Don Drysdale Baseball Card: Get the top 6 baseball cards now !!

Don Drysdale Baseball Card

Don Drysdale may not be a very familiar name for the new generation of baseball fans. But many people love to know about a sport in detail, not only the present scenario but even the past. So for them, Don Drysdale is not so unfamiliar. For those who are unaware, he was an American professional baseball player and a sports commentator in the later years of his career.

Don Drysdale Baseball Card is extremely popular among baseball aficionados. There are 62 types of Drysdale baseball cards released to date depicting the different times of his career.

The reason behind the mass popularity of the Don Drysdale baseball card

Unlike most of the acquaintances of his time, Don Drysdale was a player who remained and played for the Los Angeles Dodgers for his entire professional career. Popularly known as “Big D,” Don Drysdale had remained The desired baseball player even after his retirement. He began his career in the 1956 MLB. His career comprised more than 200 wins and approximately 2500 strikeouts. He played an active part in bringing the Dodgers the World Series titles in 1959, 1963, and 65.

Don Drysdale was awarded the National League CY Young award for his exceptional performance in 1962. During this time, he was able to win 25 games and peaked in his career. These reasons justify why the Don Drysdale baseball cards are so popular among collectors even today.

The Top 6 Don Drysdale Baseball Card

There are multiple Don Drysdale Baseball Cards published throughout his baseball career. But among them, the top 6 baseball cards mentioned below are the most popular ones.

6. Don Drysdale baseball card by Post Grape-Nuts Flakes

Don Drysdale baseball card by Post Grape-Nuts Flakes

During the 1960s, the company Post made a genius move to make their products sell. They used the back of the packaging boxes of their cereals for the cards. The cereal boxes behind which the Don Drysdale baseball cards were printed were the Grape Nut Flakes. The cards were oversized for apparent reasons, as they covered the entire backside of the box. The disadvantage of these cards was that they were all hand-cut by the collectors, and hence there were a lot of imperfections for which it’s challenging to get a mint condition card now from that particular set.

5. Don Drysdale Baseball Card by Bell Brand Potato Chips

Don Drysdale Baseball Card by Bell Brand Potato Chips

Published in 1958, this Don Drysdale Card could be collected after opening the bag of chips. The manufacturers found a very clever way of selling their products. Unlike some companies that gave the cards as a gift with the products, the Bell Brands potato chips inserted the card in their packet. This encouraged the people to try their product just to get this popular baseball card.

The Don Drysdale Baseball card was released to celebrate the success of the Dodger’s relocation from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. The card’s characteristics included a sepia photo of the players in a 3 “*4” card that had green borders.

One of the reasons for the massive popularity of this Don Drysdale baseball card is that it is among those very first “Los Angeles Dodgers products.”

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4. Stand-Ups Don Drysdale baseball card by Topps

Stand-Ups Don Drysdale baseball card by Topps

Topps had always been a prevalent name among collectors for baseball cards. In 1964 the baseball cards they launched were much like a prized possession among the collectors. The reason for their vast popularity was the distinct color combination of the cards. The card was divided in half with two colors – yellow and green that made these cards stand out.

The entire set consisted of 77 cards sold together in penny packs. But the popularity of the cards was not just because of the bright colors. The card was made in a way where you could fold the players and make them stand up on the card.

3. Autographed Don Drysdale Baseball Card by Nabisco

Autographed Don Drysdale Baseball Card by Nabisco

In 1993 Nabisco offered the fans a chance to get autographed baseball cards from the players in the Hall of Fame. Don Drysdale’s card was one of them. This card released by Nabisco has been the only certified autographed card to date, so there’s no question why it’s so unique among the fans.

And the best part is that the autographs on these cards are not prints but genuine signatures of the players.

The entire set released by Nabisco contained only the Hall of Famers, which made it even more popular among the collectors.

2. Don Drysdale card by Topps

The card released in the second year of his career is unquestionably among the top 3 Don Drysdale baseball cards. This card holds an exceptional place in the hearts of The Dodgers supporters since this is the first card that the world-famous card company made after the Dodgers shifted to Los Angeles from Brooklyn.

The typical characteristics of the Don Drysdale baseball card are that his smiling face is featured on a bring yellow background, and his name is printed in red letters. Although not every card in the set has the same characters, the 1958 Topps set is trendy.

1. Don Drysdale Rookie Card

Don Drysdale card by Topps

Featured on the top of the six most popular Drysdale cards, this one unarguably holds a special place among the fans. Published in 1957, the rookie card by Topps is said to be among the best cards ever made in the late 1950s.

When the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn, they were called the Brooklyn Dodgers. There are multiple graded copies of the card that are equally popular. The rookie card is exceptional for the fans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Were there group photos of players on any Drysdale Baseball card?

In the set released by Post, some cards featured Drysdale and Mickey Mantle, Harmon Killebrew, Al Kaline, and Eddie Mathews.

When was the last time Drysdale last appeared on a Topps Card?

The last time Drysdale was ever featured on a Topps Card was in 1969, which marked the end of his baseball career.

Where can I purchase a Don Drysdale baseball card?

The baseball cards are available in online stores like eBay. You can also get in touch with some collectors through social media, and they may suggest you a pawn shop from where you can get your baseball card.

How much is a Don Drysdale baseball card worth?

The price of a Don Drysdale baseball card ranges between $79 to $ 0.19, depending on the condition of the card.

Can we still buy Don Drysdale Baseball Card?

Yes, the Don Drysdale Baseball Card can still be purchased from eBay and other online sellers.

What is the current value of the 1993 Ted Williams Don Drysdale baseball card?

The value of the 1993 Ted Williams Don Drysdale baseball card is approximately $0.19.

Can I buy the Don Drysdale line drive baseball card?

Yes, the Don Drysdale line drive baseball card can be purchased from eBay for around $3.12.

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