Notre Dame Baseball: Know the Exciting Facts About the Irish Team

notre dame baseball

The Notre Dame baseball team is actually known by the name “Notre Dame Fighting Irish Baseball team.” So if you are not a vivid follower of the game, this name might surprise you as something you have never heard of in the major leagues. Yes, you are right! This team does not play for Major League Baseball, commonly referred to as the MLB or The World Series. So what is this Baseball team all about?

The Notre Dame Baseball team is an intercollegiate baseball team representing the renowned University of Notre Dame. This University is located in Indiana. This famous baseball team competes in the NCAA Division-1 as a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

What is the level Notre Dame Baseball Team plays for?

As already mentioned, Notre Dame plays in the NCAA Division-1. NCAA is the acronym for National Collegiate Athletic Association in the United States of America. “Division-1,” or as popularly known as “D-1,” is a level under the NCAA. This is considered to be the highest level for intercollegiate athletics.

Colleges or schools under the “D-1” level are those schools that have larger budgets, more elaborate facilities, and more athletic scholarships than the other levels, that is, Division 2 and 3—initially named as the “University Division of the NCAA” till the year 1973. This was ultimately split into various “Divisions” and was named numerically to signify the multiple levels.

Criteria to qualify as the D-1 schools

Criteria to qualify as the D-1 schools

There are few qualities or criteria considered to qualify a school for Division-1 of the NCAA.

  • The first rule is that the school must have teams that play seven different sports for both men and women. However, the “seven team” rule is a bit flexible, and it also allows to have six teams for six different sports for men and eight sports for eight other teams for women.
  • If a team has both men and women in a particular team, then the team is considered to be a “men’s team.” The reason behind this consideration is that it helps in getting sponsorship for the respective team.
  • There is both lower and upper limit that a school needs to have as “financial awards” for their athletic programs. If the school is unable to procure the minimum amount, then the school will not be eligible for the D-1 of the NCAA. The Notre Dame baseball team is one such intercollegiate team in the D-1 of the NCAA. The upper limit of “financial award” that a school can get has also been mentioned, and a school cannot exceed this limit if one wants to qualify for the Division-1.

Member of the Atlantic Coast Conference

The Atlantic Coast Conference, commonly called the ACC, is a collection of sports teams from various colleges in the eastern United States. Notre Dame baseball team is one of the members of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Fifteen such members like the Atlantic Coast conference compete in the NACC.

A Brief History of the Notre Dame Baseball Team

History of the Notre Dame Baseball Team

The Notre Dame Baseball first began in the year 1892. The first game the Notre Dame Baseball ever played and won was against the Michigan team in the same year on the 21st of April. After Notre Dame was founded, they had their first coach Frank. E. Hering in 1897. He was very efficient as an athletic coach. He coached not only the baseball team but also the football team of Notre Dame. He played a crucial role as the “athletic director” from 1898 to 1900. For the Notre Dame baseball, he coached them specifically from 1897 to 1899. Charles Stahl succeeded him in 1900.

Clarence Jack Kline became the fifteenth coach of Notre Dame Baseball, and he coached the athletes for 42 seasons. As a coach, he was so successful that the formerly named “Cartier Field” was renamed after him. He won 558 games as a coach out of the 1000 games that his team played for. He even led his team for the College World Series in the year 1957.

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Facilities provided by the Notre Dame Baseball

Any team requires to have some facilities to qualify as the Div-1 of the NCAA. So here is the list of facilities provided by Notre Dame Baseball that makes them eligible to be in the highest level of NCAA.

The Eck Baseball Stadium

Public Domain, Link

Frank Eck baseball stadium is the actual name of this, and it is the home ground for the Notre dame Baseball Team. This stadium, built on 14,211 square feet of land, has a remarkable capacity of 2500. After its construction, the Notre Dame Baseball home stadium hosted two NCAA regional in 1999 and 2001, respectively.

The stadium was named after an alumnus and advisor of Notre Dame University. Numerous amenities available in this stadium have been updated time and again depending on the requirements.

The Locker Room

This locker room, named the Coach Pat Murphy Locker Room, was added during the renovation in 2010 after the season of the same year. This was one of the significant additions to the stadium after it was completed in 1994. The Coach Pat Murphy Rocker Room improved team space efficiency and movement between the clubhouse, showers, restrooms, and dugout.

The Athletic Field

The Cartier Athletic Field, now known by the name Jack Klein field, is a stadium in Notre Dame. The field was initially named after the man who purchased land of 10 acres and had donated it to the University for utilizing it for athletic purposes.

From 1900 through 1928, the field was home to the University of Notre Dame football team. Cartier Field was the home of Notre Dame’s baseball and track & field teams for more than 20 years after the football team left.

notre dame baseball sportsalizer

Notre Dame Baseball Schedule

If you are interested to find out the game schedule for the Notre Dame Baseball team for 2022, here it is:

Feb 18Manhattan
Feb 19Stetson
Feb 20Delaware
Feb 25Marist
Feb 26Monmouth
Feb 27Monmouth
Mar 4Marist
Mar 5Illinois
Mar 6Michigan State
Mar 8Minnesota
Mar 11Elon
Mar 12NC State
Mar 13NC State
Mar 15Valparaiso
Mar 18Louisville
Mar 19Louisville
Mar 20Louisville
Mar 22Northwestern
Mar 25Virginia Tech
Mar 26Virginia Tech
Mar 27Virginia Tech
Mar 29Northern Illinois
Apr 1Florida State
Apr 2Florida State
Apr 3Florida State
Apr 5Butler
Apr 8Clemson
Apr 9Clemson
Apr 10Clemson

Notre Dame Baseball uniforms

The Notre Dame Baseball Team has debuted several new uniforms, including a crisp white uniform, an all-green uniform, and an all-blue uniform. The squad will be able to choose from five different caps, as well as a gold chrome batting helmet to complete their outfit.

