Top 5 Best Golf Balls For Slice

Best Golf Balls For Slice

Before we begin exploring the best golf balls for slice, let us give you a brief idea about the term’s meaning. Not all of us are vivid sports fans; thus, this new term might sound “out of the box.” So what is Slice in Golf? Slice, in simple terms, can be defined as a situation when a “sidespin” has been put on the ball that causes it to curve depending on the dominant hand of the player. In short, if the golfer is right-handed, the ball turns towards the right-hand side and vice versa.

The best golf balls for slice are necessary for every professional or “serious” golf player. Without the right ball, it won’t be possible to achieve the optimum results. But it is difficult to find the right one from such a massive number of options available in the market. SO here in this article, we have listed the five best golf balls for slice that you should have in your collection.

The Best Golf Balls For Slice

Here in this article, we have shared information about the 5 best golf balls for slice and the reasons behind our choice.

1. TaylorMade TP5x

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TaylorMade has always been the most popular and renowned name for golf equipment and accessories. From Golf bags and gloves to golf balls, they have it all. You might wonder what is so special about the TaylorMade TP5x and why we consider it one of the best golf balls for slice.

Unlike the regular golf balls made of two pieces, this TaylorMade TP5x has been specially designed with five pieces. It also has got the “urethane cover,” Thus, undoubtedly, all the latest technology has been used by the company to create this excellent golf ball. The five-piece of the ball has enhanced its speed and spin. If the player can hit the ball with the sweet spot, then the spin obtained from this TaylorMade TP5x is unbeatable.

The best part of the TaylorMade TP5x is that it has 322 dimples and a fantastic core that ensures the ball can deliver the maximum carry yet a low drag and an excellent rebound effect.

You can purchase one of the best golf balls for slice from the company’s website or various online stores.

2. Wilson Smart Core

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Many players often try to find golf balls with the lowest spin. So if you are also on the lookout for the best golf balls for slice having the most downward spin, “Wilson Smart Core” is the answer. The secret of the ball lies in the “smart core” that has been made using the latest technology.

The low spin helps in increasing the accuracy of the slice in baseball. Slice in golf can be achieved in long shots only. So if one is not accurate enough with the trajectory and the ball does not go where it is supposed to get, then the slice cannot occur.

The exceptionally high number of dimples on the ball helps the players better control the ball. The best part about the Wilson Smart Core is that the set consists of many balls, which is exceptionally high compared to a standard set.

3. Nitro Ultimate Distance

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If you are on a budget and are searching to buy one of the best golf balls for slice without burning a hole in your pocket, Nitro Ultimate Distance is your mate!! Yes, we are all aware of the famous saying, “with quality comes a price!” But does that mean a budget-friendly product is not worthy enough? Understand, buddy. This saying does not always hold.

The intelligent design of the ball with symmetrical dimples helps to decrease the “drag” during long shots. The best part about the technology is that this ball is made of two pieces which help to maximize the distance of the flight.

Surprisingly even though the nitro ultimate distance golf ball is quite budget-friendly, the core is made of titanium. The idea behind the center is that it can help extract the energy from the club head when you strike the ball with it. This helps to reach cover even more distance with the golf ball.

Unlike other golf balls mentioned above, the cover of this one is of Dupont Lithium Surlyn. The company claims the unique cover makes this ball cut-proof and durable that can last even after prolonged usage. The only disadvantage of the nitro ultimate distance golf ball is that some golfers might find it a bit hard due to its special covering.$.

4. Srixon soft feel

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This ball is undoubtedly the best golf balls for slice. The reason behind this is that the ball has been designed so that it swings much slower than other balls. A slow swing makes it easy for beginners or old players to slice the ball easily.

The Srixon soft feel is manufactured by a Japanese company so that you can be tension-free regarding the quality of the product. These balls are an excellent choice for golfers looking for soft balls to improve the distance and the spin of the ball, all while maintaining the accuracy of the trajectory.

The Srixon soft feel is made up of two pieces and has an “ionomer cover,” which gives a soft feel to the ball. The dimple patterns are round in shape, ensuring that the ball can cut through the wind more efficiently while providing the required consistency for each shot.

5. Callaway super soft Magna

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The Callaway super soft Magna is bigger than the regular golf balls. You might wonder whether these balls are PGA approved or not? But hey! There are no rules that say how big a golf ball should be. The unique size of the ball makes it one of the best golf balls for slice.

There is a specific reason why we are considering this to be one of the best golf balls for slice. The specially made dimples help reduce the ball’s drag, thus ensuring that you can hit the target with accuracy and precision.

FAQs on Best Golf Balls For Slice

What are the two critical factors to consider while choosing a golf ball?

The core and the cover material are extremely crucial parameters. The reason behind this is that these two parameters decide how your golf ball is going to spin, absorb the force, and what velocity it would be able to achieve.

Can I use a golf ball with a lower number of dimples?

Choosing a golf ball is absolutely a personal choice. However, there are various advantages of using a golf ball with a high number of dimples that have been discussed in this article.

Can a slice be caused by being too close to the golf ball?

Yes, it is possible. The club will be too far away on the backswing if you stand too near. Standing too far away from the ball, on the other hand, is not a good idea. You should better balance your two-feet weight and practice fixing slices more.

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