Average 60 Yard Dash: The Faster, the Better

average 60 yard dash

Hit and run! No. No, we are not talking about an accidental case. We refer to the Average 60 yard Dash in Baseball by this intentionally misleading term. Do you want to learn more about it? Well, you are at the perfect place. Let us begin.

The average 60 yard dash is typically used in the most renowned Major League Baseball, commonly referred to as the “MLB.” The motive behind this 60 yard dash is to assess the athlete’s acceleration and speed. The player need not necessarily run for 60 yards, but they need to reach the first base approximately 30 yards away. But the catch here is, they need to run with double the speed to cover that distance in under just seven seconds, according to the American League’s rule.

Average 60 Yard Dash the Purpose it Serves

Average 60 Yard Dash the Purpose it Serves

Not every player is equally agile. Some can run at the speed of lightning, while others might fall a bit short on that. But when the concern is about hiring, it becomes of utmost importance to have the fastest player. Yeah, you read it right!!

Even hiring players is done based on the speed of the average 60 yard dash. At one of the most prestigious baseball institutions, known by the name All American Baseball Academy, this process is followed. However the rules are a bit different depending on the position the player is getting hired for:

  • The “mid-fielders” and the “out-fielders” need to cover the average 60 yard dash in under 60. seconds. the faster they can run, the better for them
  • The second time criteria are for the players getting hired for “Catchers” and “corner-fielders.” The maximum time they can take to cover the average 60 yard dash is 7.25 seconds. The rule of “the faster, the better” is also applicable for them.

The Fastest One to Cover the Average 60 Yard Dash in MLB

Every game has an athlete or a player who is exceptionally well at a particular skill. So is in this case. In the year, 2019 it was the most amazing “California Prep Product,” which covered the average 60 yard dash in just 6.15 seconds. Can you believe it? Yes, Jake Vogel from the Dodgers made this extraordinary record. He used his super fast speed and covered the baseball ground in center field.

Ways Athletes Use to Increase their Average 60 yard Dash Speed

There are various ways that professional Baseball players use o increase their agility in the game.

The “first fifteen” rule

No, calm down there is no such rule in the rulebook of baseball that die-hard fans like you have not heard of. This is not a rule but a strategy that the players are advised to follow. When we took part in “Sports” like a sprint, do you remember that we always started with the highest possible speed in our school days? It is like an arrow; once you give it considerable momentum, it shall easily cover a longer distance in a much shorter time, quickly.

So is in this case. The first 15 yards are covered with the highest speed because once half the distance is covered at a much shorter time than expected, one can take their “sweet time” to cover the rest. We do not mean that the players drastically lower their speed, but it can be a bit lower than the starting speed.

Also, make sure to keep your body in an angled forward posture. Just like the posture we all take before beginning a “sprint.”

Bigger Steps for the Average 60 yard Dash

You know how the beasts in Sci-fi films can easily prey on humans by just using their huge legs to cover long distances at a much shorter time. The same strategy should be applied while running for the average 60 yard dash. Take bigger steps. One big step is better than two small steps as it helps to save both time and energy.

Build the body that helps in sports

It is not necessary to become a “hunk” to be a player. That is not advisable also. But if you have to run fast, you need a body that can keep up with you. It is not possible to run with great speed when there is a lot of fat content in your body. So, the first and most important thing that a player needs to do is follow a proper diet. Get in touch with a dietitian, plan a diet chart that matches your fitness regime, and follow it.

Another crucial thing is if you want to be eligible for hiring in the All American baseball academy. It is to develop muscles, especially of the legs. Even if you do not aspire to get hired, having tight and stout muscles is extremely important if you want to become a successful Baseball player.

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Swing the arms to cover the average 60 yard dash faster

It was swinging the arms while walking is a basic human reflex. But this needs to be kept in mind and practiced while sprinting for the average 60 yard dash. Coordinating the arm swing properly not only helps in maintaining the balance while running but also helps you to speed up.

To gain maximum efficiency, you have to keep the arms close to your body and swing the arms at a right angle.

Average 60 yard Dash time by Age

As a child grows up to a man, their agility changes significantly. So when the question arises to evaluate the speed of different age group players’, it becomes essential to judge them on different speed limits. So here we are giving a table for your reference of speed versus age.

Age Time
11 years9.5 seconds
12 years9.0 seconds
13 years8.5 seconds
14 years8.0 seconds
15 years7.5 seconds
16 years7.3 seconds
17 years7.1 seconds
18 years6.9 seconds
Average 60 Yard Dash The Faster, the Better

Average 60 yard Dash time For College Baseball

If one wants to become a baseball player who plays professionally, it is always advised to start your training from a young age. But the training should be taken very seriously when one reaches college. That is why the average 60 yard dash time for a college student is comparatively lower. The time allotted is between 6.7 to 6.9 seconds. Once the player gets the “hang” of it, he can easily pull it off in around 66 to 6.5 seconds.

Disagreement on the Average 60 yard Dash

There had been a few altercations on this subject. There are a few reasons behind it. The “average 60 yard dash”- the term itself is misleading. It is so because the players have to cover a distance of 30 yards to reach the first base. Covering 60 yards means they have to cover two bases, but that is not a straight path to sprint with the same speed.

Also, in a situation of “stealing the bases,” the player typically slides from 10 feet away, which again cannot be accounted for assessing the average 60 yard dash.

FAQs on Average 60 Yard Dash

If there are so many disagreements on the 60 yard dash, what is the proposal of some experts for assessing?

Some experts do not agree with an average 60 yard dash rule to judge a player’s ability. Instead, they suggest assessing a 20-yard stretch, which would be a more sensible choice according to them.

How is the speed distributed in the 60 yard dash in baseball?

As we have already said, the beginning of the sprint is crucial. While running, 3/4th of the phase is spent at the top speed, and the rest 1/4th that is left is used for accelerating to cover the final distance.

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