Easy Guide To Choose 10 Inch Tires For Golf Cart

10 Inch Tires For Golf Cart

A common topic of interest among people and golfers has been “10 Inch Tires For Golf Cart.” Golf carts are widely used, not only on golf courses but also on the roads.

You may think that having a golf cart does not affect the game, but that is not true. Golf carts play a crucial role in golf courses. And the most essential part of the golf cart that makes it worthwhile is the golf cart wheels and tires.

10 inch tires for golf cart

The most common size of golf cart wheels is the 10-inch tires. They are widely used as they can fit any golf cart. Except for the 10-inch, the other most commonly used tire sizes are 8″, 12″, and 14″.

What Is A Golf Cart?

A golf cart is a small vehicle that carries the golfers and their equipment on the golf course. It is not just for show purposes; it helps the golfers maintain their strength and energy for the game and minimizes their walking efforts from one place to another.

The standard golf cart has dimensions of 92 x 48 x 75 inches approx, but their length varies with the increase in the number of seats, whereas the width and the height of the carts generally remain the same.

292 inches48 inches70-80 inches
4110 inches48 inches70-80 inches
6144 inches48 inches70-80 inches
Golf Cart Dimensions
2 Seater Golf Cart
2-seater golf cart
4-seater golf cart
4-seater golf cart
6-seater golf cart
6-seater golf cart

The average maximum speed limit reached by a standard golf cart is 12-14 miles per hour. A golf cart costs around $1000-$20,000, depending upon its specifications.

Types Of Golf Carts

The 5 types of golf carts are:

Electric Golf Carts

Electric Golf Carts

They are the most common and the most popular type of golf cart. They are highly environment-friendly. They are straightforward to operate, produce very little noise and are low maintenance.

Push Golf Carts

Push Golf Carts

Push golf carts are more like a trolley. They are the best option for golfers who need a cart to carry their equipment or bags and prefer walking. They are very convenient to store and transport as they easily fold up and easily fit in golf club lockers.

Pull Golf Carts

Pull Golf Carts

Pull carts are quite similar to push carts with the difference that they are supposed to be pulled. Pull carts are generally 2 wheeled. In place of the third wheel, there is a resting edge to hold the bag. They require more physical effort and are a bit hard to control. They are very costeffective and have 0 carbon emissions.

Gas Golf Carts

Gas Golf Carts

They are a great alternative to an electric golf cart. As they run on petrol, they emit carbon and hence are not that environment friendly. They are also a bit noisy. They require a lot of maintenance regular oil changes and engine maintenance. They can reach higher speeds.

Remote Controlled Golf Carts

Remote Controlled Golf Carts

If you want to use a push cart but don’t really want to put effort into pushing them, a remote-controlled cart is the best option for you. They use batteries and are supposed to be charged when not in use. They are foldable so that they can be easily carried. They can move on any terrain.

10 Inch Tires For Golf Cart

The standard golf cart wheel sizes are – 8″, 10″, 12″, and 14″. When choosing the tire size, one needs to keep in mind the golf terrain and driving style.

A standard lowprofile tire size is written as 205/50-10″, where,

  • 205 – width of the golf cart in mm(8″)
  • 50 – value calculated by dividing the width of the tire by the length of the sidewall
  • 10 – diameter of the wheel in inches

A standard all-terrain tire size is written as 22x11x10”, where,

  • 22 – the height of the tire in inches in inches
  • 11 – width of the tire in inches
  • 10 – wheel size that the tire should be mounted on

Types Of Golf Cart Tires

Another important factor to keep in mind while buying tires is which type of tire is best suited for you. There are 3 types of golf cart tires:

1. Turf and Street golf cart tires

These are the most common and most popular types of tires. They are designed to be used on soft turfs, smooth roads, and fairways. If you have not made any modifications to your golf cart, it is most likely that you will have turf tires on your cart. They are best suitable for golf courses and if you want a quick ride around your neighborhood.

Turf and Street golf cart tires
Turf and Street Golf Cart Tires

2. Off-Road golf cart tires

These kinds of tires are used when you want to travel through heavy wooden areas and rough terrain. They are usually wider than other golf cart tires. They have much wider and thicker groves to easily push through muddy, sandy, and rocky paths. They are used for offroad adventures rather than on golf courses.

Off-Road golf cart tires
Off-Road Golf Cart Tires

3. All-Terrain Golf Cart Tires

These are the most versatile type of tires, as they can be used on any terrain. They are designed in such a way that makes them suitable for soft turfs, smooth paved roads, and offroad trails. As they have a much harder tread, they are not allowed on golf courses, so one can use them if they want to go for a light trail.

All-Terrain Golf Cart Tires
All-Terrain Golf Cart Tires


What is a standard-size golf cart wheel?

There are 4 standard golf cart wheel sizes – 8, 10, 12, and 14 inches.

What does the tire size 22×11 10 mean?

The numbers represent the dimensions of the tire,
The first number – the height of the tire
The second number – the width of the tire
Third number – Diameter of the rim that the tire will be mounted on

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