Why Do Golf Announcers Whisper? Here is The 1 Important Reason Behind it!

golf announcers whisper

You might have seen and, like soccer or basketball, the commentators of the announcers in golf talk in hushed tones. There is a specific reason for the golf announcers to whisper during the game. Even when the game or the match is being telecasted, the golf announcers whisper and try to keep their voices as low as possible.

If you have been watching golf for quite some time now, you might want to ask yourself why golf announcers whisper? The real reason is that golf is not a very fast game, unlike soccer, basketball, baseball, etc. So in such a peaceful environment, if an announcer is talking loudly, there is a very high chance of distracting the players. Thus, the golf announces whisper and even tries to keep the voices of the spectators as low as possible with different signs. 

Is there a rule for which Golf announcers whisper during the game?

Is there a rule for which Golf announcers whisper during the game?

There is no specific rule that says the Golf announcer has to whisper. But it is common and expected even from the audience to be quiet when a player is preparing for a shot. This is a golf etiquette that everyone follows, whether the audience or the announcers. Let us discuss in further detail the reason why Golf announcers whisper?

During a match, be it a PGA tour or a friendly game among colleagues, the last thing that the announcer wants to do is distract a player by speaking loudly. If a player gets distracted by a commotion or even an announcement, it can undoubtedly affect the game’s result. 

Although it was not ruled out, many Golf announcers are former players themselves. So they are already aware of the importance of the following etiquette, especially being silent on the Greens.

Sometimes the commentators have to be on the field, pretty close to the players, to capture the best shots and give an accurate commentary. In these cases, the extreme vicinity of the players makes it necessary to whisper or talk as low as humanly possible. The main reason why golf announcers whisper is to keep up the spirit of the game and maintain fair play. 

Not all Golf announcers Whisper, or do they?

Not all Golf announcers Whisper, or do they?

When you watch a golf match on TV, you might see that the announcers are pretty loud. After reading through our article, you might think that all golf announcers should be a whisper, but now this is quite a contradictory situation. The explanation behind this is that when a match is being telecasted, the Golf announcers are sitting in a booth that is more or less close to the 18th Greens. Also, these announcers have a separate Tower setup for the sole purpose of commentary. Their distance from the players ensures that the golfers are not distracted by whatever the announcers say.

However, like in any other sports, there are different crew members available at various locations on the field to give a precise idea about the game. The majority of the announcers are down near the action—other ones who Whisper most often. Being so close to the players, it is pretty evident that they will not be using their familiar voices. 

Apart from this, as already mentioned, there will be other announcers but not so close to the players. The rest of the announcers are placed in Towers at different locations, especially in areas with lots of holes nearby. But being placed in the separate towers does not qualify them to be loud; instead, they also try to remain as quiet as possible.

All these efforts are made to ensure respect towards the game such that the players are playing it are not distracted by whatever the commentators are saying.

What are the other Golf etiquettes that are followed?

You might wonder after reading to hear that there might be some other etiquettes as well. And you are right!! The Other etiquettes and golf include:

Avoid the putting lines

This is an etiquette that is followed by the golfers and not the announcers of the audience. When the game is on and the players are in the field many times, the golfers put their balls in the holes from different angles. It is expected from every golfer and the caddie that they know the putting lines and avoids coming in between them when the competitors are playing.

Allowing play-ups

If you are a newbie to the game, you might not be aware of the term “playing up.” It is a situation used to describe where the opponent team or the player lovers the competitor to take shots while still on the green. The main reason to make this provision is to keep up the game’s pace. 

FAQs On Why Golf Announcers Whisper

It is hard for golf announcers to figure out which club?

In most cases, a tour player’s caddie will show him or her the player’s number, or they will show the tower. Sometime after the round, they will ask the player what club he used.

Are caddies self-employed?

Yes, caddies are just like the players. They are self-employed and work with players on a contractual basis. From 2019 onwards, the PGA tours have started sponsoring the health insurance for the caddies.

Do the players pay for travel?

Whether it is for a tour or a single tournament, the players have to bear all the costs of the travel in most cases.


In a nutshell, we can say that golf is something that requires patience and focus. It is not a fast-moving game, and hence it becomes imperative to remain calm and concentrate on every move and short that one is taking. The reason why Golf announcers whisper is solely to not distract the players, especially during their swing. A lousy swing can have severe consequences on the shot and hence decide the game’s fate. The commentators Do not want to be held responsible for a player’s poor performance and thus try everything within that capability to not affect the game’s flow. 

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