Ice Cream Baseball Glove With 1 Scoop: Easy Cather’s Mitt

ice cream baseball glove

If you want to know about the ice cream baseball glove, you are at the right place. You already know that baseball is a game of bat, ball, and gloves in which two teams participate, with nine players each taking turns fielding and batting. The baseball glove plays a very crucial role for a fielder as well as a pitcher. We will be looking at what is a baseball glove. And what is the meaning of an ice cream baseball glove?

The Ice cream baseball glove is an exceptionally designed baseball glove with the core theme of ice cream. It is a simple baseball glove that looks like ice cream while catching a ball. A baseball glove is a large glove made traditionally of leather or other synthetic material. The defending team players wear it in their hands for fielding and pitching the ball to the player on strike. The ice cream baseball glove looks premium and appealing to the eyes.

The ice cream baseball glove, just like any other glove, is worn on the left hand if a player is a right-handed thrower. Similarly, It would be worn on the right hand if the player is a left-handed thrower.

Who introduced Ice Cream Gloves?

You might wonder why it is named ice cream glove. It’s because when a baseball is caught in these gloves, it takes the shape of an ice cream cone, and the baseball looks like a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

This design was the childhood dream of Kyle Mauch, founder of the Athletes Brand. Kyle Mauch has 10-plus years of experience in sports marketing and personal branding.

The ice cream glove shows that he is super creative. Besides baseball, he has worked for Disney and Amazon as a Creative Strategist/Advisor. You can follow him on social media platforms. Here is his LinkedIn profile. Currently, he is Ridiculous’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

ice cream baseball glove

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Types of Ice Cream Baseball Glove Available Now

This chocolate ice cream glove is available on the official website of Absolutely Ridiculous.

The ice cream baseball glove was first launched by Athletes Brand, but currently, it is only available on Absolutely Ridiculous under the series ARIA.

“I chose ARiA because I feel like ARiA is a little more how I am. We have more creative.  We try to bring something different to the game. You’re never going to see us do the same thing back to back years. We have that same creative mindset trying to change the game. We have the same thoughts to where the future of baseball is going to be. I wish I could show everybody what I’m going to do this year. It’s going to be ridiculous.” 

 Jazz Chisholm, Director of Culture, Pro Baseball Player

This brand’s design is excellent, but the beautiful craftsmanship, attention to detail, and high-quality leather make this glove-them glove a real deal.¬†Children love these designs as they are more attracted to ice creams. Children and famous baseball players have also used them and appreciate their creativity. This also motivates those children you don’t involve in sports allowing them to enter a new world. They would enter the sports because they just liked the glove, but who knows what they may accomplish.

For now, according to design, the list of types of ice cream baseball gloves is limited. The list of available is here

  • ice cream catchers glove | strawberry
  • ice cream catchers glove | vanilla
  • ice cream catchers glove | chocolate

Other designs available are:

  • taco glove | catcher,
  • cookies & cream catchers glove,
  • bible glove | catcher’s

Ice cream catcher’s glove

The catcher must safeguard his hand while catching balls that are thrown quickly. Added padding and a collapsible, clawlike shape help them channel fastballs into the pocket and give pitchers a good pick. Some catchers use mitts with luminescent paint around the crests to give the pitcher a more precise target. 

They recently launched their milk and cookies baseball glove

What is the difference between an ice cream catcher’s mitt and an ice cream baseball glove?

The difference between a catcher’s mitt and a baseball glove is that the baseball glove has fingers, and mitts don’t. The fielders prefer a baseball mitt to control baseball that is not hitting the pocket.

A baseball mitt aids rolling ground balls or approaching balls with short hops. Baseball mitts are only allowed to First base and the catcher positions. For extra protection, a catcher must always use catcher mitts.

The baseball catcher’s mitts typically have a small pocket, thick padding in the palm and finger area, and a thick pad around the mitt’s circumference. They are called catcher’s mitts as they lack individual fingers like mittens.

They come with a hinge and clawlike shap along with extra padding. These designs help players to direct the fastball into the pocket easily. sometimes, luminous paint is used around the ridges of the mitts allowing the pitcher to have a better target. Catcher mitts come in varieties of single-hinge and dual-hinge.

Other than catcher’s mitts, First baseman’s mitts are used to scoop or pick thrown balls by the infielders. They are made very long and wide to fulfill the mentioned purpose. These first baseman’s mitts are often used to catch knuckleballs.

There are various baseball gloves used for different positions and purposes. As you become a player of a specific position, you will be a more specific glove, such as an infielder’s Glove, pitchers’ Glove, outfielder’s Glove, left-hand throw glove o,r a Switch-thrower’s Glove.

Price of an ice cream baseball glove

The price range of an ice cream baseball glove ranges between 350 to 400 dollars. If you want to buy a genuine and premium product, you can buy it from the Absolutely Ridiculous official website.

Here is a video on what an ice cream baseball glove looks like.

FAQs on Ice Cream Baseball Glove

Why is it called Ice Cream Glove?

When a ball is caught, the glove takes the shape of an ice cream cone, with the ball being the scoop of ice cream.

Who introduced Ice Cream Glove?

Kyle Mauch is the founder of Athletes Brand and CEO of Absolutely Ridiculous, and he introduced this revolutionary product.

Is an ice cream glove used in MLB?

Wearing a white color glove is against the rules of MLB. So any ice cream glove, if white, is not allowed.

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