Things One Should Know About The EEZ-Y Folding Golf Umbrella

eez-y folding golf umbrella

Golf is an outdoor game, which means the players have to go through all types of problems due to the weather like sudden rains, high heat, etc. And it is also not possible to run back to the golf cart quickly when it is raining heavily. So what is the one solution to all these problems? The EEZ-Y folding golf umbrella.

The eez-y folding golf umbrella is a more extensive umbrella when compared to a normal one. It is large and designed to be windproof because of the double canopy. The canopy is oversized, ensuring the player is not getting wet by the rain or the sun’s severe heat.

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Why choose the EEZ-Y folding golf umbrella over a regular umbrella?

There are many reasons golfers choose the eez-y folding golf umbrella over the normal ones.

The bigger size of the umbrella

When opened, the eez-y folding golf umbrellas cover a large area of 58 inches. The large size of the umbrella protects the players from direct heat or heavy rain. Also, the shape of the canopy has been designed to protect the players from heavy gusts of wind.

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The ease of carrying

After learning about the enormous size, you might wonder how hard would it be to carry the eez-y folding golf umbrella. Here is the surprise for you: the eez-y folding golf umbrella is designed to make them highly portable. The axle and the separator are made of fiberglass. Fiberglass is a material that is very sturdy yet lightweight. This allows the umbrella to be carried anywhere with ease, even though it is enormous in size.

The double canopy

The canopies of the eez-y folding golf umbrella are designed specially. We all know the hassle of using a regular umbrella during a windy day. If the gusts of wind are strong enough, it often results in turning our umbrellas upside down. But that will not be a problem if you use the eez-y folding golf umbrella. The particular angle and double canopy prevent mishaps, keeping the umbrella in shape and use when required.

The durability

There are reasons why golfers love the eez-y folding golf umbrella, and one of those has to be the durability of the material. The eez-y folding golf umbrella is made of high-quality fiber that ensures that the product lasts long enough. No one uses the golf umbrellas regularly, but even if you do, the material’s color won’t fade away quickly due to the high heat of the sun or rain. The eez-y folding golf umbrella will primarily be used for solid winds or showers, and the manufacturers know that, so the umbrellas have been made so sturdy that it does not flip or break off easily.

Other usages of the eez-y folding golf umbrella

Other usages of the eez-y folding golf umbrella

Yes, of course, the umbrella can only protect you from the weather hazards, and you cannot play golf with it instead of the golf stick, but hey, that is not what we meant when we said “other usage.” So read along if you want to find what other purposes the eez-y folding golf umbrella can be beneficial for.

The perfect gift for a golf lover

Do you wonder what to gift your golf-loving boss that he can use in the long term? Hey, why not give the eez-y folding golf umbrella!! The golf umbrellas make for a perfect corporate gift, and they can surely win over any golf lover’s heart. Available in a wide range of colors, the eez-y folding golf umbrella is a perfect blend of style with durability.

The best feature of this umbrella is that it opens in just a second with just the push of a button. Till now, you may have thought that such giant umbrellas might be very troublesome to open. But here is the surprise!! The umbrellas are designed using modern technology, ensuring that anyone can easily open them by just pressing one button.

Also, the higher light eez-y folding golf umbrella makes it easy to carry around. So it doesn’t matter the age of your boss, this umbrella is for everyone. Just pick the color of your choice that suits the vibe of the person you are gifting and make them smile on special occasions.

Easily Customizable

EEZ-Y Folding Golf Umbrella

By now, we hope you are convinced why the eez-y folding golf umbrella is the best choice. But if you are still not satisfied, here is our last “pitch,” and we believe if you are a golf lover, you cannot ignore buying this umbrella after learning about this.

The large size of the eez-y folding golf umbrella provides ample space for customization. So if you are someone who likes to mark their golf balls with the golf ball monogrammer, then you would love to have one of these customized umbrellas. Many companies offer customization on pre-purchased products, so you can contact them and get your favorite design or logo printed on them.

The customized golf umbrellas also make for an excellent corporate gift. If you and your team go out for golf matches regularly, you can get your company’s logo imprinted on these and gift the players as a souvenir from the company.

On a Final Note

Golf umbrellas are an essential accessory if you love playing the sport. The remarkable features of the eez-y folding golf umbrella make it a product that you cannot ignore. The larger size, the double canopy, the extremely lightweight, the ease of opening are some of the features that make this product so popular among golfers. So if you are still wondering which golf umbrella to buy as the next corporate gift or just for yourself, we hope you already have the answer by now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any benefits in having the double canopy?

Yes, there is a reason why the golf umbrellas generally have a double canopy. It allows the umbrella to withstand the harsh winds without flipping upside down and perfectly serves its purpose.

What are the factors that one should consider before buying a golf umbrella?

One needs to consider the size of the umbrella, the built, the material used, the portability, and customer feedback.

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