Carburetor For Yamaha Golf Cart(4 Easy Steps To Adjust Carburetor)

Carburetor For Yamaha Golf Cart

Yamaha golf carts are one of the most famous and popular golf carts in the market, and to maintain them; we require a carburetor for Yamaha golf carts. For the proper functioning and working of any vehicle, we require a carburetor.

The carburetor is the heart of the engine, which makes the engine run smoothly. A carburetor is an essential part of the golf cart’s engine for running on the golf course and on any terrain. So, a carburetor is important for the Yamaha golf cart to work perfectly on the golf course.

To know how the engine works, we first need to know what a carburetor is, how it works, its advantages and disadvantages, and all the other details.

What Is A Carburetor?

As we already know, the carburetor is the heart of the engine, so if the carburetor does not function properly, the engine will also not.

A carburetor is a device that mixes fuel and air and supplies it to the engine. The main components of a carburetor are-

  • Throttle Valve: It controls the engine’s flow of air and fuel. It is also known as a butterfly valve. When the accelerator is pressed, the valves open up, allowing the air to flow through the chamber and mix up the fuel.
  • Strainer: As the name suggests, a strainer filters out the fuel before entering the float chamber. It has a fine mesh, which filters out dust particles and other suspended impurities. If these particles are not removed, they make block the nozzle.
  • Venturi: A narrow neck inside the carburetor through which the air passes. It helps to speed up the airflow. As the airflow increases, the pressure drops, creating a vacuum inside the venturi.
  • Metering System: It controls the fuel’s flow into the nozzle. It’s responsible for the correct formation of the air-fuel mixture.
  • Idling System: A passage connects the float chamber and the venturi. It provides a mixture of air and fuel at a speed lower than 20mph.
  • Float Chamber: It is a storage tank that stores fuel. It maintains the fuel level with the help of a float valve in the float chamber.
  • Mixing Chamber: It is pretty clear by the name that a mixing chamber makes up the air and fuel mixture, which is then supplied to the engine.
  • Idle and Transfer Port: These 2 ports are responsible for transferring the fuel to the engine.
  • Choke Valve: Its main function is to regulate the quantity of air inside the mixing chamber.

Signs That You Need To Adjust Your Carburetor

Following are the issues you may face with the golf cart that are the signs which tell you that you might need to adjust your carburetor:

Signs That You Need To Adjust Your Carburetor
  1. Golf cart jerks while driving
  2. Noise when the cart is running
  3. A sudden surge in speed while driving
  4. Power loss
  5. Poor speed performance
  6. Reduced fuel efficiency
  7. Slow acceleration
  8. Black smoke emitted from the exhaust

Golf Cart Carburetor Adjustment

If there is some problem in the golf cart, you might need to adjust/clean your carburetor. The process of adjusting the carburetor depends on the golf cart’s model. There are 3 main manufacturers of golf carts- Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha. The 3 most basic steps involved in adjusting the carburetor are-

  1. Adjust the screw of the jet pilot
  2. Adjust the valve
  3. Clean the carburetor

Carburetor For Yamaha Golf Cart Adjustment

Yamaha is a brand known for making affordable and streamlined golf carts. Over the years, Yamaha has made different modifications to the carburetor. To adjust a Yamaha golf cart carburetor, we need to follow some steps which differ from the cart model and the engine’s design.

Yamaha G9 & G2 Carburetor Adjustment

Yamaha G9 & G2 Carburetor Adjustment
  • Remove the pilot adjustment screw from the edge of your carburetor, and make sure the screw has a sharp point, not a flat one. Carefully screw it back.
  • To adjust it properly, turn it 1-1/2 turns outwards.
  • Locate the throttle stop screw and push it back till it completely closes.
  • Now, turn this screw back in by 1/4 turn.

These are the steps you need to follow if you want to adjust the carburetor of a Yamaha G9 golf cart or carts having a similar carburetor, like G2, G5, G8, and G11.

Yamaha G1 Carburetor Adjustment

Yamaha G1 Carburetor Adjustment

In Yamaha G1, some steps slightly differ from those used to adjust the Yamaha G9 carburetor. Let us take a look at how to adjust the carburetor for Yamaha G1.

  • Remove the air mixture screw; the screw has a smooth point.
  • Turn the screw till it is slightly seated, and then turn it 1-1/2 turns outwards.
  • Push the throttle stop screw to close it completely. Turn the screw back in by 1/4 turn.
  • To align the level of the float and carburetor’s base, blow air into the inlet till the float rises.

Yamaha G14 & G16 Carburetor Adjustment

Yamaha G14 & G16 Carburetor Adjustment
  • Locate the needle valve and adjust it by turning 1-1/2 turns in the outward direction.
  • Rotate the valve on top of the throttle body back in by a 1/4 turn.

Yamaha Golf Cart Carburetor Rebuild Kit

The carburetor rebuild kit consists of all the tools one needs to adjust or modify their carburetor. The kit is convenient and can be easily carried around.

Yamaha Golf Cart Carburetor Rebuild Kit

The kit contains the tools which are best compatible with the model of your Yamaha golf cart. The items usually included in the kit are:

  • Springs
  • Needle valve
  • Springs
  • O-ring
  • Jets
  • Main nozzle
  • Gaskets
  • Exhaust valve
  • Carburetor cleaning brush
  • Clamps

Other tools required to rebuild a carburetor are- a screwdriver, pliers, etc.

Yamaha Golf Cart Carburetor Replacement

All carburetors are not fit for all carts, and each cart has different specifications and requirements. While purchasing a replacement for your golf cart carburetor, one needs to remember that certain things are considered.

  1. Model or Sub model of the cart
  2. Type Number of the cart
  3. Serial Number
  4. Manufacturing Year
  5. Engine Horsepower
  6. Cycles in engine
  7. Brand of the cart
  8. Models compatible with carburetor


How can I make my Yamaha gas golf cart go faster?

To improve the speed and performance of your Yamaha golf cart, you need to adjust or clean the carburetor.
The carburetor is the heart of the engine, so to increase the engine’s performance, you must keep the carburetor in good condition.

What gas engine is in a Yamaha golf cart?

Yamaha golf carts have a low-emission, 357cc engine with an output of 8.5/11.4 horsepower.

What does the G mean on the Yamaha golf cart?

Like every car has a model name and number, so do the Yamaha golf carts. You might have seen that most of the Yamaha carts’ names start with the letter ‘G’ followed by a number. This ‘G’ in the name represents that the cart is a gas golf cart.

What is the top speed of a Yamaha golf cart?

The maximum speed acquired by a Yamaha golf cart is 19mph (31 kph).
The average speed limit of a golf cart on the golf course is around 15-20mph.

Mikuni carburetor for yamaha golf cart?

Mikuni is one of the most popular automotive manufacturing companies making carburetors and other automotive-related equipment.
Mikuni carburetors for Yamaha carts usually are float-style and come with a plastic vent tube and choke cable.

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