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We all know “Practice makes a man perfect,” But hey, we are not talking about perfection; we are talking about how long it would take to learn tennis !! While watching Wimbledon, have you ever wondered how long it took the players to learn tennis, or how long would it take for you to learn tennis? Well, now you might have an answer to all these questions.

There is no fixed time within which every human on earth who wishes to learn tennis can do, so it varies from person to person depending on their ability, skill, and age. But to become stars in the game requires one more thing apart from these qualities: mental strength. Sticking to something and trying to improve it daily does not just exhaust a person physically but mentally as well. But if you are talking about “maintaining the rallies” when you say “learn tennis, ” you might achieve that within a year of dedicated practice.

Where to start, if you want to learn tennis?

Everyone requires a little knowledge about the sports before they start playing it. So if you are serious about it, why not learn tennis from a qualified person? Learning the sport from an institution or under a qualified coach has many benefits.

Learn the techniques to get the correct shot

Okay, once you figure out that you want to learn tennis, you must know that there is something more to it than just hitting the ball with the racket. You need to learn the correct techniques of the shots and even the right way to hold the racket. This is extremely important because if you do not know the proper ways to handle the racket, you may sprain yourself.

Under the guidance of a professional coach, you learn how to play the various hots correctly. Believe it or not, even the correct way to grip the tennis racket is essential to play the shots right. Thus it is not possible to learn tennis by just viewing the matches; one needs to be under the proper guidance.

They understand your style

Roger Federer

We all know how Roger Federer’s style is different from Rafael Nadal’s, and that is because everyone is unique, and so are their playing styles. When you start to learn tennis, the coach must train you according to your style. A good coach never generalizes his students and teaches each of them according to the student’s style. This helps to enhance the quality of the players in the game.

A tennis coach understands your thought process and helps to use it to guide you in the right direction to excel.

How to learn tennis faster?

You obviously learn tennis at your own pace, but there are ways by which you can speed up the process. Here are some tricks to do so.

The practice goes a long way!

Nothing is more critical than regular practice. If a person who does not know anything about tennis gets himself in a course to learn tennis and practice regularly with dedication, he can indeed reach a good level with just a year of training.

The more one practices, the better they get in a shorter span of time. So it is always advised if you are a beginner and want to learn tennis faster, try playing it at least three times a week.

Understand your weaknesses

You know it is said, “you learn more from your failures than your successes.” This is a very true fact, and that is why one should identify their weaknesses first. You may think that this is reverse psychology. Some love to believe that identifying their strengths and improving them further would help them excel. But in reality, it is quite the opposite.

Even if you are very aware of your strengths and fail to identify your weaknesses, you can be easily caught “off-guard” using those and hence defeat you. So if you wish to learn tennis faster, first learn to find out your mistakes and work upon them.

Be fit

This is very important for sports like tennis. If you are not fit enough, you will not ne able to play the sport for long periods, or even worse, you may end up injured. But of course, you do not need to have a “god-level” fitness or body structure to play tennis.

However, it is essential to have enough flexibility, agility, and strength with less body fat and stronger muscles if you want to excel in this game. Regular exercise, gym visits, healthy diet are some of the ways by which you can achieve a healthy body.

Try to beat the better player!

We all know the saying, “If you are the smartest in the room, you are in the wrong room,” this saying holds even for sports. If you are willing to learn tennis at a faster pace than your peers, the hack that you can use is to always play with the players who are at a higher level compared to you. You might feel defeated and demotivated in the beginning, but always remember you learn more from your mistakes.

With the help of this technique, you can learn new skills, identify your weakness and even boost your confidence once you can defeat them. Playing with those at the same level as yours will only be fun, but that will not improve your game. If you want to excel in it, make sure you do it the “hard way.”

Which one is harder? Tennis vs. Badminton

Tennis Badminton
It requires good reflexes.It requires good reaction speed.
The court is bigger comparatively, and the player gets less exhausted due to more reaction time.The court is smaller comparatively, and the player gets exhausted much faster due to less reaction time.
This is comparatively slower.This is the fastest racket sport.

Top 5 YouTube Channels to learn Tennis

The Top 5 YouTube channels to learn tennis could be listed as follows:

Top Tennis Training
  1. Top Tennis Training: Alex Slabinsky and Senior Performance coach Simon Konov are the ones behind this channel. As their name suggests they undoubtedly provides the “top-class” tennis lessons to learn from. The most exclusive thing about their channel is that they feature renowned tennis player son their channel.
  2. Essential Tennis: This channel is leaded by the professional tennis player from the United states Ian Westermann. The channel began with instructional videos but now they have even moved to showcase 4.0 and above level singles.
  3. Feel Tennis Instructions: A certified tennis coach named Tomas Mencinger is the person behind this YouTube channel. The unique aspect of his channel is to break down every step so that anyone can understand it pretty easily.
  4. Intuitive Tennis: A professional tennis player from Florida named Nikola Aracic is the person behind the channel. This channel serves for everyone, whether its a newbie looking for instructions or a professional player.
  5. Tennis Evolution: Jeff Salzenstein is the man who runs this channel. The best part about this channel is that it just do not offer instructions for the players but gives equal importance in giving advises to every person who watches his videos.
Tennis Evolution

In a nutshell

It is not a cakewalk to learn tennis or any other sports. It requires persistence, perseverance, and mental strength to go through the struggles to learn it. Once you have reached the intermediate level, physical exhaustion becomes a habit, and it does not “tire” you anymore like when you were a beginner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is tennis a difficult sport to master?

Tennis is undoubtedly one of the most challenging sports to learn, given the fact that it requires flexibility, strength, hand-eye coordination, and speed all at the same time.

Is it too late to start playing tennis in your 30s?

No, you can learn and play tennis at any age, considering you are fit enough to manage the physical exhaustion.

Can you learn tennis at 60?

There is no age limit in tennis, so you can learn it at any age, given the fact that your body can sustain the exhaustions.

Can you learn tennis by yourself?

Yes, you can. The extra benefit is that you can learn at your own pace without being nudged by anyone else.

Why is tennis so important?

Tennis has excellent health benefits if you can play regularly. It increases your agility strength, and most importantly, vigorous exercise helps maintain the proper circulation of blood.

How did Richard Williams learn tennis?

The beginning of Richard’s career is a bit of a mystery. He claims to have learned the sport from someone named “Old Whiskey.”

What is the best age to learn tennis?

There is no “perfect age”; however, it is always preferred to start early so that the player gets ample time to improve and work on their weaknesses and shortcomings.

Best places to learn tennis online

Three of the best places to learn tennis online are:
1. MasterClass with Serena Williams
2. Udemy
3. Superprof

What is the average time to learn tennis?

The average time varies from one person to another, as everyone learns tennis at their own pace.

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