Baseball Sliding Mat(5 Easy Tips To Get The Best)

Baseball Sliding Mat

You might have seen baseball players slide on the field to reach base. To practice this skill, players need a baseball sliding mat.

Sliding is one of the important skills that baseball players must know, and to master this skill, the players need to practice how to slide on a sliding mat. A good sliding mat is crucial in helping the player improve his skill.

Sliding on a base prevents the hitter from getting out. It also helps the player reach the base faster. Here we will discuss all the things one needs to know about sliding mats.

How To Slide In Baseball?

A well-executed slide can lead your team to score in the last ball and win a match. A slide can make you win or lose a match. Hence it is really important for the players to learn how to slide smoothly and safely.

There are different types of slides; here, we will look at the most basic type of slide in baseball and how to do it.

Bent-Leg Slide

The Bent-leg slide is the most common type of slide. It is considered to be one of the safest and easiest slides one can master.

1. SIT ON THE GROUND: This slide’s first step is to sit on the ground with your legs in front. The position of your legs should be such that they make a 4 on the ground, i.e., fold one of your legs under the knee of the second leg.

2. KEEP YOUR WEIGHT CENTERED ON YOUR BUTT: If you keep your body weight tilted towards the side, you’ll most likely get bruised. So it is highly recommended to center your body weight on your butt. It is less painful and the safest position.

3. RAISE YOUR HANDS: To protect your hands and arms from scraping and bruising, you should keep your hands up in the air while sliding. It also helps in maintaining balance.

4. KEEP YOUR CHIN TUCKED IN: To have a proper balance and prevent the body from tilting on one side, it is important to have a tight core and keep your chin tucked into your chest. If you do not do this, you will most likely face a backward jerk while sliding and end up hitting the back of your head on the ground.

5. SLIDE: Now, coming to the main part, keeping all the above points in mind, take your position and start to slide when you are about 3-5 feet away from the base/bag. Try and slide towards the opposite side the fielder is most likely to tag from.

The other types of slides in baseball are:

  1. HEAD FIRST SLIDE: It is comparatively faster than the bent leg slide. To do a head-first slide, run at full speed and dive forwards. Dive so that your chest and hands land on the ground, and ensure that your fingers are off the ground to avoid injuries. Keep your legs straight and chin off the ground. It is one of the most dangerous slides.
  2. HOOK SLIDE: It is another variation of the bent leg slide. All the steps are the same, except instead of sliding in the bag, you need to hook around the bag and grab the base with your arm.

Baseball Sliding Mat

Sliding is one of the most happening tricks of baseball. It is very exciting for the audience to see the players slide into the game. The crowd always gets thrilled and cheers when players score through the slide.

The players must follow proper techniques to slide smoothly in the game. To practice this, baseball sliding mats are used. Sliding mats are used to have a safe sliding experience.

baseball sliding mat

A sliding mat is very easy and efficient to use. They are made of high quality material, can withstand rough use, and can be used anywhere you wish.

A baseball sliding mat is placed on the bases to protect players from injuries. It also makes it easier for the players to slide.

Outdoor sliding mats have spikes on the bottom to prevent them from flowing away. They also are usually weather resistant. Indoor sliding mats, however, do not have spikes as they damage the floor.

Schutt Sliding Mat

Schutt Sliding Matt

One of the best sliding mats available in the market is Schutt Sliding Mat. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is made up of a tarpaulin base and cotton sliding cover. It is very easy to store and use.

DIY Baseball Sliding Mat

Making a DIY baseball sliding mat is a great option for players who do not want to invest much during their early stages of practicing and still want to learn how to slide.

For this, you will need the following:

  • Plywood or cardboard sheet
  • Duct tape
  • Knife or scissors
  • Foam tiles
  1. Cut 2 cardboard pieces of length 47 inches and width 36 inches.
  2. Cut the foam tiles having a width of 24 inches.
  3. Place the foam tile slightly lower, so its length is greater than the cardboard, which lessens the chances of getting hurt and adds a layer of cushion on the lower side.
  4. Secure all the sides except the lower one with the help of duct tape.
  5. Place another sheet of cardboard over the foam and secure it with duct tape on three sides.
  6. Cut 2 more pieces of cardboard with a length of 47 inches and a width of 33 inches.
  7. Duct tape the pieces of cardboard on 3 sides.
  8. Insert the open part of this section into the lower part of the previous section.

Your DIY baseball sliding mat is ready to use.

Baseball Sliding Trainer

A sliding trainer is a device that helps players learn to slide. It is a great tool for baseball players to improve their skills. The sliding trainer comprises 2 plates placed a few feet apart and a ramp between them. Using a trainer improves your speed and helps in reaching the bases quicker. It also prevents injuries.

How To Choose The Best Sliding Mat

When choosing an ideal baseball sliding mat, there are some things that one should keep in mind:

How To Choose The Best Sliding Mat
  • Make sure the mat is made of high-quality, durable material.
  • Choose the mat that is ideal for your size.
  • Select a mat with enough padding to provide maximum protection and prevent injuries.
  • Choose a mat ideal for the type of surface on which you are using the mat.
  • Keep in mind how often you are using the mat while choosing.


What is a sliding mat?

A sliding mat is safety equipment used in baseball to prevent injuries caused during sliding. It provides a smooth surface for the players to slide.

Is it better to slide feet first or head first?

Sling head first is way more dangerous than sliding feet first. Head-first sliding can cause serious spine injuries, whereas there is less risk of this happening in the case of feet-first siding.

What are sliding mitts?

Like the sliding mat sliding mitts are also one of the safety gears used in baseball. Players wear sliding mitts to prevent their fingers and hands from getting hurt while sliding.

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