Baseball Players Chains: To Add the Extra Sparkle?

baseball players chains

We all love that extra glam or shimmer to grab the viewers’ attention. But what about those Baseball players we have seen wearing gold chains during the match? Is there any specific reason behind those glamorous Baseball Players chains?

According to the official rule book, no specific rule prevents the Baseball players chains. However, particular rules need to be followed if one wishes to wear chains during a match.

Baseball Players Chains: To wear or not to wear?

Although players are allowed to wear chains, there are some specific rules they must abide by while choosing the chains.

  • One cannot wear a chain that reflects the light so much that it hits the batter’s eyes, and they are unable to see the ball correctly.
  • Also, getting affected by the reflection on the chain is not just restricted to the hitters. It should be taken care that the Baseball Players chains’ reflection is not affecting the game’s flow in any way.

Possible reasons for Baseball Players’ wearing Chains

Just like we wear chains for varied reasons, so do the baseball players. Some Baseball Players Chains are worn to give their look an extra edge. However, some may wear it for religious reasons. So let us give you a detailed view of the varied reasons why the players wear chains.

Religious Reasons

We have seen that many Baseball players chains have a small pendant attached to them. These pendants are a “Cross,” signifying their religious faith most of the time. Even players prefer to wear multiple crosses, so it is entirely a personal choice depending on their own beliefs. These players often kiss their pendants before starting a match or sometimes before throwing the ball. This is one of the most common reasons for the Baseball Players Chains.

To get “the look”

Just like us, some players wear necklaces just to look “stylish.” Although not everyone can afford a solid gold necklace, we find players wearing it. So how can some afford the gold baseball players chains? The answer is simple. Many professional players, especially those playing in Major league baseball, also popularly known as the MLB, are signed to various contractual teams. They are paid handsomely, so the Gold Baseball players chains are pretty affordable.

We often see the top button of the jersey is left open. It is a way for the players to show off their collection of various Gold and other precious metal chains.

Types of Baseball Players Chains

Have you noticed that not all Baseball players wear the same type of chains? There are variations in the Baseball Players chains that are often observed. So here is a list of different kinds of Baseball Players Chains:

Rope Chain made of Gold

Rope Chain made of Gold

This is one of the most popularly worn chains’ amongst Baseball players. These chains, apart from being just a “Style Statement” these chains, are often considered to show the “status” and “class” of a man.

Professional Baseball players mostly wear these chains both in a match and a style statement when not in the field—these Baseball Players Chains cost around $250.

Chain with a Cross

Chain with a Cross

These are the chains worn by players coming from a particular religious faith. The chains often have a gold cross attached to them as a pendant. This is something that most of the players wearing them do not actually wear to “show it off.”

During the stressful game, these pendants act like a secret force of motivation or confidence. It may or may not have any secret superpower, but it can definitely bestow confidence in the players wearing them from their belief.

The cost of this chain, along with the pendant, varies from store to store. So if you are planning to buy one, make sure to ask the prices from your nearest jewelry store or the brand store you want to purchase it from.

Chains plated with Gold

These are the most affordable Baseball players chains, which costs somewhere near $30. But it is not just the cost that is the advantage for buying this chain. Not being made up of solid Gold, these chains are incredibly lightweight, bringing two more benefits. Being light in weight does not interfere with your movement when you are running for or around the bases. And second, you can quickly wear one to give that “extra edge” to your look.

Other alternatives for Chain

Apart from the Gold chains and necklaces, there are other alternatives as well that we often see on the neck of the baseball players. Phiten necklaces are one such thing that can be used as an alternative to the traditional Gold Baseball Players chains.

On the exterior, the Phiten Necklaces look like a twisted rope, available in various colors. The idea behind the necklaces is that they are impregnated with titanium. Titanium is believed to act as an excellent alternative medicine. The element is a paramagnetic substance, acting like minor weak metals. So when they stay close to the body, it is believed that they help align the electrical field in the body.

The ultimate motive of these chains is to reduce the strain on the body’s muscles which develop gradually during a game. However, there is still a bit of debate on how this affects the body and its effect on a player’s performance.

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List of Baseball Players wearing Chains

If you are a Mookie Betts fan, you have always seen him with a chain. But there are other players as well, who love to wear chains, and here is a list of a few of them:

  • Derek Jetter from the New York Yankees
  • Jon Lester from St Louis Cardinals
  • Justin Verlander from Houston Astros
  • Dustin Pedroia from Boston Red Sox

Incidents with Baseball Player Chains During a Game

Can you wonder how it would feel to find diamonds in a Baseball field? Yes, that actually happened in 2018. When the chain of the renowned Baseball Player Yoenis Cespedes broke in the middle of the game. As the game continued, the umpires and his teammates found diamonds lying here and there, later cleaned up.

There was another unfortunate event that took place in the Yankees stadium. Lance McCullers Jr., who was a pitcher from the Houston Astros team, lost his black diamond from his chain in the dirt, which fell off after the chain broke.

FAQs on Baseball Players Chains

Is there any specific length mentioned for Baseball players Chains?

Although no specific rule is there, players tend to wear chains between 20 to 22. This is seen both on and off the field.

Are Phiten necklaces safe for children?

Although there has been no reported case of Phiten necklaces being hazardous to children, the results are not full proof yet. So it is advisable to keep these necklaces away from the reach of the children.


We hope now you have developed a clear idea of baseball players’ purpose wearing the chains. While some may wear it as purpose to stay connected with their religion that might give them confidence in a game, others prefer the Baseball players chains just for the sake of looking “Stylish.”

If you want to purchase gold Baseball Players Chains, you can visit any jewelry store a buy the preferred design you would like to wear. However, you can also buy these chains now available in online stores.

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