Why is Super Bowl Football So Dark? Find out now !!

super bowl football so dark

If you are a die-hard football fan and even love to play the sport yourself, you must have noticed that the super bowl football is so dark compared with the store-bought ones. Have this question ever popped in your mind ” Why is the super bowl football so dark?” Well, here is your answer.

There is a specific procedure used by the New York Giants and other football teams of the NFL, which makes the super bowl football so dark. When the new ball is received, they brush the ball “vigorously” with a dark brush for 45 minutes straight. The reason behind this brushing is that it helps to remove the wax on the ball and make it look darker. After this, a wet towel is used to soak the outer surface of the ball.

How to Make the Super Bowl Football So Dark?

If you are wondering why is the super bowl football so dark and how you can make your store-bought ones of a similar shade, here are the eight steps that you need to follow.

First Step

Making your store-bought football look like the super bowl ones begins with brushing the ball vigorously. There is a particular pattern that you should follow to yield the best possible result. Start with brushing it in the clockwise direction followed by the anticlockwise, upward, and finally in the downward direction. Many companies sell the leather formula. You can buy one from a company of your choice. While brushing the ball, it helps spread the leather formula evenly all over the ball’s surface. The brushing of the ball helps in increasing the grip of the football.

Second Step

This step requires using two products- the tack spray and the conditioner. The term “tack” refers to the stitching that holds the leather of the ball together. The two products are used in a fixed ratio. One part of the tack spray is mixed with two conditioner parts. The purpose of having the tack spray is that it helps adhere the condition to the leather when applied to it. At the same time, doing the second step, you need to deflate the ball to around 8psi to make it easy for the conditioner to absorb into the leather.

Third Step

This step requires you to have a glove. Wear it to spread the mixture of the tack spray and the conditioner evenly on the football. Once you are confident that you have covered the ball enough with the variety and that it is even, let it dry for approximately five minutes. After that, you should recheck whether the layering has been even or not. If you find it uneven at places, use the brush to even it out.

Fourth Step

After completing the first three cleansing steps and applying the conditioner, now is the time to dry it to perfection. You can use a blow-dryer or even a heat gun, whichever is readily available. Create a distance of at least 5 inches from the ball, and then use the tools to dry out the conditioner. The term “drying out” the conditioner may be a bit misleading since actually what’s happening here is the conditioner is getting absorbed in the leather gradually.

  • While using either of the above drying techniques, you need to follow certain precautions.
  • While applying the heat, take care not to heat a particular place for an extended period. Maintain a specific motion so that the entire football gets to dry evenly.
  • Apply the heat for a few seconds only to a particular region.
  • Please refrain from using it at the highest temperature to speed up the process.

Fifth Step

The blow-drying step makes the ball a bit stickier. After you finish drying up the conditioner, it’s time for another layering. You can use a towel to apply. If you have always wondered to yourself why is super bowl football so dark !! You are about to be surprised when you achieve that yourself.

When you again apply another layer of conditioner, the leather changes color and becomes darker like the super bowl footballs. The color change indicates the leather is more capable of absorbing more moisture.

Sixth Step

This is the step where you would require your football mud. You can buy football mud of your choice from the massive range of products that is available online. All you need to do is mix the “Rubbing Mud” with water and make a slurry. It should not be too thick or too thin. Apply this mixture, forming a thin layer all over the football.

In this step, you need to take care of two things.

  • Please do not allow the mud to penetrate the lace holes and block them.
  • Do not apply a very thick layer that you cannot read the logo on the ball.

After applying it, allow the ball to dry for approximately one hour. Keep one thing in mind while choosing the mud for your football: it needs to be “slit-based.” The “slit-based” muds are designed explicitly for footballs, and thus you should choose these.

The Final Step

The last step requires brushing the ball for the one final time. This is to brush the mud into the ball rather than off it. You may find the super bowl football so dark, but the one you made looks dusty. Hey!! Don’t be upset!! Apply a light coat of the conditioner and inflate the ball to “13psi.” You will see there is no difference visible anymore.

FAQs on Why Super Bowl Football So Dark

What are the don’ts of a football similar to the super bowl ones?

One of the most important things is to refrain from using a “wet rag” to remove the initial wax.

How to increase the grip of the football?

You can increase the grip by spreading the “tack bar” around the football.

Why do we see the NFL footballs so dark in the shade?

The super bowl football is so dark because they have been brushed, scoured, and seasoned.

On a Final Note

Looking at the super bowl football so dark, it is common for any football lover to want the same. Following the steps mentioned above now, that dark shade of football is achievable. Doing a few things like brushing it regularly and applying conditioner and tack spray can help you retain the desired shade for an extended period.

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