Who Makes Precept Golf Balls? [Learn Today]

Who Makes Precept Golf Balls

When it comes to golf, one of the crucial parts of the game is golf balls, and hence the question, “Who makes precept golf balls?” arises in the minds of the players and the audience.

Precept golf balls have been the town’s talk for a long time. If you have ever gone shopping for golf balls in the market, you must have found precept golf balls.

The precept golf balls have been introduced and are made by the brand Bridgestone Golf. Due to their great performance and easy handling, the precept golf balls are quite popular among golfers.

Before buying a precept golf ball, let us look at all the details you must know.

The Bridgestone Golf

Before discussing Precept golf balls, let us first look at Bridgestone Golf. The Japanese Corporation Bridgestone is the parent company of Bridgestone Golf.

It is one of the top companies that manufactures premium golf balls, clubs, and accessories, under the names of both Bridgestone and Precept brands.

bridgestone golf

Shojiro Ishibashi founded Bridgestone in 1931, and the company started golf ball production in 1935. Bridgestone has a manufacturing plant in Covington, Georgia, where it manufactures golf balls.

The company offers a vast variety of golf balls, apart from the Precept golf balls. It provides a premium range of golf balls for advanced players- the B RX and the B XS, and it also offers a field for the average players- the e6 and the e12. Besides these 2, Bridgestone also offers a Tour Series of golf balls.

Who Makes Precept Golf Balls?

The Bridgestone Golf manufactures Precept golf balls. The Bridgestone manufactures more premium range golf balls, whereas the Precept golf balls are for amateurs and beginners.

Precept golf balls are pretty affordable and have a good reputation in the market. The precept golf balls are uniquely designed to improve the player’s performance.

Who Makes Precept Golf Balls?
Precept Golf Balls

Precept golf balls are ideal for beginners because they have low compression compared to other premium-range golf balls. Players with moderate to slow swing speeds can hit farther, more consistently, and accurately with Precept golf balls.

Precept Golf Balls Range

The Precept offers 3 ranges of golf balls: Laddie Extreme, Precept Powerdrive, and Lady Precept.

The Precept Laddie Extreme

The Precept Laddie Extreme golf balls are perfect for golfers who wish to maximize their distance, as it creates a high launch and low spin. It has a low compression rating of 35.

  • High-velocity Muscle-Fiber core to maximize distance
  • 372 aerodynamic dimple design for better flight in the wind
  • Touch N’ Control ionomer cover for greater control and an incredibly soft feel from tee to green
  • 2-piece construction

The Laddie Extreme is a spinoff of the original Lady Precept golf balls. When the company introduced the Lady range, it was observed that the senior men preferred the ball over other options. So, the company introduced the Laddie Extreme as an option for men of the same high quality.

Precept Laddie Extremes come in a single color- white. A pack of 24 golf balls costs around $24.99.

laddie extreme

The Precept Powerdrive

The Powerdrive provides incredible ball speed and long distance. The core design offers a lowering spin and higher launching speed. It is very affordable compared to other brands that fall into the bracket. It has a mid-compression rating.

  • High-velocity Muscle-Fibre core for incredible speed
  • 372 aerodynamic dimple design
  • Touch N’ Control ionomer cover for a soft feel from tee to green
  • 2-piece construction

Even though the Laddie and Powerdrive may have the same features, the Powerdrive is a tad bit longer and not as soft around the greens as the Laddie. Still, for the price it asks, the Powerdrive is considered the best buy, as it is quite affordable and provides great performance.

The Precept Powerdrive comes in a single color- white. A pack of 15 golf balls costs around $17.99.

precept powerdrive

The Lady Precept

The Precept series introduced an improved version of their Lady Precept ball aimed at women golfers. The ball has received huge success over time and is one of the leading golf balls for women. It has a low compression rating of 50.

  • Softer core for a soft feel, less vibration, more control, and a higher launch
  • 330-seamless dimple design for higher flight
  • The longer distance at a low swing speed
  • 2-piece construction

Bridgestone claims this is the softest women’s golf ball and the company’s softest one.

There are 2 color golf balls in the Lady Precept range- white and pink. A pack of 12 golf balls costs around $20.

lady precept

Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Golf Balls

CompressionHigher compression(80-100)Lower compression(60-70)
FeelHarder to feelSofter in feel
LooksMen’s golf balls mostly come in white colorWomen’s golf balls come in colors other than the white
CoreHarder coreSofter core
SpinHigher spin rateLower spin rate
Men’s golf balls vs. Women’s golf balls

Women’s golf balls are generally designed for a higher launch and to cover a longer distance.

No rule states that women should play only with women’s golf balls. Any golfer, be it a man or woman, can play with a golf ball they feel best suits them.

What Happened To Precept Golf Balls?

In the mid-90s, Precept was launched, and they manufactured a huge range of golf balls. They were considered pretty good as they were affordable, had a low spin, and provided a good feel.

Over the years, they lost their hype as new and better golf balls started coming into the market at competitive prices. So people naturally shifted to the new and better ones.

After this, the Precept golf balls got rebranded and now come under the name of Bridgestone Golf.


Is a Precept golf ball good?

Precept golf balls are recreational players’ most popular and widely used golf balls. They offer high-quality performance at a very affordable price range.
Precept golf balls have amazing designs and features that allow them to have a high launch, low spin, and cover a longer distance.
They are great for low-swing speeds and have an incredibly soft feel.

What is the compression of the Lady Precept golf balls?

The lady precept golf balls offer a low compression rating of 50.

What brand of golf balls are made in the USA?

Apart from Bridgestone, the companies that manufacture their golf balls in the USA are:

Do ladies’ golf balls go farther?

The women’s golf balls are designed to travel a farther distance than the men’s golf balls. But the distance traveled by any golf ball depends on the kind of swing.

Who makes Precept Laddie golf balls?

The precept Laddie golf balls are made under the brand Precept by the company Bridgestone golf.

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