Micah Morris: The 4 Amazing Facts About the Youtube Golfer

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If you are a golfer and love to keep yourself updated from various sources like YouTube, then Micah Morris is not a new name for you. The American golfer, who is primarily known for his YouTube channel teaching multiple golf techniques, is a sensation now.

Micah Morris YouTube channel is famous by his name only. He is also part of another YouTube channel named “GoodGood” with six other golfers. He uploads various matches that he plays against different opponents on both channels. He also teaches different techniques to ace the game.

Micah Morris’s Biography

Micah Morris is a very young golfer. Born in America in 1995, he is just 27 years old. However, his exact date of birth has not been revealed to the public. Apart from his date of birth, no other personal information is available. He is not there on any other social media platforms except for Instagram. His family or past life has also been not revealed.

He is a married man, which can be deciphered from his Insta bio that says, “I love my wife, I love Golf.” However, his wife’s name is not there on his Instagram handle, so that remains a mystery. There was only once when he shared a picture of him and his wife wishing his fans on Thanksgiving Day.

Micah Morris YouTube Career

Micah Morris YouTube Career

Unlike Tiger Woods, who is very popular due to his game Micah Morris is a more known face for his YouTube Channel. He began his career on YouTube back in 2018. He soon gained massive popularity among golfers and golf fans. He already has 19 million views on his YouTube Channel and 226k subscribers in less than four years. As a content creator, this is a massive success in such a short period. He challenges various other golfers in the videos and uploads them to his channel. He also makes videos as a tutorial to teach multiple techniques to others.

He is also a part of the GoodGood YouTube Channel and frequently appears on the platform. This channel has 103 million views and 589k subscribers currently. This channel also has other sister channels that focus on podcasts and other things. The five members of this YouTube channel apart from Micah Morris are Stephen Castaneda, Matt Scharff, Colin Ross, Grant Horvat, and Bubbie. He is a very active person on YouTube. He uploads “two” videos weekly and manages to get more than 50k views in each video. He has released 175 videos so far on his channel.

His net worth

Micah Morris's Net Worth

There are various ways by which YouTubers make money from the platform. one of the most common methods is by joining the YouTube Partner Program. You need to set up AdSense, which helps show ads on the video either at the beginning or during the video and sometimes both. More the ads on the channel more is the revenue earned by the owner. Some of the YouTubers also make it by selling merch on their channel. This is also an excellent way of earning.

However, Micah Morris’s net worth is still not known as it was not revealed by any website or any magazine, irrespective of being a very popular Golfer.

The Quick look

NameMicah Morris
Age27 years
Marital StatusMarried to Katie for three years as of 20th July 2021
YouTube ChannelMicah Morris and GoodGood
Instagram Handle@micahmorrisgolf
Number of followers on Instagram170k+
Number of Subscribers on YouTube240K+

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is Micah’s height?

He has not revealed his weight and height details on any social media platform.

What is Micah Morris’s net worth as a professional player?

The amount that he earns as a professional golfer is still not known.

How many tournaments has Micah Morris played?

He has played two tournaments so far, in which he secured 78th and 17th positions, respectively.

When and why did Micah Morris start his YouTube channel?

Micah Morris started his YouTube channel on 2018-10-24 to provide golf tutorials and entertaining videos for the people.

Where Is Micah Morris From?

The famous Youtuber is from Kansas, Coyle, to be specific.

Where did Micah Morris go to college?

Micah Morris is home-schooled, so we do not have any data for his college.

Why was Micah Morris called Tig?

Micah Morris has a nickname called Tigger, which was shortened to Tig, and thus the name.

Who are Micah Morris’s Rivals?

There are many channels on YouTube owned by various golf players who train people in golf. some of them are:
Rick Shiels Golf: With more than 1 million subscribers
Peter Finch Golf: he teaches about various competitive situations in golf
Mark Crossfield: One of the first members of the YouTube golf club who still makes videos to guide the new and old golfers.

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