5 Best Barry Bonds Signed Baseball

Barry Bonds Signed Baseball

A common topic of hype among the fans always has been baseball memorabilia. One such famous memorabilia is Barry Bonds signed baseball.

Barry Bonds is a famous name among baseball celebrities. Many people are interested in buying his autographs as they will likely be a significant investment in the future. The fans eagerly buy his signed baseball to add to their collection.

Before buying his memorabilia, look at everything you should know about Barry Bonds.

Who Is Barry Bonds?

Barry L Bonds is a professional former baseball player from America. He was born on July 24, 1964, in Riverside, California. He is considered to be one of the greatest baseball players. He played a total of 22 MLB seasons in his career.

Who Is Barry Bonds?

He made his MLB debut in Pittsburg Pirates on May 30, 1986. He was a part of the Pittsburg Pirates from 1986 to 1992. In 1993, Barry left the Pittsburg Pirates and signed a $43.75 million deal with San Francisco Giants. It was the largest deal ever signed at that time. He played with the Giants till 2007. He played his last MLB match on September 26, 2007.

He has played a total of 14 All-Star games and holds the record for most career home runs(762), most home runs(73) scored in one season, and most career walks. He won 8 Gold Glove awards, 7 NL MVP awards, and 12 Slugger awards.

He is the first MLB player to score over 500 stolen bases and 500 home runs. According to reports, Barry Bonds is ranked 2, after Babe Ruth, in career Wins Above Replacement among all other MLB players.

Barry Bond Signed Baseball

Several of Barry Bond’s autographed baseballs are available for auction and purchase. Collectors have a great interest in adding them to their collection as, in the future, they will prove to be a great investment because of his amazing baseball career.

In his initial days, Barry used to sign his full name neatly on the baseball equipment when asked for an autograph. But as he started becoming more popular, his signing pattern changed. Later, he had 2 different versions of the sign, one for signing the memorabilia and the other for personal requests from his fans.

barry bonds signed baseball

He also started his own company for a short period, where his original autographed memorabilia was available to his fans. Currently, Bonds personalizes his autograph when a fan asks for one. This is a trick that players use to avoid their signed memorabilia from being auctioned or sold online.

Barry Bonds Signed Ball Worth

A Barry Bonds signed average baseball price is around $150. The prices range from $100 to $1425. Moreover, the prices vary according to the condition of the ball. The ball’s price rises if it is associated with any of Barry’s huge career milestones. Baseballs with personalized messages by Barry are likely to be sold for a lesser price than others.

1. Barry Bonds Limited Edition Signed Baseball

The Rawling’s baseball features Barry Bond’s signature written with black ink on the ball’s sweet spot. It also has Barry’s career accomplishments. The ball is a limited edition of 25 available for buying on Barry Bonds’ official website.

Under the signature, you will see- “2 x BC(batting champ)”, “762 HR“, and “73 HR“. On the side of the ball, there are “500 HRs” and ‘500 SBs“. Above the signature; you will find- “8 x GG(gold glove), “7 x MVP“, and “14 x AS“.The ball is an official MLB ball with commissioner Alan H Selig’s signature on it.

2. Barry L Bonds Autographed Ball

Barry L Bonds Autographed Ball

It is a 2.5-inch baseball with Barry Bonds’s signature in blue ink on the ball’s sweet spot. The ball is a Rawlings official MLB ball with commissioner Alan H Selig’s signature. The ball costs around $450.

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3. Barry Bonds Signed NL Ball

Before MLB introduced its official ball, both the National League and the American League had their own official baseballs used during the matches. This ball is an NL official baseball with Barry Bond’s signature.

Barry Bonds Signed NL Ball

The signature is in blue ink signed on the ball’s sweet spot. The ball is a Rawlings official NL baseball with president Leonard S Colman’s signature. The ball costs around $400.

The autograph is verified by James Spence Authentication and comes with a unique number sticker.

4. Barry Bonds San Francisco Signed Ball

The ball is Rawlings National League official baseball with Barry Bonds’s signature on the sweet spot of the baseball. The signature is in blue ink, with president William De White’s sign.

The signature is verified by James Spence Authentication and comes with a unique number sticker on it that is used to verify the ball on their site. The ball costs about $399.

5. Barry Bonds 600 HR Ball

Barry hit his 600th Home Run on August 9, 2001. This ball is memorabilia to celebrate his outstanding achievement. The ball has Barry Bonds 600 logo with his autograph on the side panel. The autograph is in blue ink and shows that the ball is 531 out of the limited 600 editions.

Barry Bonds 600 HR Ball

The ball also has an American flag stamp. It is a Rawlings official MLB ball, with commissioner Alan H Selig’s signature.

Barry Bonds Signed Baseball Bat

Barry Bonds Signed Baseball Bat

The bat is an official MLB Rawlings baseball bat. It was hand-signed by Barry Bonds. The autograph is in black ink and has the date “10/7/01” mentioned along with “73HR,” which stands for 73 home runs. The bat also has Barry Bonds and San Francisco Giants printed on it. The autograph is authenticated by Barry Bonds 25. The bat costs $4,500.

Barry Bonds Card Number 620

There are various Barry Bonds cards available in the #620 number series. Some of them are:

  • 1989 Barry Bonds Topps #620 – $0.45
  • 1989 Barry Bonds Topps Tiffany #620 – $5.18
  • 1992 Barry Bonds Stadium Club #620 – $0.26
  • 2005 Barry Bonds Topps Home Run History Series 2 #620 – $1.05


Which is the most expensive Barry Bonds ball ever sold?

The most expensive Barry Bonds ball sold was the one with which he hit his 756th home run. It was auctioned for $752,467 to fashion designer Marc Ecko.

How much is Barry Bonds’s 73rd home run ball worth?

Barry Bonds hit his 73rd home run in 1 season on October 7, 2001. The ball with which he hit this run was auctioned for $517,500 to Todd McFarlane in 2003.

Which Barry Bonds card is worth the most?

Apart from the balls, a baseball card is another baseball memorabilia worth a lot. The most valuable baseball card of Barry Bonds currently is the 1986 Topps Traded Pittsburg Pirates rookie card #11T. It is worth around $5000.

Will Barry Bonds ever be in MLB’s The Show?

Barry Bonds has till now not been a part of MLB The Show game. In 2003, he refused to be a part of the MLBPA’s agreement stating the use of his name and likeness. Hence, he is not included in any of the games.
After knowing this incident, the straight answer to the question is no. He will not be a part of MLB The Show game until he signs a deal with MLBPA.

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