Notre Dame Baseball Roster

10Jake ShepskiINF/OF/RHP6-2196JRLockport, IL
23Ryan SmoyerRHP6-4221SRBowling Green, OH
34Michael FelizINF5-11201FREnglewood Cliffs, NJ
45Bryce GrayC5-11208FRFlossmoor, IL
56Cole DailyINF6-1184SOSpringfield, IL
67Nick PodkulINF6-2190SOSchererville, IN
78Alex KerschnerOF6-3208JRNew Berlin, WI
810Jake SingerINF5-11169SOSan Diego, CA
912Brandon BielakRHP6-1210JRSayreville, NJ
1013Nick NevilleINF6-0195FRFairfax, VA
1114Connor PowerC/INF5-10193FRWellington, FL
1215Eric GilgenbachOF/INF6-2208SORochester Hills, MI
1317Jack ConnollyRHP6-0181SORaynham, MA
1418Charlie VorsheckRHP6-4218JRLaguna Hills, CA
1519Eric FelizOF6-0201SOEnglewood Cliffs, NJ
1620Kyle FialaINF6-0186SRCarmel, IN
1721Anthony HolubeckiRHP6-3196FRElburn, IL
1822Zack MartinRHP6-5224FRPlainfield, IL
1923Jack SheehanRHP6-0186FRBrielle, NJ
2024Matt VierlingOF/RHP6-3205SOSt. Louis, MO
2126Cameron BrownLHP5-11187FRLakewood, CO
2228Michael HearneLHP6-0183GSPalos Heights, IL
2331Daniel Jung1B/OF5-11199FRLa Mirada, CA
2432Cameron JunkerRHP6-3221FRCincinnati, OH
2535Peter SolomonRHP6-4201JREllicott City, MD
2636Ryan LidgeC6-2216SRBarrington, IL
2737Patrick McDonaldRHP/OF6-1194FRMarietta, GA
2838Scott TullyLHP6-0186SRReading, MA
2939Jake JohnsonOF6-0190JRAtlanta, GA
3041Andrew BelcikRHP6-1236FROldsmar, FL
3144Evy RuibalRHP6-4232JRMillburn, NJ
3245Brad BassRHP6-6250JRNew Lenox, IL
3350Sean GuentherLHP5-11194JRAtlanta, GA
3455Shane CombsRHP6-2219SOWellesley, MA

Notre Dame Baseball Stats 2021


TJ WilliamsCF.333.556.333.88912672000303300
Ryan ColeLF.324.445.5611.0064614841489183212213372
Nick JuairePH.308.357.308.665121314000001500
Niko Kavadas1B.305.479.7661.2454615441478021626505320
Carter PutzDH.304.367.489.8564618440561036435163230
Jack Brannigan3B.296.388.497.8854616931501226294226085
Zack PrajznerSS.288.388.458.846461533244806236214123
Spencer MyersCF.287.364.362.72646188405411011432136154
Brooks CoetzeeRF.280.344.476.820431432540816296938112
Jared Miller2B.262.333.468.8013814131371134245102974
Danny NeriC.261.346.261.607132336000121410
Kyle Hess2B.250.368.344.7121432483006061012
David LaMannaC.234.335.397.732431412333615294182211
Jack ZyskaLF.189.333.216.5492037471000081450
Alex BraitLF.174.174.304.478102324001600900
Daniel JungPH.
Brock MurthaPH.
Casey KmetPH.


Cameron Brown000.00310003.01006400.100
Jack Sheehan000.00300004.21004300.071
James Hulbert000.00100000.00001000.000
Christian Scafidi101.50220006.04116501.190
Alex Rao212.4814100236.1171110223643.144
Aidan Tyrell512.7017800260.0501918194335.230
Tanner Kohlhepp723.0823100261.1422321226579.195
Liam Simon513.2017100125.119119223342.207
John Michael Bertrand823.25141431088.2803732216513.238
Will Mercer424.53171000255.2602928174403.273
Joe Sheridan125.2716300341.0522824173026.310
Dominic Cancellieri006.6010300015.0201311131813.323
Tommy Sheehan016.75220008.0106651022.303
Jack Brannigan1011.254600034.04553730.250
Jackson Dennies0015.00300003.07552200.500
Ryan Lynch0027.00100000.21223130.333
Mitch Megias0081.00200000.134310001.000

Notre Dame Baseball tickets

Some tickets for the first few matches have been sold out. There is a list of websites that you can find to buy tickets for the match you want to see. But it is advised to check the sites regularly for the availability of the tickets. The price varies depending on various discounts offered by the websites.

Notre Dame Baseball team has had, 24 logos since the team was founded in 1963. Some logos got discontinued however, some are still used today. There had been logos of the baseball team with the initials of the team, “N and D” and sometimes a “Clover leaf.

UVA vs Notre Dame Baseball Team

ParameterUVA Baseball teamNotre Dame Baseball Team
Annual Revenue in 2020$110.3 million$169.5 million

FAQs on Notre Dame Baseball

Does Notre Dame have a good baseball program?

Notre Dame baseball is not just the nation’s No. 2 team, but they’ve also secured a spot in the ACC Tournament.

Who is the present coach of the Notre Dame Baseball Team?

From July 2019 onward, Link Jarrett was made the head coach of the Notre Dame Baseball team.

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