Ducks On The Pond: Interesting Baseball Terms You Must Know

Ducks On The Pond

You may have heard the term “Ducks on the pond” used during baseball commentary. You might wonder about its meaning and why it is used in a baseball game.

Ducks on the pond typically refer to the water animals swimming in the pond. It is also a code word used by men to alert other men in the room that female guests are present so that they maintain the proper language. But it has a different meaning in baseball. Ducks in baseball is the term used for baserunners.

Here you will learn all you need to know about baseball terms and where they are used.

Ducks On The Pond

The term Ducks on the pond is used as a metaphor in baseball to refer to the runners on the base. The Duck here refers to the runners, and the pond refers to the bases. The term usually refers to second and third-baserunners in ready-to-score positions. Ducks on the pond can be used to tell that the bases are loaded.

Players and fans often use this term to encourage the hitter to score multiple runs with a single hit. It also shows relief that there are finally some players on the base. One can also use the term to encourage the players to score, as there are runners on the base.

Another way this term is used is to refer to a batter when he is believed to be an easy out for the offensive team. With reference to an old saying, “as easy as shooting ducks on a pond,” the term is used by the offense team members to assure that there is no need to worry about the runners scoring a run.

Origin Of The Term

Arch McDonald

Arch McDonald first used the term while commenting on a baseball game. Arch McDonald was a broadcaster working for the Washington Senators from 1934 to 1956. The term sounds relatively older but is still widely used by players, fans, and commentators.

The Tournament

Ducks On The Pond is a baseball tournament conducted by Sports At The Beach. The SAAB is a facility that conducts youth baseball tournaments and other sports. The land is around 100 acres, located near Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.

The complex features:

  • 16 all-natural grass baseball fields
  • Outdoor batting cages
  • Accommodation facility for coaches, players, and their family members
  • Indoor Academy
  • 2 grounds
  • 8 outdoor basketball courts
  • Swimming pool and sun deck
  • Fishing ponds

The Ducks on the pond is a 2-day weekend baseball tournament. The match is conducted as 2 pool play games held on Saturday and on an elimination basis on Sunday. All MLB rules are followed during the match. Some other rules of the tournament are:

  1. 2-hour time limit
  2. No bat restrictions for players of 8U to 13U
  3. 3 BBCOR bats for 14U
  4. Wooden bats for players 15U or above

The tournament will have a minimum of 3 games. Prizes awarded to 1st and 2nd place winners.

Duck On The Pond – Book

“Ducks on the pond” is a book by R. Scott Murphy. The book is based on baseball. Scott, through his poem and poems in the book, beautifully describes the baseball of his times. The book creates nostalgia for the 1950’s generation.

The book features an excursion to every MLB stadium and all the World series held since 1965. The book very aptly showcases the most favorite American pastime – Baseball. It is a perfect book for a baseball enthusiast who wishes to go on a nostalgic trip to their childhood.

Duck On The Pond - Book

Ducks On The Pond Baseball T-shirt

Ducks On The Pond Baseball T-shirt

The ducks on the pond t-shirt are perfect for people who love baseball. It is a very cool t-shirt to flaunt in front of your friends if you know the meaning behind it. The t-shirt shows a baseball field, where small yellow colored ducks are positioned at the bases.

Baseball Terms

Some of the most quirky and interesting baseball terms are:

1. BONUS BABY: A term used for a player who received a huge signing bonus. The player was supposed to be kept in the 25th position on the team for 2 seasons.

2. CLIMBING THE LADDER: The term used when a pitcher consecutively delivers out of the strike zone. The pitcher throws each ball higher than the last one. In terms of a team, climbing the ladder is used if the team is ranked higher than last season before it reaches the topmost position.

3. CURTAIN CALL: The term is not related to baseball; it refers to the audience’s reaction. When a player performs exceptionally well in a game, the fans keep cheering for him for quite a long time. This ultimately results in him returning to the steps and acknowledging their appreciation by waving to them.

4. GOLDEN SOMBRERO: As fancy as the name sounds, the term is not something a player likes to be associated with. A golden sombrero is used for a batter who has struck out 4 times in a game.

5. HIGH CHEESE: Cheese is a term used for a kind of pitch a pitcher pitches. A high cheese is a fastball in the strike zone which is very high.

6. PAINTING THE BLACK: It is a term used when a pitcher frequently pitches on the edge of a home plate. The pitch is neither inside nor outside the plate.

7. SENIOR CIRCUIT: Senior circuit is a nickname given to the National League as it is the oldest of the 2 MLB leagues.

8. MEATBALL: A term used to refer to when a pitcher throws the pitch in the middle of the plate, which makes it very easy for the batter to hit the pitch.


When was the term Ducks on the pond first used?

The term is considered to be first used by Arch McDonald. He used the term in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s when he broadcasted for Washington Senators.

Why should you know the meaning of Ducks on the pond?

The term is relatively older but is still used. So, knowing the history and origin of the term helps you gain more knowledge about the sport. It not only enhances your knowledge, but you can also impress people if you are well aware of the terms used.

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