flashlight or flashlight, and they can typically be fully charged in as little as 15 minutes. LED lights, which come in a range of colors and have extended battery lives, are a popular choice, which is charged by charging the batteries.

What are the types of glow golf balls?

There are three types of glow balls available in the market. The first is the LED balls that get activated by their impact. The second is the UV balls that are charged with a UV flashlight. And the third one is the glow stick golf ball, an o;d design that used to have glow stick inside the golf balls.

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