7 Unknown Facts About the Rickey Henderson Baseball Card

rickey henderson baseball card

Are you also a Rickey Henderson fan? Hey, then welcome to the club, mate!! We will share a little secret with you, do you know about the famous Rickey Henderson Baseball Card? Whether the answer is yes or no, we will share the details of the renowned baseball player Rickey Henderson’s Baseball card.

A brief History about Rickey Henderson

You might want to skip this part if you are already a fan. But wait, going down memory lane to learn about your favorite player is not that bad, Right? So let us begin.

Rickey Henderson, a retired baseball player, was a man who played in the “left-fielder” position. He played for Major Leagues Baseball, which is now commonly referred to as the “MLB.” He had played for nine teams in total for twenty-four consecutive years. He received the nickname “Man of Steel” and is considered the greatest leadoff hitter and baserunner of Baseball.

Rickey Henderson Baseball Card

Already reading through the brief history of Rickey Henderson, you can guess how popular he was, and still, he is. If you are not very familiar with this sport, we are sure by now you have gained some idea about this great personality. Now the real question how widespread is the Rickey Henderson Baseball cards??

If we have to answer in just two words, it is simple. Extremely popular!! Will you believe us, if we say from the year 1980 till the year 2004, a total of “555 Rickey Henderson Baseball cards” had been published by different companies in different period.

Most popular Rickey Henderson Baseball Card

Most Expensive Rickey Henderson Baseball Card

When talking about the most popular Rickey Henderson Baseball Cards, it has to be his top “3 Rookie Cards.”

The 1980 Rookie #482 Card

If you are a baseball card connoisseur, you are probably already aware of the havoc popularity of the 1980 Rickey Henderson Rookie Card. It is the rarest Rickey Henderson Baseball Card to find because, being issued 42 years back, it is challenging to obtain or find in Gem Mint or Pristine condition. The term “Gem Mint” means that the Card has all four edges sharp and still has the same glossy finish as when it was issued in 1980.

The numeric “#482” denotes the Card’s position in the set. The set consisted of 726 baseball cards in total, in which this Rickey Henderson baseball card was in the 482nd position.

All these attributes make this Card a “must-own” for every vintage and baseball card collector. However, one must be extremely careful if they find one such Card. There are innumerable copies of the same, but they have a lower value and worth.

The TCMA #9 Rookie card from 1979

This card issued in the year 1979 is not a rookie card but can be called a “pre-rookie” card. This card contains the picture of young Rickey Henderson. At that time, he used to play for the Ogden Raptors, a team that is not affiliated with the MLB but is a partner League of the Major League baseball.

This Rickey Henderson Baseball card is rare, especially in the Gem Mint Grading system. But according to worth, this is a bit more affordable Card compared t the one mentioned earlier.

The 1981 Rickey Henderson Baseball card #119 from Donruss

This is the third most popular Card of Rickey Henderson of all time. The company Donruss did not have a rookie card of Rickey Henderson as they did not start making cards until 1981. The card set published by Donruss was a set consisting of 605 cards. The Rickey Henderson Baseball card was on the 119th position in the set.

Although this is not a rookie card, being issued so long ago makes this Card extremely valuable. The Card features him with a baseball bat over his shoulder in a classic pose making the Card go high up in the PSA grade.

everything about rickey henderson baseball card

The 1991 Rickey Henderson Baseball Card by Upper Deck

Do you know what makes Mayday Special? Yes, you are right. It is the celebration of Spring. But if you are a die-hard fan of Rickey Henderson, then you might know this day for a different reason.

In 1991, Rickey Henderson received the 939th base of his career. He played against the renowned team New York Yankees and got this achievement. The fantastic performance did not only “awestruck” the baseball fans but allowed some companies to earn mileage. Upper Deck released a special card and included that in their “Hi Series” pack to commemorate the glorious moment. However, this Card does not cost as much as the others mentioned above, but it is undoubtedly something that a Henderson fan would want to hold close to their heart.

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Most valuable Rickey Henderson Baseball Card

Rickey Henderson was a legend of all time in Baseball. So it is self-evident that the Card that would be the most valuable would cost a lot. Any guesses which Card it is going to be? Come on. We have already mentioned it. The “1980 Rookie #482 Card!!”

If you are a proud owner of this Card and the Gem Mint copy, you are probably aware of its worth. But for those thinking of purchasing one, note that this Card costs a minimum of $100,000 and can go as high as $150,000. The Gem Mint copy is the most costly, but low-grade copies of the Card are also available, which may not cost as high as this one.

Grades of Baseball Cards

We are constantly talking about grades, and you might be wondering what these grades are precise. These are specific criteria that determine the grade of a card. Like the Gem Mint Criteria, there is another grading System called the “PSA Grades.” These systems determine the value of a card.

If a card has a PSA grade of 10, just like the rookie card we have mentioned, it is expected that the Card’s value would be worth something around $100000 and above.

FAQs on Rickey Henderson Baseball Card

What is the price of a low-grade Rickey Henderson Rookie Card?

By the term low grade, it does not mean cheap quality. It means that it does not meet the standards of the PSA Grading system for a higher score. If the Card has a PSA score of 9, it is expected to be worth around $2000. Again, if the PSA Grade is about 8, it can be worth $400.

Is there a Rickey Henderson Baseball Card from 1981, other than Donruss?

Yes, there is. The company Topps also published a Rickey Henderson baseball Card in 1981. This Card is also worth several thousand dollars if the original copy is being sold or purchased. The picture of him in this Card is slightly different from that of the Donruss. In this, it is just a portrait shot of his face in place of the “classic pose.”


After going through our article, we hope you have found every query of Rickey Henderson Baseball cards has been addressed well. Rickey Henderson had been and shall always be one of the greatest baseball players of all time. From the most valuable “Rookie Card” to 555 cards in just 24 years in total, this man had led the life of a legend.

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