Baseball Chants: Let’s Cheer for Our Favorite Team

Baseball Chants

Baseball chants are pretty common if you have been to a baseball stadium to watch a match, Live! If you have, then you can recall that excitement when the base runners steal the bases, the cheering when the batters hit a home run, or the booing when there is an “Out.” All these things make watching the game in a stadium a whole new “experience.”

The best part is baseball chants during the game. The various rhyming poems or short phrases are often used to cheer the respective teams. However, sometimes the baseball chants are used by fans for booing the opponent teams. Overall these baseball chants add fun and excitement to the game.

A list of Baseball Chants

A list of Baseball Chants

Baseball chants are the best way to motivate your favorite player or team. It feels great as a spectator even when you see people chanting for their team and participating in the same.

Here are a few very popular baseball chants:


Our team is the best

They never lose a game

They hit the ball

Out of the park

And run around the base

The other groups they see us

We scare them all awaaaaaayyyy

And that’s because we are the best

Our team will win today! “

This is the best baseball chant repeated with the Oscar Mayer Weiner song’s tune.


Base Ball we play,

Home runs we make,

Backbones make straight

We take the cake—Still.”

Bones and ligaments, that’s the graft;

Who are we?—The Osteopaths,

Win we will Win we will,


Rah! Rah! Rah!

Wah! Hoo! Wah!

Still College! Still College!

Rah! Rah! Rah

Rickety Rackety,

Biff, Boom, Bah,

Osteops, Osteops,

Rah! Rah! Rah!

What’s the matter with us?

We are the boys who play Base Ball.”

This is the perfect chant to support your college if you are from Iowa.

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“Down the field

Over the line

Let us do it

One More Time!!!”

This can be shouted by any fan or fans irrespective of the team you support, as there is no specific name of any team in this baseball chant.

“Mirror mirror on the wall,

Pretty Girls cannot play ball

Let’s get Dirty

And let us get Mean

Come on; Girls, let’s beat this Team!!”

This is a perfect baseball chant that can be used for a women’s baseball match, be it in your college or any major league.

“We do not wear just the mini skirts

But we also wear baseball shirts,

WE do not drink any Lemonade

WE instead prefer out Gatorade

WE no longer play with Barbie Dolls

WE like Breaking records with our bats and balls!!”

This is another perfect baseball chant to support your favorite women’s baseball or softball team.

Funny Baseball Chants and Chants for pitchers

We want a single, just a little single,

S-I-N-G-L-E, single, single, single.

We want a double, just a little double,

D-O-U-B-L-E, double, double, double.

We want a triple, just a little triple,

T-R-I-P-L-E, triple, triple, triple.

We want a homerun, just a little homerun,

H-O-M-E-R-U-N, homerun, homerun, homerun.



Tie your shoes,

Tie your shoes

Cause, gonna hit it!

Cause, gonna hit it!

Right over you…

Right over you…”

Importance of Baseball Chants in a Game

You might think the baseball chants are used to entertain the fans and bring energy to the game. Yes, that is one of the many reasons.

Suppose we talk about the star players playing professional baseball in the MLB. In that case, it is pretty evident that the crowd cheering or even jeering cannot affect a player’s physical abilities. A pitcher who typically has a capability of throwing at 90 mph will not be affected by the jeering of the opponent team’s fans.

Given the fact that the baseball chants do not affect the player’s physical ability, it does affect them mentally. Of course, players like Tom Brady or Bryce Harper cannot be “moved” by these, but young players often get affected. Especially during the youth leagues, the “jeering” create a very negative atmosphere, and it often leads to distracting the players, and they end up making mistakes sometimes.

Thus it is not recommended or advised to “jeer” at the opponent team, even if they are your team’s “sworn enemy.”

The Rules to follow for the Chants

The Rules to follow for the Chants

There are a few dos and don’ts that one should follow while chanting and cheering fr their favorite baseball team. Let us begin with the things that you can do while chanting.

The Dos

  • It is essential to keep the chant short and the words simple. This allows the fans or supporters to memorize it and repeat it with the crowd quickly.
  • The rhythm used for the chant should be easy to catchy and easy to pick up. Tricky or no rhythms are often not picked up well and don’t create the “environment.”
  • One can also use famous tones like the Oscar Mayer Weiner song tune given above. This makes it easy for everyone to pick up and repeat along with everyone else.
  • Some fans also incorporate movements like clapping and stomping to make these baseball chants more attractive and entertaining.

The Don’ts

  • The “Dos” already mentioned use easy-to-remember and short words. It is essential to avoid the hard words which are often not used in a regular conversation.
  • Ensure not to make the chants very difficult. It is crucial because complex rhythms or long chants are often difficult to remember and more likely boring.
  • The most important thing that one should avoid doing a chant is using “curse words.” This should be strictly prohibited, along with words that might insult a particular player or a team in general.

sportsalizer baseball chants

Texas a&m baseball chants

The supporters began screaming “ball five” when an opposing pitcher gave up a four-pitch walk to the Texas a&m. Thousands of raucous supporters aren’t only keeping track of how many pitches the pitcher has thrown out of the strike zone. They believe that the next one will also be a “ball.”

FAQs on Baseball Chants

What is meant by Baseball Chatter?

Baseball chatter is frequently made up of lighthearted phrases or chants from fielders as they are committed to the team they are yelling for.

What do Dodgers fans yell?

When the Giants visit Los Angeles, Dodgers fans chant “Beat the Bay,” and they also used to chant “Barry Sucks,” referring to former Giants outfielder Barry Bonds.


In a nutshell, sports are a means of entertainment. It should not be taken as such that a member or a fan of a different team becomes your enemy.

As previously stated, a crowd can alter the game’s pace. Baseball chants differ depending on a variety of factors. Fans of multiple teams may have different chants, but all teams may share some chants. Separate from the fans, players from different teams may have their own chants.
Before a game, a team will often recite chants together, allowing everyone to get into a competitive mindset.

Cheers and chants not only instill fighting spirit and pride in a team and its supporters, but they also encourage team members to work hard and give it all. These cheers give them hope that their supporters are rooting for them and want them to succeed.

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