Flex shot in Disc Golf: Unraveling the Secret Behind that Flawless Flight!

Flex shot in Disc Golf

Are you someone who has crossed the amateur level in disc golf and slowly proceeding towards the intermediate or professional level? Then, you should try and learn flex shot in disc golf.

A flex shot in disc golf is when you release an “overstable disc” at an “anhyzer angle,” which causes the disc to flex back once it has left the hand of the thrower. This is why it’s known as a flex shot. To get it ideal, you’ll need a substantial release velocity and advanced expertise. As a result, if you hurl backhanded as a right-handed player, the disc will turn to the right as it escapes your hand, then turn to the left as the disc’s stability kicks in. Some players also know this shot as an “anhyzer flex shot”.

How can you enhance your flex shot in disc golf?

There are three essential steps that you should follow to learn and improve your flex shot in golf.

1. Choose the Correct Disc

This is a case where the disc you choose is critical to the successful delivery of the throw. Select an overstable disc for you because the disc must dominate the anhyzer angle. Better players require far more overstable discs than those thrown by beginners. You’ll lose the distance and line that a flex shot in disc golf needs if you choose a disc that’s too overstable. If the disc is too understandable, it may never surpass the initial anhyzer angle and crash to the right or become a roller. You can learn to choose which disc to utilize in a practice field.

2. Identify the Correct Angle

Identify the Correct Angle

Even if you select the correct disc with care and accuracy, the approach can still backfire if you release the disc at an incorrect angle. You must practice disc angles and become comfortable with the correct angle for your throwing disc. Experimenting with the angle will open up more possibilities in a broader range of circumstances.

A sharper release angle gives the disc more anhyzer at first, resulting in extra distance to the right until the disc’s overstability straightens out the flight. Tossing the disc at a flatter angle will not travel as far to the right before straightening out and turning left. Depending on the situation, one of those orientations could be used.

3. Use the Correct Form

Because the flex shot is such a complex move, it’s critical to have excellent form when executing it. You’ll need to toss quickly and with a lot of strength. This will guarantee that the disc flies correctly, especially at an ‘anhyzer’ angle. The nose angle and throw height are two other essential aspects of good flex form.

Typically the players make sure that the disc does not fly off to a much-heightened position. There is a very evident reason behind this. When the disc goes too high, it draws a good percentage of energy from the “throw,” as a result of which the disc slows down comparatively faster, and there is a high chance that it goes off the anhyzer pretty quickly. The disc fly will fly flatter and farther if you flatten out your throw and keep the nose angle down.

If you try to acquire the angle with your wrist, you’ll almost always miss your line and lack the strength you require. You can modify the angle of the wrist with a forehand flex shot to reach the optimum disc angle. So maintaining the correct form is very important for the flex shot in disc golf.

Essential tips to improve the Flex Shot in Disc Golf

Essential tips to improve the Flex Shot in Disc Golf
  • If you’re a new player, don’t try the flex shot in disc golf. There are more straightforward options, such as the s-shot. This is one of the essential tips that one should never forget.
  • Use an overstable disc. The disc’s stability will guarantee that it resists anhyzer expulsion and returns.
  • With a lot of snap, release the disc. The flex shot’s success hinges on the ability to generate enough force.
  • Choose a disc with a medium to high fade rate. It will flex back at the end of its flight due to this.
  • Keep practicing! Getting this shot down consistently will take some time. It might be a good idea to practice this shot numerous times in the field.
  • When releasing the disc, keep the nose down. The disc will most likely hang in the air and fall if it is launched with the nose up.
  • The height of the throw can be used to influence the length and shape of the flex shot in disc golf. The disc will have more duration in the air and fade over a longer distance with more height.
  • You’ll need to fine-tune the anhyzer angle. An excessive amount of anhyzer will almost certainly result in a cut roll.
  • Have faith in your disc. Put your trust in your overstable disc to flex back if you’ve trained and mastered this flex shot in disc golf.

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Difference between Flex Shot in Disc Golf and S-Shot

Difference between Flex Shot in Disc Golf and S-Shot
Flex Shot in Disc GolfS-Shot in Disc golf
The flex shot involves releasing an overstable disc onto an anhyzer and forcing it to turn and return.Selecting an understable disc and throwing it flat is how an S-shot is made. The disc will inevitably turn and fade back at the end of its flight.
The flex shot is more challenging to master, but it is more consistent due to the disc’s stability.The S-shot is excellent for beginners because it is a more straight shot to execute. It’s a practical and straightforward approach to increasing the distance of your throw. This throw’s most significant disadvantage is that it is less reliable.

In a nutshell

The flex shot is worth learning and perfecting, even if it is not suggested for beginner players. It’s a terrific way to prolong the length of your drive while also navigating a wooded area. It’s wonderful if you cannot get it right the first time. Remember, persistence and patience go a long way. The flex shot is a versatile utility weapon that every disc golfer should have in their repertoire. We can use the flex shot to broaden our shot selection once we’ve mastered it.

FAQs on Flex shot in Disc Golf

What is the similarity between flex shot in disc golf and s-shot?

The pattern of the disc flight is the only thing these two shots have in common.

How can you differentiate between hyzer and anhyzer?

The angle at which each throw is released is the only variation between a hyzer and an anhyzer throw. It can be distinguished quite simply. If you find that when you are throwing the disc, the top is “not” facing you, then it’s the hyzer. Otherwise, it’s the anhyzer.

Can you throw forehand in disc golf?

Yes, just like the backhand throw, you are also allowed t make a forehand throw in disc golf as per a player’s requirements in the game.

What is the difference between disc golf shot and hyzer flip?

The difference lies in the fact that while making a hyzer flip, one uses an “overstable disc” along with the angle of release having to be the “anhyzer angle.” However, the disc golf shot is thrown flatter comparatively.

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